Fashionable tulip dress 2022: style of perfection

A tulip dress, or rather a dress with a tulip-shaped skirt, was “born” of France, the capital of fashion, from the 60s. This graceful and flirty dress immediately won the hearts of women of fashion. This skirt is very similar in silhouette to an inverted tulip bud, as the name suggests.

Recently, this skirt has been supplemented with additional drapery, pockets and other details. Its length varies from mini to midi (up to the knees). The bodice of the dress can be anything but, as a rule, tight-fitting. There are such dresses with a smell.

Modern fashion is very feminine, so in 2022 such models will lose popularity. Dresses and tulip skirts are widely represented in the collections of leading fashion designers. In general, "women - flowers" is not an aging idea of ​​the Dior fashion house, today it is relevant in a variety of options.

This dress can be casual; open, summer, or winter with sleeves and collar. Such models are suitable for urban style, retro style, and especially for the "French chic" style. A "business" style tulip dress is perfect for office work.

In addition, the “tulip” is perfect for a cocktail option, in this case the top of the dress can be decorated with drapery or be asymmetrical (one shoulder). The current version of such a cocktail dress is with a strapless bodice.

These models are perfect for wedding dresses. They are sewn from dense fabrics that keep their shape (for example; thick silk, satin, crepe-satin) or dense knitwear; shiny fabrics and taffeta are often used for an elegant version.

If the tulip is sewn from a delicate fabric (such as chiffon), the lining holds the shape of the skirt, or the tulip effect is achieved with several layers of fabric. It can also be combined (for example; satin skirt and lace top for a wedding or festive option).

The fabric for him can be either plain or with a pattern or print. It can be large flowers and a cage, "shawl" prints or jacquard patterns "tone on tone". Colors can be any color, light or dark, bright or pastel.

Who can wear the 2022 tulip dress?

A tulip dress is primarily suitable for tall girls, as it emphasizes the length and beauty of legs, but it is also suitable for petite ones, it is enough to put on high-heeled shoes (best of all with “stilettos”).

Of course, this model will suit slender ladies, but, in addition, this is a great option for owners of plump hips, it will hide flaws and transfer the emphasis to the waist. If the hips are narrow, then a tulip skirt will ideally hide this defect. X-cut girls will look good in this trendy dress too.

Putting on such a moel, you should pay attention to beautiful tights. There are various options to choose from; patterned, glitter, mesh, lace... In the summer, this dress will showcase tanned legs.

Fans of the classic style will wear tulip “pumps” with heels or sandals with thin straps to the dress, and elegant ankle boots in winter. Also, sandals with straps or ribbons at the ankle look beautiful with this dress.

It is generally accepted that high-heeled shoes are more suitable for a "tulip", the higher the better. But some Hollywood stars "break stereotypes" and wear flat sandals or neat ballerinas.

This dress is combined with short jackets, bolero jackets and jackets. The tulip model perfectly emphasizes the waist, therefore, as an accent, you can complement it with a fashionable narrow strap or a belt with a playful bow.