Fashionable swimwear Tankini 2022: beauty and convenience

The name "Tankini" comes from the confluence of the words "bikini" - this is an open two-piece swimsuit and the name of the knitted T-shirt - "tank top". This type of bathing suit (albeit without this name) appeared in the 20s of the last, XX century, at the dawn of passion for sports and physical education. Indeed, for sports, there is no more comfortable and suitable clothing than such a swimsuit. This model has become universal; and women and men and children. (And today it's the perfect beach outfit for girls and pregnant women.)

fashion is very recent and is becoming more and more popular. After the abundance of very open models on the catwalks (rather inconvenient in practice), designers are thrown to the other extreme and the chaste, comfortable tankini swimsuit becomes a fashion hit! Plus, in recent years, retro style has literally reigned in fashion, which makes this swimsuit super stylish too! [Adsp-pro-2]

This swimsuit - separate, consists of panties and a top, usually reaching the panties. Looks almost like a one-piece beach outfit, but doesn't restrict movement. There is a version of such a swimsuit with a cropped top, it is called "kamikini".

Tankini panties can be low, high or shorts, the top can be like a regular top or with cups, underwire, shoulder straps can also be very different... Tankinis are often found with sleek, one-color panties and patterned tops, or vice versa. The top can be detachable under the bust, and the insert at the waist can be of a different color. From the decorative details - first of all, all the attributes of the retro style; belts, buttons, edging... Also ruffles, draperies are not forgotten...

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Who will wear a Tankini swimsuit?

This model is most suitable for young and energetic girls who love to swim, dive, play beach volleyball, etc. By the way, he was especially fond of German designers who value a healthy image and natural beauty. Such swimsuits made of thin, quick-drying knitwear are specially designed for sports activities.

But the modern tankini swimsuit can be not only sporty, the various models presented in the collections look feminine, romantic and cute. Unlike one-piece models, the tankini does not fit the figure too much, leaving room for intrigue and understatement. [Adsp-pro-2]

On vacation, the top of such a swimsuit can be worn with ordinary clothes, like a regular top or bodice.

What colors are in fashion today?

Swimwear in aqua and turquoise always looks organic on the sea beach. And besides, these are the trendiest colors of the 2022 season.

Ethnic patterns such as "Turkish cucumber" or "buta" are in fashion. With such a pattern, it is easy to imagine yourself as a princess of an island tribe.

The charm of youth is a new fashion trend. For example, these beachwear outfits with babydoll tops.

By the way, such swimsuit models are perfect for overweight girls, as they hide the "problem" waist well. If you choose a pattern in a small vertical strip, visually crushing volume and focus on the high waistline, then the figure looks harmonious.

Contrast trim on these elegant pieces will help enhance your breasts.

Lovely tankini swimwear with retro details looks like it has left the movie screen. Designers today take inspiration from old Hollywood films.