Fashionable women's suits spring-summer 2022 - business-like, but bright!

Fashion suits are the basis of the spring-summer 2022 wardrobe. This is the axis on which the other elements are strung. The fashion industry today offers classic, sporty, retro, monochrome and prints. Some brands have taken a course towards oversize, others towards compact, fit-fit styles. In order to navigate this variety and choose the most suitable base for the "capsule", get acquainted with the key fashion trends.

In this article:

From a man's shoulder

A jacket and trousers are a classic, which is always on the crest of a fashionable wave. However, the spring-summer 2022 season says "Yes!" freedom of expression and daring combinations.

If you want to look stylish and original, take a closer look at the oversized trend. A women's ensemble of a voluminous blazer and wide-leg trousers is an excellent basis for an office and casual look.

Spring suit can be mixed with sneakers, elegant shoes.

Want to focus on the waist? Use a belt or belt for this. A jacket with a deep cut visually stretches the figure, therefore it is suitable for girls of short stature.

Cage and Houndstooth

Tetesol, Prince of Wales, Tartan, Houndstooth... These stylish prints will help those who don't like bright colors and details stand out from the crowd. Jackets, trousers can be worn as a set, as well as combined with clothes of monochrome colors.

Houndstooth and cage do not require additional accents, they look advantageous on their own or in combination with red, black, white, terracotta colors.

A little bit of avant-garde in suits

Take note of the spectacular collaboration of two opposite colors or monochrome graphic prints. If you are not ready to experiment, take one color as a basis, add another in the form of accessories: a belt or a bag. The summer costume that you see in the photo below is made in the current avant-garde style.

Light colors

2022 set the trend for light colors. Fashion trends speak of the peak of popularity:

  1. powdery;
  2. pink
  3. “dusty cedar”;
  4. cream;
  5. white;
  6. lilac.

Delicate color palette can be "diluted" with a simple graphic print: stripe, checkered. Fashionable suits in light colors are versatile. They are suitable for blondes and brunettes. Use accessories in rich colors for bright accents. Look at the photo for a selection of combinations.

Actual three-piece

Women's suit, which came from the men's wardrobe, can be safely tried on even by the most sophisticated person. Take it as the basis of your capsule wardrobe and create a line of fashionable aufits. Here are just a few of the ideas:

  1. complete kit without additional elements;
  2. a pair of vest and trousers;
  3. three-piece and lace blouse.

Pants can also act as an independent "player". Just wear a dress shirt or top underneath. Accessories in the form of brooches, bracelets, chains, bags, belts adapt the image to the chosen style. The three can be complemented with boots with chunky soles or elegant ankle boots.

Skirt suits

The universal set is suitable for owners of any body size... For young and fragile girls, business sets with mini-skirts are relevant, women of elegant age - with models of midi length, maxi straight or free silhouette.

You will be in trend with classic feminine cuts with a check print, as well as monochrome versions with additional details such as a wide belt. Designers recommend wearing skirt suits with boots, ankle boots, boots.

Various textures of materials, colors and decor make it possible to wear a suit with a skirt in everyday life and to noisy parties. Models of a free silhouette are combined with cropped jackets, an adjacent one - options "from a man's shoulder".

Suits with banana trousers

This style of trousers returned without significant changes from the early 90s. The main features of the current model are:

  • loose fit;
  • thigh volume;
  • waist folds;
  • tapered bottom;
  • classic or high fit.

The legs can be with cuffs, elastic, buttons. To the question "What can I wear banana pants with?" the designers answer: "With double-breasted straight cut jackets or oversized models." Complete your look with sneakers, boots or delicate thongs.

Cropped not fitted top

Women's classic jacket with waist or mid-thigh length is no longer a dogma. Fashion dictates new rules. The straight cropped version, reminiscent of the "bolero", is a great pair for tight or straight trousers. The bow will suit graceful girls who prefer a classic style. The jacket can be worn with a turtleneck or blouse.

Wrap options

Practicality is the key to the popularity of this jacket model. It can be draped over the shoulders in cool weather, worn with trousers and a skirt. For finishing a laconic model, designers use patch pockets, wide belts. A women's wrap jacket will harmoniously fit into a wardrobe if you adhere to the classic or casual style.

Under the belt and belt

One of the fashion trends in the field of women's suits is the emphasis on the waist. It can be done with a belt or belt. The purpose of this element is to give the silhouette a feminine touch, but not draw attention to itself. Designers suggest wearing belts, belts to match the set and use a laconic buckle as the only decoration.

New classics

Collaboration of classics and sports - "the icing on the cake" of fashionable women's collections for the spring of 2022. The sport-chic style is manifested in women's sets of narrow trousers with arrows and straight jackets. You can make an accent towards sports, complementing the image with sneakers, or towards the classics, combining women's suits with classic shoes.

Cozy options

If you prefer knitted total looks, pay attention to women's knitted suits. They will keep you warm on cool spring days. Fashion houses have relied on monochrome options for natural shades. The smooth knit is paired with a voluminous and wide elastic at the collar and cuffs, which adorns the model and warms its owner. They also expanded the line of models and offered: trouser suits, sets with long and loose skirts or straight options to the knee. Knitted trouser sets are relevant for the office and everyday life.

Fashion suits are a thing season spring-summer. Having replenished your wardrobe with a couple of sets, you will never say the phrase "I have nothing to wear...". After all, now you have a dozen stylish options in your hands.