Fashionable women's bangs 2021-2022 - haircuts and stylish trends in the photo!

Fashionable bangs in 2021 can transform any, even the most dull hairstyle. They suit absolutely any type of face, to any style, to any situation, and never go out of style, they just take on a new breath.

And what is most interesting, the bangs that drove men crazy in the middle of the twentieth century continue to make a splash in the modern world. Accompanying the article with bright photos will help you understand the intricacies of women's haircuts.

In this article:


French bangs are a permanent trend of all times and peoples. It is suitable for any type of face, any type of hair, both curly and straight, even, elongated and starts from the middle of the crown. An indispensable condition for such a fashionable haircut is density. So the owners of "mouse tails" may not even try to try on a "Frenchwoman": wasted money, time and nerves because "expectation and reality" leave much to be desired.

But ladies endowed with heavy, thick hair risk getting into the “bangs lovers club” forever, because it gives youth and enthusiasm, perfectly hides age-related skin changes, focuses on the eyes, making them brighter and more expressive, softens facial features. This type is ideal for any face contour of any fullness.

It should be noted that there is no thinning. This is necessary in order to achieve a lack of fluffiness. Also, the absence of thinning will help to get a perfectly straight edge, which will be clearly visible if you wear this fashionable bangs well stretched.

Length allows you to create different images:

  • Romantic. It can be stabbed, decorating with various accessories, braided into an edge braid, create an ensemble with the main hairstyle;
  • Mischievous. You can comb it on the side, create a careless "shaggy";
  • Strict. Perfectly removes into a smooth, strict hairstyle, such as a "bun".

"Frenchwoman" goes well with various haircuts of all fashion trends: short, long, medium. It is perfect for cascading haircuts, for square, bob, page and many others.

Side bangs

Side bangs will never come out out of fashion in view of its versatility. With its help, you can change your image every day, depending not only on the case, but also on the mood.

Oblique is somewhat capricious to the type of face. Most of all, it will suit an oval outline or a triangle. But a round and square face will acquire pronounced boundaries, moreover, it will appear larger. The oblique does not suit overweight young ladies and owners of a high forehead.

This trendy bang is absolutely versatile in length: it can be short, medium and long. At the same time, it has no age restrictions. For the oblique, the density is also unimportant. It can be worn straight or curled. It can be combined with all haircuts: both short and long.

Mischievous mess

Rvanka is one of the most difficult to execute. In order to achieve the effect of lightness and negligence, masters use special techniques, and not everyone succeeds in achieving what they want. It undergoes a complex thinning process that achieves the lightness of the leading edge. But thin and thin hair for such a haircut is prohibited.

Rvanka is paired with graduated and cascading haircuts... If there is a complex, multi-colored coloring, then it will shimmer very beautifully.

Stylish bangs, made in the "torn" technique, allows you to create a variety of styling looks: from classic to creative casual.

Asymmetric bangs

Fashionable bangs 2021-2022 were supplemented by asymmetry. Asymmetrical bangs resemble oblique ones, due to lengthening at one end. But they cut their hair much more difficult. There are a lot of asymmetry options, the main condition is the absence of horizontal lines. This type fits perfectly into creative women's haircuts, with a slight touch of shocking. The greatest inimitability of the asymmetry fashionable in 2021-2022 is given by a complex, contrasting, with clear boundaries of color transition, coloring with an emphasis on the bangs.

Not everyone can try on this type of haircut. But with sufficient professionalism of the master, asymmetry allows you to hide flaws and focus on certain features.

The standard of femininity

Classics will never go out of fashion. So in 2021-2022, a fashionable bangs for a parting or "curtain" confidently holds its position, thanks to its versatility.

"Curtain" allows its owner a lot:

  • Evening, high hairstyle;
  • Loose curls carelessly;
  • Overgrown, overhanging bangs, type, "French";
  • Graduated and cascading haircuts.

Ideal for those with a high forehead, but frankly spoils the "donut", depriving the face of nobility. The bangs on the parting do not require special styling: a couple of strokes of the comb, a slight movement with your fingers, and the sophistication of the image is ready. For a more solemn look, the elongated ends of the "curtain" along the edges can be curled either into a tight curl, or give them a soft wave. The only thing that is required is the length. The longer the hair, the more elegant the curtain looks. But short haircuts, unfortunately, are prohibited. There is one exception: bob-bob or bob for lengthening.

The "curtain" is perfectly obtained from the "Frenchwoman" when the trip to the salon is postponed indefinitely. So you don't have to make any special efforts.

Children's spontaneity

The funniest fashionable bangs are "Baby-bang". For the first time, girls try on this creative at the "kindergarten" age, when they play "hairdresser". And this is done on the sly from my mother. One wave of scissors, and short hairs, only 3-4 centimeters at most, plunge loving parents into shock. But this is in childhood. But 2021-2022 decided that this type can also be worn by adult women of fashion. This is how "Baby-bang" was born. Although such a haircut has been used much earlier, it has begun to gain popularity only now.

"Baby-bang" is incredibly moody and demanding. It is combined exclusively with very short haircuts, or with very long hair. You can try this length on a square, but most likely it will look ridiculous. In addition, you will have to change your own style to something close to "grunge" or "retro". Creative coloring will be a great addition. The brighter and more unusual the color, the better.


No one will argue that the mistresses of fine hair are largely limited in the choice of haircuts and hairstyles. This is especially true of bangs. And this is where graduation comes to the rescue. It helps to add volume to the hair.

Graduation is suitable for any type of face, you just need to choose the length. For a round face, it should be shortened, and for a square face, it should be of medium length.

Fashion rules

Beautiful bangs are a separate article in the everyday life of women. And they all know perfectly well what is necessary to maintain an attractive appearance:

  • Regular visits to the salon;
  • Cleanliness of the head and hair (sometimes you can do just washing your bangs);
  • Stacking, but not always.

That's it! Be lovely girls!