Fur coat for auto lady: style and comfort behind the wheel

Luxurious fur coat - cool, prestigious, status. Many flattering words can be said about her, but for girls on wheels this is a real headache. It is difficult to drive a car in a voluminous coat, there is a great chance of getting tangled in long floors, and motorists do not need special heat. Either the fashion designers met halfway, or the resourceful ladies came up with it, but everyone heard a stable expression - a fur coat for an autolady.

A comfortable, beautiful fur jacket has become almost an integral part of the modern urban Amazons' wardrobe. A fur coat in a car is exposed to serious stress, and it is important to know how to choose, maintain an attractive look for a long time and what to combine with without sacrificing an elegant look.

In this article:

Varieties of fur coats for autolady

A short sheepskin coat does not restrict movement and allows you to lead an active lifestyle. But someone loves classics, someone sports or romantic style, and some ladies want to look just chic. Even the most demanding car lady will be able to choose her own from the variety of models. Popular styles of mini-fur coats:

  • straight;
  • fitted;
  • balloon;
  • cross.

Length can barely reach the waist or almost reach the knee. This is a matter of personal preference, and to a greater extent - the age and characteristics of the figure. But the overwhelming mass of auto ladies prefer fur coats to the middle of the thighs or slightly covering them.

Straight cuts are classics with side slits and cross cut models. The latter look very impressive. They can be not only straight, but also in the form of a trapezoid or under the belt, creating an elegant silhouette.

Fitted models of autolady fur coats are not made too narrow so as not to hinder movement. As a rule, the silhouette is narrowed by a drawstring belt. The shape of the balloon is achieved in the same way. Only the drawstring is located at the bottom. The lace can always be relaxed or tightened.

When buying, it is better to immediately pay attention to two points: sufficient freedom in the shoulders and not restricting movements of the sleeves. Otherwise, driving will be a source of irritation. You can choose a short sleeve. For cold weather, it is complemented by long gloves.

A fur coat with a hood or a collar is a moot point. Here, convenience and beauty compete with traffic safety. A voluminous hood or fluffy collar can completely or partially obstruct the view. So, consider purchasing a model with an elegant stand.

For a car - an expensive coat

The quality and type of fur of a fur coat for an auto lady is perhaps the most important aspect of choice. Fluffy pile is eliminated immediately. It is too voluminous and will quickly wear out from intense wear. A chic chinchilla will not do either. These skins have a loose skin, frequent temperature changes have a detrimental effect on it. You can buy a muton coat, but this is for the most practical.

Mink is considered the most popular and demanded fur for autolady fur coats. This is the choice of successful and self-confident women. In a mink sheepskin coat, it is warm enough, comfortable, and the appearance is always at its best. But the service life of a fur coat largely depends on the quality and type of fur.


We will have to forget about Chinese manufacturers. Their products do not stand up to the friendship with the car. Not the best choice of a Russian mink fur coat. This variant is rather fluffy due to the long guard hair. If there are leather seats in the car, then it’s not a problem. Contact with fabric upholstery leads to the fact that hard hairs break off and bald spots appear on the fur coat.

The most wear-resistant, practical and beautiful will be a North American mink coat, in which the awn is equal in height to the underfur. True, and the amount for it will have to be laid out, as for a full, long coat. But you can take advantage of seasonal promotions, discounts, sales, or still fork out. But you will have to change your car more often than your fur coat.

Inspect the product carefully before purchasing. Crumple, shake, pat against lint and peek under lining.

Signs of quality fur:

  • quickly takes on its original form;
  • does not crumble, does not remain on the hands;
  • slightly harsh and elastic to the touch;
  • flesh is off-white or milky;
  • sewn with straight seams without additional backing.

If at least one point is violated or an unpleasant smell comes from the fur coat, perhaps you are given a cheap Chinese analogue for a prestigious mink.

If the main problem is a breaking awn, then you can buy an autolady's fur coat from a plucked or sheared mink. This is true with some caveats. If you plan to wear it neatly and for a short time, then yes. The fact is that skins of not the best quality are subjected to such processing, but deprived of a top coating, pads are quickly wiped off and do not keep heat well.

What to combine with?

An autolady mink coat is a very democratic option. It is harmoniously combined with almost any clothing:

  • wide and narrow trousers;
  • jeans;
  • short and long skirts;
  • high boots and ankle boots with steady heels.

Much depends on the style. But even a romantic fitted model will be good with jeans, and a balloon jacket with a narrow skirt. As a headdress, a knitted mink hat, a beret, a bright scarf will do. Don't forget leather gloves, especially long ones for short sleeves.

Some restrictions apply. If you are wearing a business suit, make sure that the jacket does not peek out from under the fur coat. Do not complement the fur outfit of an auto lady with athletic trainers. Don't carry your bag over your shoulder.

How not to spoil the thing ahead of time?

It seems, what kind of troubles can await in the cabin of a private car? But, oddly enough, the risk zone is quite large. Remember the basic rules.

Learn to sit properly. The fur coat should not stray into a lump and wrinkle on the back. Sitting behind the wheel, straighten it in the direction of the pile. Unbutton your fur coat, it is especially important to observe this in wet weather. Otherwise, stretching in problem areas is ensured.

Don't worry too much about the seat belt. It will not cause perceptible or even small damage if you buckle up carefully and do not twist while driving, which is unlikely. It is also better to straighten the pile under the belt.

Switch off the heated seats if possible. Fur coats do not tolerate heat well. The collagen present in the flesh can curl up, your mink may just creep or become stiff. The process, unfortunately, is irreversible.

Sometimes there is a need for urgent repairs - a wheel is punctured, oil leaked, and other troubles. Keep a spare jacket in the trunk for this case. Fur quickly absorbs odors, it also affects smoking in the cabin, and frequent dry cleaning is not recommended.

Choose a fur coat correctly, treat it with care and be the most stylish auto lady!