Hairstyles for the New Year 2022: beautiful photo ideas

The brightest and most magical holiday of the New Year is approaching. To replace the economic Bull, the Blue Water Tiger strides with an important step. And now you need to thoroughly think over your image in order to meet the sedate owner with dignity. Hairstyles for the New Year are an important component of any image. And you need to start with them.

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New Year 2022 and the Blue Water Tiger

2021 leaves. There were many things in him: both good and bad. Everyone has something to remember. The bull hastily gathers his belongings and prepares a place for a new owner - the Blue Water Tiger. The tiger is calm and lazy, but sometimes impetuous and unforgiving. He does not like fuss and requires thoroughness. He carries with him confidence, power and strength. Therefore, in order not to fall into a hole, in 2022 you need to live according to a clearly drawn up plan, starting with the little things. How does the New Year begin? Happy holiday, of course! And any holiday begins with an image. First of all, New Year's hairstyles come under close scrutiny.

How to please the Tiger?

The tiger is a serious animal. Therefore, New Year's styling in the style of "a la explosion at a pasta factory" should be left to a brighter and louder animal. Iroquois, "towers of Babel" and other delights - to the same place!

  1. Calm forms, flowing, but with good boundaries should be preferred. New Year is a noisy, dynamic holiday. Therefore, you should choose such models so that there is no desire to disassemble the entire structure after 2 hours.
  2. Laying should not be heavy and cumbersome, because no one has canceled the dances. And if the New Year's holiday continues on the slides or skating rink, then it is worth considering the simplest, but no less elegant options.
  3. What hairstyle to make for the New Year will be suggested by the image itself as a whole. You cannot appear in an evening dress with a chic boa, but at the same time it is corny to dissolve the strands. You should not wear a fancy dress and fence a complex structure on your head.
  4. It will not work to combine "romance" and cowboy boots on the feet. Only a general combination, the whole image as a whole, the direction of the holiday and the place of its holding can give the right direction for choosing a festive hairstyle.
  5. Hairstyles for a corporate or outdoor holiday should be as simple as possible. The fact is that at such New Year's events, a lot of dress-up contests are held. It will be a shame to destroy the fashionable styling with some stupid hat. Therefore, it is worth considering such an image so that you can maintain beauty throughout the night, even if you have to slightly change it at some point.
  6. How to celebrate the New Year 2021 and how to choose New Year's dress - read the links.

Classic for long hair

Long hair allows you to create any look. From strict to perky and eccentric. But for all fantasies there is a common base: a tail, curls, braids or bunches.

Variations on the theme of the tail give room to the mistress of long hair. It can be performed at different heights. The tail can be easily decorated with various accessories. It can easily be gathered in a bun or quickly braided, if the situation requires it. During the whole festive evening, you can change your hairstyle more than once.

Curls are obligatory. They need to be watched. There is nothing more pathetic than disheveled curls that hung sadly on the head of an actively dancing lady. Therefore, they should not be chosen for New Year's corporate parties or outdoor holidays. They are more suitable for celebrating at home or at social events. This styling can be afforded by the lady who brought several hairpins with her in order to quickly collect the strands.

Braids will always be appropriate. Everything goes with them: jeans, a cowboy hat, and a little black dress. Beautiful braids will perfectly keep styling throughout the holiday. They will withstand an attempt on the life of a toastmaster at a New Year's corporate party, calmly transfer skates and slides. Pigtails are easy to decorate.

Gulka is a classic for any event. She is as reliable a fashionista's companion as the braid. He will save the fallen curls, which can be instantly collected. It will keep the mistress's head intact throughout the night. The bundle is decorated with accessories and is perfect for any look, from "Baba Yaga" to "Turgenev's young lady".

Long lengths are usually worn without bangs. But if there is one, it must be included in the general ensemble.

Fantasies for medium hair

Medium length can be a little stressful to choose from. But here, too, there is something to work with. Medium hair holds curls much more confidently. Curls can be large or small. The main thing is to securely fix them with varnish. Styling on one side looks beautiful. In this case, the side parting is fixed on one or both sides with various pins or hairpins. Medium length fits well in braids and buns. And you can combine both. The medium length allows you not to overload the image and it is easy to change it during the evening.

Short hair is not a sentence

Short hair does not give any chance. But it only seems so. Even if the haircut is "a la hedgehog", it can also become New Year's. Everything is very simple!

The short length is unique in itself. It would seem, well, what can you think of. And that's what!

First, the stowage. Short hair is not always a length of 1 cm. Regular irons for crimping, brushing, various clamps and decor will come to the rescue. Now you can find a lot of ways to decorate this length. If the haircut is made with bangs, then the latter must be subjected to reliable fixation.

Artificial ponytail on short hair

Secondly, dyeing. Short hair allows for any fashionable coloring for a very modest budget. Little paint will go away! And what interesting things the masters have!

Third, this length will always be fine. From the word "absolutely". Even the craziest fun, reckless dances and complete separation will not spoil the style and mood. A comb and a couple of damp finger tweaks will restore the lost order.

Real salvation is natural curls. You can do nothing with them at all. One cute Christmas-themed accessory will completely save the day. And the real crime is fixing natural curls. This is not necessary, as the varnish will add artificiality. Curls are beautiful in their dynamism.

Accessories for hairstyles

Anything is suitable as accessories for a hairstyle for the New Year. The main condition is the material from which the decoration is made. 2022 is the year of the Blue Water Tiger. Therefore, the New Year's decor should be made of such materials. Metal hairpins and hairpins, white ribbons or pearls, silvery laces and fresh white flowers, sparkling stones and mirror glitter. Anything will do! It is important to withstand only one condition: New Year's hairstyle. And then it's up to little...

What the symbol of 2022 will “advise”

Many stylish hairstyles for the New Year can be easily created at home. If we consider that the Tiger does not require hairdressing masterpieces, then only one requirement must be met: evening hairstyles should be simple, light and elegant at the same time.

The photos below can help in choosing a New Year's hairstyle. These are the recommendations of stylists who are already starting to work on the trends of the New 2022.