Greek hairstyles - modern antiquity in your image

A girl named Fashion rushes past us, knocks her heels and throws back a train of outlines. We do not have time to try on the next outfit, because it is replaced by a fresh one, invented by her. Recently, flirtatious young lady Vogue has offered hairstyles in the Greek style. Either "Game of Thrones" inspired old memories, or maybe a vacation in the resorts of Greece impressed her...

Milady Fashion thought and gave a string of suggestions for a casual look, cocktail parties and photos of wedding feasts.


Distinctive features of hairstyles

The style of the Balkan Peninsula implies:

  • Femininity;
  • Perfection;
  • Versatility;
  • Simplicity.

Incarnation with the Greek goddesses who shock us with cuteness and purity, impeccability and wisdom. The chiseled bend of the neck, languid gaze, open shoulders are associated with celestials. They push the owner to throw strength on her figure and face, follow the diet, and do exercises.

To create a Greek hairstyle, you will need curls that fully or partially fit into a bun, are ennobled with multi-layered braids, and are complemented with jewelry.

Accessories that complement the image

Each haircut looks more sophisticated when complemented by satin ribbons, hoops, headbands, colored hairpins. Not only will the strands "sparkle", but the clothes will also be filled with new colors, testifying to your impeccable taste.

Greek hairstyles for medium hair

Modern women prefer medium length strands. This is justified by the convenience of self-styling and practicality. Smooth, curly, light and dark shades inspire enthusiasm, organically draw ideas.

The only exceptions are short strands, with which it is impossible to do any complex hairstyles. Let's try to depict entertaining styling variations with step-by-step explanations. We open a visual and educational practice on medium-sized strands.

Antique knot

Women with medium hair should pay attention to the knot from which debutants are repelled. A light and original version made with your own hands will emphasize the expressiveness of the look. To begin with, curl the curls with a curling iron. Then it is divided into a straight or corner parting and thrown back. The bundle is shaped in a conical or trapezoidal shape with the help of invisible ones. It is located in the middle or at the bottom of the back of the head. Decorate with ribbons or a bandage. If desired, part of the side hair is not fixed in a knot, but is left to fall freely or braided.

Connect with classics for business meetings, trips to the theater. A strict jacket, high-heeled shoes, a floor-length dress will complement the silhouette.

Melon slices

The strands are laid in vertical portions up to the neck. Then they are picked up by several long ribbons. A robe with a neckline and a bracelet made of large stones will complete the look.


Great solution for curly curls of medium size. Lightly comb at the roots, then gather the strands at the crown into a ponytail. Put on a double hoop on your head. A youthful image for students and senior schoolgirls who know how to appreciate and accept the beauty of Greece.

The many-sided headband and headband

A handy piece of styling that will be useful for beginners. You will love the Greek elastic band, you will quickly get used to it and fall in love with the antique mood. It is combined with the growth line of the strands, each strand is twisted with a flagella of the same thickness and tucked into the bandage elastic. This accessory is used to combine with a bun formed at the back of the head. Strands are released on the sides, along the cheekbones, making the face elongated.


We embody seductive magic, which is covered with a hair net "Stefana", decorated with rhinestones, stones and threads. Gather a bun at the back of the head from curled curls, cover with Stefana on top. Release a couple of strands on both sides for a sophisticated style. The images of ladies of the early 20th century approach us, recalling such feminine traits as gentleness, sophistication, and erudition.

Bow of Apollo

The bride in this role will rivet the enthusiastic eyes of the guests and, of course, the happy groom. Curled, soft strands are gathered into a knot in the form of waves. Curls near the forehead slightly cover the temples. A tiara with stones or a pearl thread crowns Apollo.

Hairstyles in the Greek style for long hair

Long strands are ideal for the embodiment of Greek ideas. For firm fixing, they are pre-covered with foams, mousses. And at the end, they are fixed with colorless varnish.


An image for a high evening hairstyle, which will be created and modeled by the master. Styling starts with a straight parting. Then they take a large strand on the back of the head, fix it with an elastic band and curl it in the form of an elongated curl. They also perform with the rest of the elements. When the wrapping is complete, they throw the hair back, fix it next to the first strand. The free edges are laid in a knot, at the bottom of which one or two braids of unused curls are skillfully braided. Decorate the top with a diadem or a triple hoop. A lampadion for ceremonial banquets is being created and planned with elegant decorations adorned with earrings and necklaces from the same collection. Delight and admiration are expelled from the contemplation of luxury.

Greek tail

Hairstyle for long hair is simple to perform, will emphasize beautiful, thick curls. To begin with, they are curled, collected in a side tail and intercepted with an elastic band. A bead ribbon wraps around them perfectly. A romantic date will pass easily and naturally, all the questions posed will be answered.

Braids crown the head

To emphasize a straight posture and a graceful neck, the crown of braids is subject. Braids are woven from the strands, the free ends of which are fixed with hairpins at the back of the head. Bangs over the eyes will not interfere with the image. Styles grunge and casual will be welcomed into their ranks, decorated with a plaid skirt and frayed lace-up boots.

Short haircuts

For hairstyles for short hair, you can find antique motifs. They will fit into the style concept in an interesting way. Brief instructions for the implementation of the image:

  • slightly curl the strands, fold back and strengthen with invisibility;
  • secure with tape or double hoop.

If there is a lack of length, use false curls. Create passionate motives.

Greek hairstyles, like dresses, multifaceted and versatile, energize, remind of youth, welcome maturity. Discreet cosmetics will beautify young ladies. The use of accessories and headbands will diversify and reinforce the styles. A girl with such a hairstyle leaves an image of goodness, beauty, dreams of distant wanderings.