Fashionable shoes spring-summer 2021: stylish women's new items in the photo

Shoes play the role of "first violin" in the image, adding a "zest" and placing accents. One and the same ensemble acquires a different style if you choose classic shoes or massive sneakers for it.

Find out what the fashionable shoes for spring-summer 2021 will look like, and what pair of shoes every stylish girl should have in her wardrobe

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Main Trends

In the spring-summer season, we will see a strong influence of 70s fashion. The platform, abstract prints, the length above the knee speak of the designers' nostalgia for the past.

In the summer, we want to get rid of everything that is superfluous. Lightweight and comfortable sandals, sandals indicate that a hot season awaits us. Let's study the photos and get to know fashion trends closer.

1. Heels and platform

Long live spring-summer 2021 and disco style! Massive platforms, high and voluminous heels are an integral part of ankle boots and boots. Silvery tones, lacing, buckles send us back to the era of the 70s. Fashion houses Miu Miu and Tibi reflected these current trends in their collections.

2. Platform

Fashionable shoes for spring and summer on a high platform make the silhouette slimmer. Designers have added variety by decorating the models with stones, rhinestones, spikes, ornate straps. Giambattista Valli offers sandals decorated with stones. They will add chic and elegance to your look.

3. Knee-high boots

and rainy weather. High and practical knee-high boots will decorate the leg in bad weather. They look beautiful with a raincoat, a skirt, a strict mid-calf coat.

Lacing, edging, figured cape are the main decorations of laconic models. Knee boots are the key players in the collections of Givenchy and Сеline brands.

4. Higher and higher

Want to add daring sexuality to your image? Pay attention to the boots. Over the knee boots are relevant in spring and summer. In the first case, they look appropriate with a raincoat, light coat, in the second - shorts and a mini-skirt.

Fashion houses Loewe, Altuzarra went for an even bolder experiment. They presented boots in bright colors. Feel free to opt for yellow, purple, red versions. The bright palette is neutralized by monochrome dresses, skirts, leggings.

5. Sorcerous Shoes

Add some magic to your look. Ankle boots with quirky designs, reminiscent of the shoes of a fairy or a lovely sorceress from old fairy tales, are one of the unexpected novelties of the spring-summer season.

Designer shoes in the Victorian style are made in pastel colors and decorated with lacing, bows, lace. Pretentious heels add spice. The brands Self-Portrait and Anna Sui eagerly embraced this original idea. Ankle boots in blue and pink tones will adorn the bow for an exit, in classic white or black - a casual outfit.

6. Wide tops

The volumetric silhouette of the boot was also encountered last year. He was an organic part of the boho chic style. The models for the spring-summer 2021 season have become even more grotesque. Etro proposes to decorate ultra-wide tops of boots with large cuffs a la Robin Hood, the Off-White brand - with perforations.

7. Chic and shine

Shiny boots and boots are one of the brightest challenges of spring- summer 2020. Gold, silver, purple, pink, green options sparkled and shimmered on the catwalk. I especially remembered the items in the form of golfs, ankle boots, ballet shoes. Glitter is not all that the designers have surprised us with. Saint Laurent and Paco Rabanne focused on original heels and unexpected prints. In short, the collections are inspired by the rebellious spirit of the 70s.

8. Triangular heel

Geometry is in fashion. A wide triangular heel is relevant in spring and summer. It looks organically on sturdy ankle boots and sandals with graceful straps. Fendi, JW Anderson and Zadig & Voltaire made the most of this feature.

9. Fashionable colored sneakers

The main news from the world of sports shoes: white sneakers are replaced by their colored brothers. This does not mean that the time has come to get rid of the light options, but start looking at yellow, purple, green models with massive soles. If you prefer the monochrome version, complement it with colored laces. Not sure where to start choosing? Take a closer look at the trendy sneakers for Spring 2020.

10. Sneakers-socks

The trend of the last year remains relevant in the current one. Sock sneakers are popular with athletic style lovers. You can choose the color version from Longchamp or the laconic version from Zimmermann.

11. Knitted shoes for spring

Knitwear is a fashionable trend not only in clothes, but also in shoes. Knitted ballerinas will not take the last place in the wardrobe of a stylish girl. Not ready for this fashion experiment? Take on the knitted inserts. They look conceptually with tights or socks. It's hard to figure out where the socks end and the shoes begin. Interesting options are offered by Marco de Vincenzo, Emporio Armani.

12. Sea knot

summer ”, when women's shoes in boho-chic style appeared on the catwalk. The trend was picked up by Victoria Beckham. She suggested red, black, white sandals with a leather knot in the center as the main accent. In turn, Isabel Marant showed graceful models of straps and ropes, decorated with beads.

13. Gladiators

Designer shoes with straps around the calves are one of the main “players” in the spring season. summer. Gladiator motifs are found in traditional flat sandals, as well as platform and sandals. They are combined not only with long dresses, but also shorts, mini-skirts and even a pencil skirt. An interesting interpretation was presented by the Chalayan brand. He suggests wearing women's gladiator sandals over white socks. Etro, Missoni and Longchamp have also implemented Roman motifs in their lines.

14. Studs and Spikes

Want to add some aggression to your look? Top up your spring / summer wardrobe with studded boots, as suggested by Simone Rosha. In the heat, sandals and sandals with straps decorated with spikes and rivets will be no less relevant.

15. Forged chains

Ankle jewelry is one of the most striking design solutions of new designer collections... The traditional ankle straps have been replaced by chains. They add chic to everyday pieces. Proenza Schouler uses a thin gold chain around the delicate ankle for a chic, chunky sandal. The metallic elements can also be seen on the espadrilles.

16. Square toe

The founder of the trend is Bottega Veneta. In the spring of 2021, he was picked up by Balenciaga, AWAKE Mode. More and more fashionistas opt for clear and sharp lines. Boots, ankle boots, square-toed sandals were presented on the catwalk.

17. Heels and dolce vita

to enjoy life. Platform stilettos and heeled loafers show that comfort is not the main thing. The owners of these beautiful shoes will be the queens of a party or a social event. Snake skin, elegant decor will draw attention to slender legs. Prada, Louis Vuitton, Vera Wang have included options for dolce vita in their collections.

18. Fashionable loafers with a high rise

The vector of bohemian chic can be traced in loafers as well. Their main difference is their high rise. The leg slips easily inside, which is very convenient especially in summer. Lanvin, Loewe decorated the loafers with buckles and embossing.

19. Shoes a la Mary Jane

for going out and romantic dates. In spring, white, pink, combined options like Maison Margiela and Carolina Herrera will be relevant.

20. Rough sandals

Unusual shape, far from the idea of ​​elegance, is one of the unexpected trends of the next summer. Designers propose to forget about femininity, grace and try on birkenstock and sandals from wide straps layered on top of each other. Rough sole, heavy buckles, plastic elements visually make the already bulky products heavier. Christopher Kane, Phillip Lim supported this challenge and presented similar specimens at the shows.

21. Fashionable geometry

It's time to remember the figures from the textbooks on geometry: circle, triangle, rectangle... Looking at the shoes and sandals Givenchy, Balman, you see a varied combination of lines and shapes. They are like a puzzle that is fun to solve.

22. Summer espadrilles

Traditional Spanish sandals are still relevant this year. However, the designers have proposed a number of innovations: a platform sole trimmed with a thick rope, numerous ties around the ankle, decor in the form of stones. Espadrilles can be seen in the collections of J W Anderson, Christian Dior, Simone Rocha.

23. Wooden sole

Wooden sole continues the trend towards natural materials. The designers tried to break the stereotype that such an idea looks rude. Looking at the curly heels of Miu Miu sandals, you forget that they are made of rough natural raw materials. The wood soles of Givenchy sandals strike with elegance.

24. Good old friend - clogs

The traditional and beloved model takes on a new breath. Anna Sui and Miu Miu offer festive clogs, embellished with prints, appliqués, buckles and studs. Now you can go into the clog and "into the feast and into the world."

25. Sandals with a double strap

Agree that summer shoes should be comfortable in the first place... Double strap clogs will do the trick. They are comfortable to wear and look good on the foot.

26. Fashionable peas

This print is a rather unexpected solution when it comes to shoes. However, ultra-feminine "polka dots" will be in demand among girls who prefer retro style. For those who like to be in the spotlight, we recommend purchasing bright colored boots with small peas.

27. Cute bow

Spring is the time of romance. Wear classic pointed shoes or open sandals with a large bow. These are the pieces that Halpern and Tory Burch offer.

28. Micro-heel

Echoes of fashion from the 30s and 40s of the last century can be traced today. A sleek heel lends retro chic to the shoe. Add pearls or a delicate buckle as an accessory, and the stylish look is ready. Rochas and Coach used this trendy trick in their collections.

29. Down and feathers

This decor adorns not only dresses, but also shoes. Looking to create an irresistible evening outfit? Try on dressy shoes in a bold color and lavishly decorated with feathers. Take Marques'Almeida and Dries Van Noten as a landmark.

30. Psychedelic prints

The spirit of the 70s reigns in the spring-summer 2020 season. Paco Rabanne for high-top disco boots with a bold floral print, and Dries Van Noten for beautiful floral platform boots.

Fashionable shoes for spring-summer 2021 are distinguished by a great variety and mix of styles. This means that having a pair of sandals and boots in your wardrobe, you can create ultra-fashionable looks for all occasions. Let's get down to fitting?