Grunge style in clothes: freedom from convention or outrageous challenge?

For those who are fed up with the constant demands “you have to conform, follow, imitate, and so on”, it's time to learn what grunge style clothing is and how to choose a wardrobe that combines inner and outer freedom. So, the challenge to traditional foundations and rules has been thrown! Today on the catwalk there are bold, bright, impudent girls. And women too, because the grunge style has no age.

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Interested? If so, put aside cookies or a new diet, read, study the photos and start transforming.

History of appearance and triumph

The name "Grunge" comes from the word grunge, which translates as barn, unpleasant, repulsive. In the beginning it was the direction of hard rock. The group Nirvana has become a vivid representative of the pessimistic, careless, aggressive attitude to life.

Young people and adolescents quickly picked up this image, expressing it through clothes that deny conventions, rules of good manners, which have nothing to do with glamorous chic, which are out of fashion. But, no matter how it was, the capricious coquette could not pass by.

Aspiring designer Mark Jacobs decided to create a collection that could explode the fashion world. In 1993, the grunge style of clothing hit the catwalk. The effect has been achieved. The show made a splash, and the young couturier gained worldwide fame and founded his own brand.

Grunge style today: trends, features, combination of incongruous

For girls, free and uninhibited, the desire to stand out from the crowd can take on the most non-standard forms. It is as natural for them to dress up in a grunge style "outfit" as a strict office lady comes to work in a business suit. For those who are mastering the image and trying to put together incompatible things, a few tips will come in handy.

The most distinctive features of this style are convenience, a fair amount of baggy, layering, deliberate negligence, bordering on sloppiness.

In the wardrobe of grunge fashionistas should settle:

  • frayed or ripped jeans, you can tight;
  • faded T-shirts;
  • mandatory - plaid shirts or skirts;
  • oversized sweaters and sweaters, it is possible with holes or dropped loops;
  • loose dresses of any length with faded floral prints;
  • skirts - leather and denim or flying knitted;
  • torn tights and leggings, knee-highs, fishnets ;
  • worn leather and denim jackets;
  • fur cocoons, straight coats with large pockets;
  • Long chunky scarves.

In men's clothing, the same trends are relevant, a coma of tights, dresses and skirts. And also - these are jackets with patches, breeches, camouflage colors.

Grunge garment fabrics are usually used in dark solid colors or with subtle prints. These can be:

  • leather;
  • jeans;
  • wool;
  • chiffon;
  • organza;
  • knitwear;
  • cotton;
  • suede.

The main thing is that there is an effect of wear and tear. And they are combined in a variety of combinations, for example - coarse wool and the most delicate chiffon, organza and ripped jeans.

You can and should put on a lot of things at once: a T-shirt over a turtleneck or vice versa, two or three sweaters at the same time, a thin dress with a rough jacket. Any layering and negligence is only welcome.

Brutal shoes and accessories

Clothes in free grunge style should be complemented by rough, massive shoes. It is better if it is artificially aged, but simply worn will do. An excellent choice would be:

  • lace-up boots (camelot, grinders );
  • ​​
  • boots with wide tops and a stable heel, ankle boots ;
  • sneakers - high and low;
  • sandals and flat shoes without embellishments.

Accessories - large rings and bracelets, massive chains, glasses of non-trivial shapes.

No elegant, classic and other ladies' bags, only totes, backpacks or original clutches.

The headdress can be a knitted cap, beret, hat or scarf-hood.

Hairstyle and makeup in the style of grunge

Styling, figuratively called "went to bed with a wet head" or "just got out of bed", the most harmonious way fits into the style of grunge. This is somewhat exaggerated, but simplicity, naturalness and ease are welcomed:

  • loose hair;
  • loosely tied tails;
  • bleached strands with regrowth effect;
  • color staining.

Top class - complete absence of makeup. If this barrier is difficult to overcome, then very dark eyes, burgundy or bright red lips, light foundation on the face.

How not to turn grunge into beggarly clothes

Almost any feminine style implies well-groomed and neatness. Deliberate Permissiveness Grunge requires special attention to detail. If the clothes are of good quality, preferably well-known brands. Sloppy seams, patches, protruding threads, holes are just chips, and not a sign of poverty and complete disregard for their image.

It is better to choose original accessories with original design, shoes - made of high-quality materials, cosmetics and shampoo - only of high quality. The effect of unwashed hair is created using a special gel, and not by real unwashed. And sometimes you have to spend much more time on a careless hairstyle than on perfectly styled curls.

Grunge celebrities

Many celebrities choose these casual and comfortable clothes. Of course, not for the Oscars, but as an everyday option. Preferred grunge style:

  • Johnny Depp;
  • Keira Knightley;
  • Drew Barrymore;
  • Kristen Stewart;
  • Ashlee Simpson;
  • Shakira;
  • Olsen sisters.

Note, many of them are not at a young age. But this absolutely does not prevent you from expressing your individuality in such a shocking way. Take a closer look at the appearance of the stars, but do not blindly copy, but create your equally incomparable image.

Who is a rebel outfit suitable for?

The grunge style with all its appearance expresses an active protest against clothing as a fetish and fashion in general. At the same time, this trend is a frequent visitor to the world catwalks. In whom can two contradictions coexist - in the young and the daring, or can you forget about the years and follow the call of your soul?

Relax and breathe calmly. If you want to stand out from the crowd and slightly stir up sleepy inhabitants, no matter how old you are, an extravagant wardrobe will make you irresistible, internally happy and self-sufficient.

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it is not necessary to choose all the clothes of this kind. You can add one or more elements, build on the success, and gradually move on. Grunge goes well with casual, military, boho, vintage, country. The main thing is not to be afraid to be stylish and free.