Fashionable women's raincoats for spring 2022: juicy photos of trending models

Fashionable raincoats are, first of all, practicality and variety. The spring 2022 models bear this out. Do you prefer the classics? Choose trench coats. Want to add something new to your wardrobe? Pay attention to the current raincoats. Find out all about the trends of the upcoming season.

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Hooded raincoats

Casual style does not lose popularity in the spring of 2022. One detail transforms ordinary trench coats into ultra-trendy new pieces. Wear a hoodie or hooded sweater under your trench coat. A practical and modern ensemble protects from rain, wind and at the same time creates a stylish look. The version with a hood is in harmony with jeans, a sweatshirt, sneakers or sneakers, a backpack.


Do you know how to update your wardrobe without shopping? Learn fashionable strobing. This is a way to wear things in an original manner. For example, a trench coat will look new if you lower it on one shoulder, roll up the sleeves, and tie the belt with an unusual knot. The best basis for strobing is the layering and variety of accessories. The more there are, the more interesting the result. The photo shows experiments with images.

Long belt

All the salt is in the details. Do you want to be in trend? Top up your wardrobe with a pair of long belts. They can be worn over a trench coat or jeans, leaving the long ends untucked. The accessory will keep the look fresh and ultra-fashionable.

Not fully tied

Find out one more fashion secret that will help to be in trend in spring. Do not button up your raincoat. It is enough to emphasize the waist with a belt. Fashion trends welcome slight casualness and creativity even in classic looks.


Outerwear options "from someone else's shoulder" continue the trend for free fit and comfort. Feel like you are in a cozy cocoon, dressed in the latest oversized version. It is not overloaded with unnecessary details: inserts, stitching, straps, pockets. The emphasis is solely on volume. Designers avoid bright colors.


Fashionable women's raincoats are made in a discreet palette. This wardrobe item looks harmoniously with a skirt and trousers, casual wear and evening wear, shoes with heels and low speed.

On the catwalks, there were mostly free options of maxi length, similar to kimono. They made fragile girls look feminine.

If you are not ready to put on oversized outerwear, opt for fluffy sleeves. On the one hand, they will add hypertrophy to the image, on the other, they will retain the usual silhouette. The model is combined with skinny jeans, a pencil skirt, high-heeled shoes.


At first glance, a product made of plastic seems frivolous. However, in the spring, the raincoat will become the "heavy artillery" in the fashionable wardrobe. The advantages of outerwear include practicality. It can be carried in a bag or backpack without fear of ruining the look. This feature makes this item of spring wardrobe indispensable in everyday life and when traveling.

Designers offer classic and custom designs for spring 2022 that can be worn by young girls and ladies of elegant age.

In the spring we will see monochrome, colored, combined, matte and transparent raincoats. For girls who prefer a classic style, plastic trench coats, complemented by belts, cuffs, patch pockets, are suitable. Lovers of a sporty style will like oversized models, straight cropped options with a drawstring and contrasting trim.

Stylish raincoats with a hood are a 2 in 1 option. Now you don't need an umbrella in rainy weather.

A plastic trench coat can become part of a classic bow. It is enough to throw it over a business suit and put on high-heeled shoes. If you prefer a casual style, complement the casual look with jeans, oversized sweater and ankle boots. Raincoats have one "but". They do not warm you in cool weather, therefore they are relevant on warm spring days.

Denim raincoats

Every girl wants to have wardrobe, a light and practical trench coat for every day. There is an exit! This is a denim model. Outerwear will suit fans of classic, sporty, casual style. If you like strict women's styles, choose knee-length options with a turn-down collar, democratic - oversized models with patch pockets.

Fashionable denim raincoats emphasize the mobility and lightness of young ladies, and also give women of an elegant age a youthful look.

Beige raincoats

Don't like to experiment? Then your option is a classic beige trench coat. It can be combined with any style and can become the main demi-season wardrobe.

The spring of 2022 season "votes" for models of peach, light beige, powdery shades.

Choose a laconic and stylish outfit for the office: trench coat, business suit, tote bag, loafers or high heels. In everyday life, the combination of a beige version with jeans, a sweatshirt, sneakers, ankle boots, a backpack or a cross-body bag will be optimal.

Nude-style outerwear can be complemented with bronze-look accessories and brown-rimmed sunglasses... Elements add bold accents to a neutral palette.

Plaid raincoats

Universal check print - one of the main elements of the spring 2022 fashion season. You can't go wrong if you choose large or small, wide or narrow, bright or dark. The print suits any style and look. Do you like classics? Give preference to the tartan. She emphasizes the aristocratic character of the image.

Outerwear will become the main element of the image if it is mixed with plain things: jeans, a suit, a dress. However, it is not forbidden to combine several variants of the cage. Look at interesting images in the photo.

Leather and eco-leather with inserts

Outerwear made of leather - worthy competition for a light coat and a classic trench coat. The model resembles its “brother” from the 90s of the last century, but it has a number of differences: bright colors, knee-length or midi length, eco-materials.

In the spring on the streets of cities you will see terracotta, red, yellow, green, blue, orange trench coats decorated with iron buttons, zippers, buckles, rivets.

For those who like to be in the spotlight, we recommend taking a closer look at the metallic texture. Trousers, dresses, and a straight skirt will make an excellent pair of a leather coat. Complete the look with a classic bag and shoes. Eco-leather products can be combined with artificial suede boots.

Fashionable raincoats are not only new styles, materials, but also an original way to wear outerwear. Master the intricacies of strobing, pairing accessories, and welcome spring 2022 with bold new looks.

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