Fashionable women's belts fall-winter 2021-2022: all the novelties of the season

Despite all the twists and turns, we are approaching a stylish autumn-winter season. Let's talk about belts. After all, this is the thing with which you can turn even the most boring and mediocre image into “fire”. In addition, a fashionable belt does not have to be genuine leather. This means that every fashionista will find an option for her budget and environmental preferences.

How to choose a good leather belt?

If you decide to choose an option made of leather, then before buying it, check it for quality:

  • The belt should not be “oak”, otherwise it will be uncomfortable to wear. At the same time, excessive softness will lead to premature stretching and deformation at the holes. Pull the strap a little at the ends: ideally, it should stretch 0.5-1 cm over its entire length.
  • A good sign of the product is the dyed inside and ends.
  • The edges of the leather belt must be rounded and not stitched. Stitched items are made of glued leather and can begin to exfoliate over time.

How to choose an eco-leather product?

In this case, it is clear that the price of a fashionable product will be several times lower, but it will also serve several times less. But this has its advantages: but you can change the belts more often. When buying, pay attention to how the seams are glued, whether there are any traces of glue, etc. Keep in mind that if you take an unnatural belt and plan to tie it in a knot, it will deteriorate very quickly. For such purposes, it is still better to choose a leather accessory.

Fashionable styles of women's belts

This season, wide belts, belts, peplum and harnesses rule the show [twenty]. Moreover, the latter have long ceased to be an attribute of glamorous girls. Today it is a stylish, bright and bold accessory in which it is not a shame to appear in public.

Pay attention!Thin belts were already out of fashion. They are still relevant, but only in a long version, when they can be wrapped around the waist several times.

Thin belts are also in fashion, but only if wrapped several times.

Anyway, fall-winter 2021-2022 dictates the following rule: the longer the belt, the better the image. If earlier it was customary to buy a “tunic-in-a-tunic” belt so that the tail would not hang, now a long belt is the most chic.

It can be left dangling free or tied to one or more knots.

In the same fashion:

  • belt loop (pictured);

  • belts with large buckles;

  • chords perforated along the entire length;

  • printed fabric options;
  • ​​

  • belt with microbags.

Basque occupies a special place in this cold season. In warm autumn, it can be worn on a shirt, dress, suit, raincoat, in winter - on a coat.

How to wear a belt in the fall and in winter 2021-2022?

Street stylers are imaginative and constantly come up with new ways to wear ordinary things. Here are some micro-trends.

  • Tie knots;

  • wind several times;

  • fasten the scarfor stole with the strap .

These are the trends in the fall-winter season 2021-2022 with women's belts. We hope you've picked a few ideas for yourself and added a couple of cute models to your shopping list. Beautiful autumn and warm winter!