Fyodor's fashionable hat - what to wear and who will suit?

Fedora's hat is a classic men's felt hat with a small brim and three dents on the crown, wrapped in a ribbon. It was invented in 1910, and by the middle of the XXth century it became an essential attribute of a fashionable men's suit, especially in the West, in industrial cities.

It is also called snap brim - "broken field" in translation from English, or borsalino (in fact, "borsalino" is the name of a company that became famous production of hats).

Today Fedora is associated with gangster romance. Indeed, it owes its popularity to Hollywood films. It is impossible to imagine the heroes of these ribbons without fedora, this hat is part of their image (for example, the image of Al Capone). Fedora was worn not only by gangsters, but also by private detectives and even Indiana Jones (he never parted with her). American actor Humphrey Bogart, the symbol and face of that era, appears in almost every role in a fedora hat. Unsurprisingly, this model will be at its peak in 2022.

The brim of this hat can be folded in different ways, raised or lowered. But in the 40s, 50s, it was considered special chic to wear it with the front field lowered over the eyes, and wring the back up, this gave the owner a mystery and mystery. Fedora also demanded that special etiquette be observed; the owner of the hat, greeting the lady, had to lift it with three fingers (for this, the dents on the crown are intended).

In the 60s, Fedora went out of fashion, but returned already in the 80s, moreover, becoming a hat not only for men, but also for women (probably, the girls wanted to feel like the girlfriends of gangsters). In recent years, Fedor is a frequent guest in both the women's and men's collections of many fashion houses. Many celebrities have chosen this hat as a stylish accessory (Michael Jackson's headdress was auctioned for a lot of money).

Fedor's modern women's hat is noticeably different from the classic version: the brim has become a little narrower. The materials have become more diverse; tweed, suede, etc. even a straw hat can be of this shape. The color gamut has become wider, the model can be red or with a checkered pattern, but the main colors are, nevertheless, neutral; natural wool color, all shades of gray and brown and, of course, black.

This headdress will suit independent and self-confident girls, who are not afraid to stand out and who know how to play with fashion creating their own style. A fedora hat can be worn at any time of the year; in cold weather, it is important to choose suitable gloves and a bag for her, and in summer you can complement the image with dark glasses (and look like a mafia).

You can wear this accessory with a men's suit or its details, you can combine it in a free style outfit; T-shirt, shorts, etc. Or you can play in contrast and wear a fedora hat with romantic and feminine things.

This piece also fits well with cowboy style and is combined with traditional American Indian clothing and accessories. You can try an extravagant combination of fedora and a little black dress, or play cabaret and wear a lingerie-style dress with a hat like this. By the way, this hat can be worn not only during the day, you can also wear it to a party, for example, with a tuxedo.