Fashionable wedge sandals: comfort and style in one piece

Wedge sandals appeared recently, in the 80s. They combined the advantages of heels and platform shoes; it is more stable than heels and looks sleeker than a platform. The platform is a sole that is low at the toe and rises to the heel. The word "wedge" comes from the word "tank" (apparently someone saw the similarity of such a sole with this machine).

Today these sandals are one of the most popular models of summer shoes, they are present in most fashion collections. More recently, the high (and very high) wedge heel was in vogue, but now there is a trend towards its decline. So the modern platform is becoming more convenient and stable, it can be moderately high or even low. Its massiveness gives designers room for imagination, as soon as it is not decorated, it can be in a multi-colored strip and covered with fabric and decorated with rhinestones...

How to choose wedge sandals?

It is worth paying attention to the sandals in which the platform is covered with weaving from straw or rope, this is a fashionable hit. Soles made of unusual materials are no less relevant:

Wooden ones look very unusual and stylish (especially with a strongly open tops of sandals), and in combination with a textile upper, it looks like old handmade shoes. But, nevertheless, it is better to choose wedge sandals "wood" (imitation), otherwise they will be quite heavy.

The cork wedge, on the other hand, is very light and looks beautiful. One feature, it will require the ability to walk on it, since it does not spring at all.

But the rubber (rubber is a natural rubber obtained from a rubber tree) platform is very comfortable when walking.

Plastic soles are the most comfortable, they can be bright colors or layered, multi-colored. These shoes are the perfect choice for the city.

For ethnic and romantic style, there are sandals with soles covered with textiles, and the most diverse; and in a flower and with glitter and burlap.

For ease, the wedge heel is sometimes made separate (on the heel and toe platform) or made in it neckline, highlighting the heel.

The classic top for these sandals is wide straps and stripes. The most fashionable top is made of fabric, especially with wide ribbons tied at the ankle with a bow, or with voluminous flowers, fringes. New in fashion - open-heel sandals, such as clogs. These sandals attract attention and define the style of the suit. Sandals with a massive sole with thin straps look unusual - this is a new fashionable contrast. Recently, closed sandals have appeared, similar to fashionable ankle boots.

What to wear with wedge sandals?

Wedge-heeled sandals are demanding on the choice of outfit, they do not suit everything. They go well with fluffy or flying, wide midi and maxi skirts and voluminous trousers (bell bottoms, harem pants, "Aladdins", breeches ). If you want to wear these shoes with a short skirt, shorts or skinny pants, then the top of the suit should be voluminous. Massive wedges should not be worn with tight clothing. It is also undesirable to wear tight skirts with them (especially with maxi and midi lengths).

These sandals are also demanding to the figure, they will not suit girls with thin legs. But they are great for full ladies, especially in combination with wide skirts and trousers. It is better for short girls to choose a lightweight version of the platform, a rough and massive one does not suit them.