Fashionable women's sneakers fall-winter 2021-2022: all the trends in bright photos!

Sneakers have long been an indispensable part of women's wardrobe. If earlier such shoes were mainly the prerogative of young people, now they are worn by everyone, young and old. Basic urban sneakers are those shoes that fit any casual outfit - coat, suit, raincoat, trench coat or down jacket. Let's see what sneakers will be in vogue in fall and winter 2021-2022.

Ugly Sneakers or Daddy's crosses are still at their peak

Someone thinks of them as an incredibly ugly invention of the fashion industry, and someone gladly wears that season in a row. Aesthetics is voluntary, but the advantages of this model are the following:

  • thick sole protects well from the cold. If you buy a winter model with insulation, they will be comfortable even in cold weather.
  • The massiveness of the model emphasizes the fragility of the female leg, so the girls in Ugly Sneakers look thin and fragile.

Now not only white, but also multi-colored models are relevant.

Animal print

Fashion for animal prints could not get around women's sneakers. “Snake”, “leopard” and “other animals” are welcome guests on trendy sports shoes. However, don't overdo it. Fully leopard sneakers need to be combined very carefully, it is better to choose autumn or winter models with printed inserts.

Ah, that trendy white …

Autumn and winter are not very conducive to light, but there are trends. As in the trendy shoes of this fall, the colors are white. Warm dry autumn is perfect for walking.


Sports footwear and urban footwear, as they say, are “two big differences”. And the further you go, the more noticeable this difference becomes. Women's platform sneakers are in fashion this fall. They will not work for sports, but for urban “marathons” it is a stylish and convenient option.

Color - to the fullest!

Bright models are able to turn even a gray monochrome bow into a holiday. Don't be afraid of bright colors! They will color the dreary autumn and gloomy winter!


Many designers have released horizontally gathered sneakers this season. It looks beautiful and unusual.


This trend migrated to us from the summer season. They are suitable only for warm autumn, for winter it is worth choosing something more “substantial”.

Tapes and splines

The real novelty of this fall is women's sneakers with ribbons. Fast Fashion stores have picked up this trend, and similar shoes can already be purchased in mass-market stores. Looks very stylish!

When shopping for fall or winter sneakers, do not carry your shoes back to back. You might want to wear a thicker sock. Be sure to ask the seller if the model has a non-slip sole. After all, it is very important to be not only fashionable, but also sustainable:) Good luck, girls!