Gorgeous pedicure with shining rhinestones (60 photo ideas 2021-2022)

Femininity manifests itself in little things: in the curl of a curl, gait, folds of a dress, sparkle of stones in earrings. Reflecting the joyful shine of the eyes, beautiful stones can shine not only in jewelry, but also on nails. Even at home, you can make an unusual pedicure with rhinestones, which will be an excellent completion of your look.

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Required materials

To make a stylish pedicure you will need:

  • manicure set;
  • various varnishes;
  • rhinestones;
  • toothpick;
  • tweezers;
  • glue;
  • hardener varnish.

When performing a pedicure, you can use one varnish or combine several different colors. You can opt for pastel or bright colors, depending on style and mood.

Rhinestones are different. The most economical option is plastic, but they are often more faded than the glass counterpart, the so-called "Swarovski". Color and shape also have many options: they can be in the form of stars, hearts, droplets, etc.

Preparation of nails and important nuances

The smallest rhinestones applied with a toothpick soaked in water. Tweezers are needed to take larger pieces of jewelry. It is very inconvenient to take them with your fingers. Fixing varnish and glue are required to hold the jewelry in place.

Before you start decorating the nail plate, you need to do a classic hygienic pedicure. Jewelry looks beautiful only on well-groomed feet. Therefore, steam the legs first, treat the heels with pumice stone, lubricate with cream, massage the feet, remove the cuticle, degrease the nails with acetone.

Do not overdo it by gluing a large amount of shiny jewelry to each marigold. The nails on the legs are smaller than on the hands, so it is enough to decorate only the thumb, and place one small sparkle on the rest.

How to glue crystals on nails?

First, a transparent base is applied, leveling the surface of the marigold, then base varnishes of the desired shades.

To glue a small rhinestone, a moistened tip of a toothpick should touch its face and transfer to the nail, press a little. The smallest glitter can be glued onto a clear varnish. Rhinestones need to be transferred very quickly, until the transparent varnish has dried, the transparent base is applied separately to each nail, and not all at once.

Larger stones are glued to a special glue, it is more reliable than a transparent base. If you can't find a special glue, but you really want to glue the decor, you can use Super Moment-Gel glue. It is sold in miniature packages. It is also very convenient to apply it with the tip of a toothpick, if you squeeze the adhesive gel directly onto nails or rhinestones, the work will turn out to be sloppy.

The nail binder is covered at the very end so that the pedicure stays fresh longer and the rhinestones on the nails are fixed securely. But even without a step with fastening, as a last resort, you can do.

Fashionable photo ideas

The combination of rhinestones with a French pedicure looks gentle and sophisticated, its second name is French. This option, shown in the photo, fits almost all outfits.

Rhinestones effectively complement the floral painting of nails, placing shining accents. This beautiful pedicure looks especially impressive in summer.

Bright ladies will love the red lacquer, complemented by the brilliant Swarovski decor to match. This pedicure is perfect for a party or a date.

Nail design is an art, if you learn how to decorate your nails yourself, you will attract rave glances. After all, beautiful well-groomed legs are a man's weakness!

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