Fashionable woven bags 2021-2022: what to wear with this summer?

Wicker bag is an original hand-made item that will make its wearer stand out as a stylish woman. In addition, in hot summer with such an accessory, you can go even to the beach, even for a walk, even in a cafe with a girlfriend. How not to get lost among the variety of braided patterns, learn how to take care of such things and create fashionable bows, will be discussed in this article.


Round woven bags

Wicker and knitted bags have long ceased to be exclusively beach models, stylish outfits with such accessories are ubiquitous on city streets in the warm season.

So, stylists consider the most current summer wicker model to be a round accessory, which is called a "tablet" or "bon-bon". It comes with short handles for use on the wrist or elbow, and a long, padded handle that can be carried over the shoulder.

Woven round (and not only) bags are often made by hand from natural materials. This is a kind of contribution of brands to the development of crafts in developing countries, for example, the Philippines.

There are only two basic requirements for the materials from which such accessories are made - they must be moisture resistant and durable enough to please their owner more than one season. To one degree or another, such qualities are possessed by:

  1. Rattan- peeled and dried rattan vines, which can reach a length of 80 to 300 m. This is the most durable material, which is not suitable for even a sudden summer rain. Rattan products keep their shape well. They will remain perfectly round in any situation.
  2. Raffiais a long natural fiber obtained from dried palm leaves. Such fiber does not darken, does not swell or rot in a humid environment, and also behaves well in direct sunlight - it does not fade or dry out. In addition, raffia is so soft that an accessory made of it can be easily rolled up and compactly packed into a suitcase.
  3. Bamboois a flexible and strong eco-friendly material that has been used in their crafts since prehistoric times, for example, in Japan. Weaving from bamboo threads is a whole art of creating delicate hexagonal patterns of mutsume-ami or floral motifs that resemble a peony or chrysanthemum.
  4. Processed algae- they make very light and almost weightless fashionable things, but they are impractical, because during operation they quickly wear out and crumble, and it is problematic to clean them.

In addition to the main listed materials, jute, straw, knitted yarn, polypropylene cord and even strips of natural leather can be used for weaving.

Rectangular woven bags

Among the rectangular women's accessories, the main trend is the woven chest bag. It can be of different sizes: from a miniature box to a spacious basket in which you can put everything for a picnic. Both fully woven products and models with handles and decor, for example, made of leather, textiles and other materials, will be in fashion.

Interesting fact!The prototype of such a rectangular bag was a wicker basket, in which English actress and singer Jane Birkin preferred to pack her luggage. This inspired Jean-Louis Dumas of the Hermes fashion house to create the rectangular ladies' accessory that the whole world knows as Birkin.

Many women of fashion do not mind, like Jane Birkin, wearing a woven bag instead of a leather bag, but ignorance of the rules for caring for such a thing stops them. You should not deny yourself the pleasure, show off with a fashionable novelty, because the rules for caring for a straw bag (and from other similar natural materials) are absolutely not complicated:

  1. Dust and fine debris, which can clog into the recesses and holes between the weaving, can be easily removed with a vacuum cleaner at low power.
  2. Accessories made from natural materials cannot be stored in sealed bags. Even slight moisture can cause mold and damage to things in this case. Better to use linen bags.
  3. To keep the product from losing its shape during the off-season, be sure to fill it with something, for example, crumpled paper.
  4. You can refresh the color of a thing by simply wiping it with a solution of water and alcohol.
  5. Ordinary soap solution is ideal for removing stains, which should be applied to the dirty area with a brush, and after a while, remove the residue with a soft cloth. On colored items, first check the durability of the paint in an inconspicuous place.
  6. The braided handles get dirty the most. To wash them, add a few drops of ammonia to the soap solution, and then proceed by analogy with the previous paragraph.
  7. If the straw bag gets wet for any reason, it should dry naturally and away from sunlight.

These simple tips will help keep your bag made from natural materials new and beautiful for more than one season.

Braided string bags

This woven bag can be called an iconic one. Documentary references to her can be found in the correspondence of A. P. Chekhov and his wife from 1898, where he calls her a mesh bag with which cooks go to buy vegetables in Nice. However, the year of birth of the string bag was 1920, when the Czech Vavrin Krchil thought of attaching handles to the hair nets and selling such bags.

The string bag was very popular in the Soviet Union. When folded, the bag took up very little space, so they always took it with them in case they could buy something on the way home. The classic model had 14 rows of 24 cells and withstood a load of up to 70 kg.

In Western Europe, the string bag also experienced two peaks in popularity in the 1960s and in the 19780s. The English versions of the name of this bag are "string bag", "fishnet bag" or "maybe bag".

A few decades later, at the peak of the fight against plastic bags, woven string bags began to appear along with reusable fabric shoppers. Mostly they were crocheted by hand or using the macrame technique. Especially successful in Asian craftswomen, but still the string bag remained a shopping bag.

This continued exactly until the moment when Miu Miu, Prada and Stella McCartney showed braided string bags in their collections. At fashion shows, there were options in the spirit of Soviet avosek and stricter models with a stable bottom made of eco-leather.

Of course, you cannot put all the little things in such a bag, it will simply wake up through the cells, so women of fashion simply put a small clutch or barrel bag in a string bag. Another option is a canvas pouch. It can be of different colors. The same string bag with different bags will look different every time.

What to wear with woven bags

Natural colors are in fashion, so a wicker bag in beige colors will not only be relevant, but will also organically fit into most everyday summer outfits. Such an accessory will perfectly complement a flying dress with a floral print or a polka dot dress, a light suit or lightweight jumpsuit, jeans, a sundress, shorts, summer trousers, floor-length skirts...

If you want to make a straw bag the main thing of a bow, you can choose a model of bright colors or a neutral color, but with an original decor (colored pompoms, embroidery, interesting pens, etc.).

Do not forget about accessories, complementing the summer look with earrings, bracelets, sunglasses and a hat, for example, a straw catonye. Examples of such successful combinations can be seen on the following selection of summer looks with wicker bags below.