Fashionable skirts 2021 - stylish trends for spring and summer!

Keeping up with fashion is so hard! After all, what was trending yesterday is often an anti-trend today. To make it easier for you to keep abreast of trends, we made an overview of the current skirts of 2021. Choose and wear with pleasure, especially since the choice is, oh, how great!


Tweed is not the first season in the top trends. The fashion trends of this season offer us tweed in delicate pastels and bright saturated shades. They are suitable for spring or autumn, after all, woolen fabric for summer will be too dense. Tweed is an incredibly noble and stylish material. Do not be afraid of him because of the associations with age-related fashion. Due to its bright colors, it looks very fresh and relevant.

Pencil skirt

It is not known what must happen in this world for "pencils" to go out of fashion. Women's tight skirts, just below the knee length, are the most beautiful element of our wardrobe (according to 99% of men). This year, models in a small classic print are relevant: the Prince of Wales cage, Vichy, goose foot. "Pencils" 2021 are elegant and restrained: high waist, delicate cuts, a minimum of pretentious decor. Except that buttons adorn almost all current models.


Denim in 2021 does not give up its positions. It is already slightly less than in the past, but nevertheless, denim items are a hit of the spring-summer 2021 season. The most fashionable skirts of this year are straight elongated ones. Such new items are completed with almost all wardrobe, from classics to sports. A versatile and stylish choice for the warmer months.


All skirts of this fashion season are united by a feminine cut and a soft silhouette. This year there is no extreme vinyl mini, crazy deconstruction and other fashion abstractionism. According to the latest trends, everything is very cute, touching and romantic. So the retro flared sun is back in fashion. In 2021, we wear it not only with pumps and sandals, but also with sneakers and rough grunge boots.

Fashionable cage

The plaid skirt is a classic of the genre. The most relevant options are a tartan print and a large Prince of Wales check. This season the cage is bright, juicy, contrasting. Ideal for... any season!

Skirts with asymmetric wrap and slit

Fashion trends are aimed at minimalism, but the original daring models with asymmetric wrap are all same in vogue. Skirt styles of 2021 are very feminine and chaste, so even styles with a wrap and slit look elegant and not provocative. In this one you can go for a walk or to the office.

Sequins and lurex

What are the fashionable novelties without sequins and lurex? This year, shine appears on everyday things, so we can safely wear such skirts with simple T-shirts, and not only in the evening. The brighter the shining midi, the simpler the whole set should be, unless of course you are going to a party.

Leather and eco-leather

New items of this year are made not only from light fabrics. This year leather and all kinds of its substitutes are actual. Our spring and fall are perfect for this material - not marco, not cold, and eerily stylish. The styles of leather models can be absolutely any: "pencil", pleated, smell, mini. Do not combine leather bottom with leather jackets and raincoats, prefer wool or cotton coats and lightweight jackets made of fabric.


Pleated - the most fashionable skirts of 2021. There was a period when this model became anti-trend, but not for long. It's hard to imagine summer without a light, fluttering, feminine pleated skirt. Several options are relevant this year. The first trend is delicate pastel colors, the second is thin velvet, and the third is a trendy print (polka dots, checks, stripes). The trend of combining texture and print has reached its peak in 2021 - let's use it!

Models of tulle

Tulle has again ascended the fashionable Olympus, and tutu skirts have become trend. This is a youth option, which, unfortunately, gives older ladies an excessive, not youthful infantilism. This is a great option for a prom or just a summer event.

Feather trim

Fashion trends of the past year have migrated in that. Feather trim continues to be a trendy top. Summer is the perfect time for such original models. You can go to this one for a walk along the waterfront, and for a fashionable cocktail party. Long feathers can only adorn the very bottom of the hem, or they can be scattered throughout the product. The last option, however, can fill up a little...

Mini with high waist

Fashionable novelties of 2021 could not do without mini. Summer and spring evenings without them anywhere! This year's Mini, like all the models described above, is very elegant. Despite their length, they have a high waist, which not only looks stylish, but also visually makes the legs slimmer and longer.

Flounces and ruffles

Another super trend - flounces, ruffles and ruffles. Romantic, feminine, stylish. The current skirt with flounces, in addition to the texture, also has a print. Anyone, the more attention it gets, the better. The trend for romantic silhouettes is gaining momentum, and bold prints add flavor to these pieces.

Trends in flowers and lace

The most elegant fashion models are adorned with lace and flowers. Simultaneously. It can be guipure with embossed flowers, or it can be an original volumetric decor. This is another good option for a prom, party, or girlfriend's wedding. Do not experiment with contrasting shoes, let it be classic stiletto pumps. There should be skirts under which we will not wear sneakers!