Fashionable tights 2021-2022: how to wear colored tights?

When making up their bows, women often give tights a secondary role, giving preference to discreet classic models. Mesh, polka dots, cage, animal print, drawings and bright colors - these will be the fashionable tights 2021-2022. This is a great reason to reconsider your attitude to this item of women's wardrobe and learn how to create original trendy looks.

In this article:

Black tights

Black tights are a classic that never goes out of style. The only thing you need to pay attention to is the rules for combining them with other wardrobe items:

  • the colder the season, the denser the tights (warm spring or autumn are translucent, in winter they are dense);
  • black tights with glitter is something that should not be in the wardrobe of a fashionista, because, firstly, it is unfashionable, and secondly, it can make the figure heavier by visually adding extra pounds;
  • Black translucent tights will be appropriate in an office wardrobe, provided that there are no revealing things in the outfit (a short skirt or a blouse with a deep cut) and high-heeled shoes.

Another interesting point: they used to think that black tights do not go well with light clothes, but photos of fashionable bows are increasingly refuting this statement.

Into the net

Once a controversial subject wardrobe can now be found on women of different ages, preferring different styles of clothing (from office classics to grunge). However, this season only black fishnet tights will be in trend, and white, nude, colored or any with glitter - this is bad manners.

If there are limitations regarding the color solution, then in terms of combinations there are none at all. Modern street style has nothing against combining black fishnet tights with white shoes and clothes, with sandals or open toe shoes. To be at the height of fashion, you just need to put on socks under your shoes or sandals, sometimes even over tights.


Polka dot

To be fashionable, you should not forget about tights with polka dots. This is a universal print that suits absolutely everyone, you just need to choose peas that do not visually deform the shape of the legs. To create stylish bows with polka dot tights, one pair of black will be enough. At the same time, small dots will suit girls of any size and will be appropriate on the legs of office workers. Large peas can only be afforded by slender women of fashion.

Fashionable animalistic print

Julia Roberts, Rihanna and Paris Hilton have long noticed that even the simplest image can be made more interesting by fashionable "predatory" leopard-print tights. This trend, picked up by many girls, remains relevant this season.

Leopard print is very difficult to combine with other wardrobe items, so to be fashionable, but not look vulgar, you should:

  • it is dosed to use a print in your image, for example, leopard tights can be complemented with an accessory or shoes with the same pattern; the second option will visually make the legs longer;
  • do not lower the degree of brightness - bright juicy shades, accessories of interesting shapes and geometric print will make the outfit harmonious and stylish.

In the cage

These fashionable tights 2021-2022 can be called the most insidious. They will visually emphasize the slightest flaw, making it much more noticeable. But the owners of perfectly slender legs should constantly monitor the geometry of the drawing lines, so as not to spoil the overall impression visually.

If you have enough confidence in your own irresistibility and courage for fashion experiments, then you can compose a bow using one of the tips:

  • you can repeat the color and print of tights in your clothes or shoes - such a solution will allow you not to visually spoil, but to correct the figure;
  • trendy colored tights in a cage can be used to create monochrome images, while you should not repeat the main color of the tights, so the image will be more complex and interesting.

Yellow and orange

The latest novelties in terms of style could have shocked even fashionistas 5-10 years ago. So, bright colored tights can now afford to wear not only shocking teenage girls, but also older ladies. The most popular colors this season will be yellow and orange.

It is better to wear them with things in brown, blue, green, as well as complementing yellow and orange clothes of various shades. A classic win-win tandem will be fashionable yellow tights with items of gray or black color.


Thick green tights are ideal for a bright spring look. They can be used in monochrome sets with items of black, gray or white colors. And bold and confident girls can create fashionable looks using rich yellow, purple, orange or mustard colors.

Tip!Images with colored tights (not only green) can be created by duplicating the color of the tights with a skirt.

Red and Burgundy

Red on the legs should be noble, no bright neon colors and shine, causing associations with leggings from the 80s. But the shades of precious stones are welcome. Since red itself is quite extravagant, it should be combined with more calm ones: black, gray, dark blue, dark pink and beige. You can support the active red with a bright accessory.

An important point!The nylon of any trendy colored tights must be tight enough so that the legs do not show through.


Unlike the previous options (yellow, green and red) purple tights can not afford only slender, but absolutely all women. They can be put on a par with black, brown or gray, while purple will make the image bright.

Important! Although blue tights are close to black and purple, this season they will not be in trend, but, on the contrary, will become bad manners.

The purple color on the legs will not be appropriate only for women workers of public institutions and administrative organizations, in which such originality may not be understood by colleagues and visitors.

There are three basic principles for wearing brightly colored tights with other wardrobe items. To do this, you can:

  • use fashionable colored tights as a bright accent in a dress of neutral shades;
  • combine a bright color scheme with others complementary to it, for example, purple with red-orange, yellow and blue-green;
  • Combine bright tights with basic colors in the image.

White and gray

For women who are limited in clothing by a strict dress code, only beige tights remain as an alternative to black. Only they must necessarily repeat the skin tone. "Tanned" legs will look comical against the background of pale hands and face.

Stylists advise everyone else to burn beige tights at night at the crossroads and pay attention to gray and white. Depending on the shade, they can be used both in a business style and to create light romantic images.

Shoes are best matte to match. For shorter girls, remember that the contrasting color of the shoes will make the legs shorter.

With a picture

This fashion trend will take root in both youth and business wardrobes. In the latter case, the main emphasis should not be placed on tights with a pattern, they should be part of the image, and not its basis. Grunge, sport chic, boho - this is an incomplete list of styles that young people love and that will allow you to create bright images with printed tights.

An important point! Any pattern on tights visually makes legs thicker, so overweight women should pay attention to other fashionable options.

Fashionable tights 2021-2022 will become a bright highlight, allowing any girl and woman to look stylish and original. It remains only to choose from the offered variety suitable for your mood and your own style, whether it be mesh, pattern, peas, classic black or bolder colors.