Hippie clothing: eccentric rebellion or peaceful brain explosion

What is associated with hippies - free love, "weed", disheveled hair, incredible flared jeans. In general, everything is correct. The strange way of life of young people who call for doing little, denying social foundations, has lost its former romanticism, but left behind a bright mark.

Hippie-style clothing is still relevant today. She got rid of deliberate or forced slovenliness, adapted to modern reality and did not lose its original flavor. Some celebrities dress in this style, perhaps it is one of your favorites, or there is a desire to try it on for yourself, but you are afraid it will not work. Welcome to the world of freedom, emancipation, unity of soul and body! You will learn how to create trendy rebellious looks and wear what was a symbol of protest 50 years ago.

In this article:

The history and essence of the hippie subculture

The hippie movement originated in the 50s of the last century in the United States, but declared itself in full force in late 60s. The precondition for the emergence of the subculture was the lifestyle of that time - the puritanical morality of the church against the background of the arms race, the escalation of military conflicts, the cult of material consumption.

The imposition of the ideology of the fathers caused a revolt among the children. But they chose a peaceful way of protest. Young people began to leave home, unite in communities, and propagandize freedom and love instead of war. Self-righteousness was supported by light psychotropic drugs, music, ideas of universal equality.

Carefree romantics lived in their own world - joyful, reckless, simple and understandable. The army of their followers grew rapidly. At the beginning, these adherents of eternal nirvana were called hipsters, which means - knowing, later a shorter and more capacious one - hippies took root.

They themselves preferred to call themselves children of flowers and emphasized the unity with nature with a natural appearance. Unwashed, shaggy, in bright, loose, slightly sloppy clothes, the members of the commune fought like a child against wars and the cruelty of the world around them.

Distinctive features of hippie clothing

Bright colors, natural materials, loose styles, complete freedom of expression - yes. Fashion trends, brands, matching wardrobe items - no. Simple things are bought at flea markets, in second-hand stores and departments of inexpensive youth clothing, sewn and knitted with their own hands.

This is the hippie style, relaxed, direct, not requiring large material costs. But this is one side of the coin. Eminent designers also could not pass by such an extraordinary phenomenon. Many fashion houses produce hippie chic clothes or use individual elements in their collections.

Some details are so firmly established in our wardrobe that they absolutely do not correspond to hippies:

  • flared;
  • fringe;
  • floral prints;
  • flat sandals;
  • bags - tote, shopper, with a long belt;
  • baubles.

Naturally, all this existed before the advent of eccentric vagabonds. But it was they who made bright, comfortable, practical things so popular.

And now specifically about what makes the hippie style in clothing recognizable, harmonious and applicable in modern life.


Freedom of the soul is demonstrated by the body, living in harmony with nature and natural needs. A person who, against his will, forced himself into a Procrustean bed of uncomfortable clothes, in the depths of his consciousness, experiences discomfort, although outwardly he demonstrates success.


Peaceful rebels exclude violence against themselves and induce the world around them to smile, become interested, and be surprised. Ideas for appearance are borrowed from the most real children of nature:

  • gypsies;
  • Indians;
  • peoples of Central and South America;
  • inhabitants of mysterious India;
  • inhabitants of Morocco.

Shirts and T-shirts with a loose fit, high waistline in flowing dresses and sundresses, long skirts in the assembly, flared jeans - the characteristic styles of the style.

Texture of fabrics

For hippie-style clothes, mainly natural fabrics are used - cotton, linen, suede, aged denim, leather, fur. But this is not a prerequisite. Materials with the addition of synthetic fibers are quite appropriate.

A democratic attitude to the composition of clothing distinguishes the hippie trend from a similar boho style, where the main requirement is natural fabrics, desirable is the artificial origin of fur and leather.

Combinations of materials with different textures are allowed - chiffon and jeans, thin jersey and coarse knitted fabric, smooth cotton and frayed leather. Patchwork items, patches, appliques, embroidery, designs on fabric are welcome.

Hippie colors

Unisex - this is how you can characterize reckless hippies by color. In women's clothing, as in men's, bright, acidic, pastel shades in the most incredible combinations are relevant. But still, a warm natural range is more preferable:

  • brown;
  • burgundy;
  • red;
  • orange;
  • yellow;
  • green.

Cold and acidic tones are used mainly in ornaments and prints - graphic, psychedelic, floral, ethnic. Calm colors of the style - ecru, beige, light gray, complement or perform the solo part, depending on the desired result. Blue is beyond competition, since denim of all shades is the basis of the image.

A complete wardrobe, its components, combinations with other styles

Regardless of whether you want to be a hippie from head to toe, sometimes you allow yourself a bright shocking, interested in the topic from boredom or for the purpose of general development, first you need to get acquainted with the basics:

  • basic wardrobe;
  • additional elements;
  • compatibility with other styles;

The female hippie style is much more diverse than the male in terms of quantity. Quality and brightness are equally present in both. Since the girls are in the lead, let's start with them.


There are no clear rules, unambiguous priorities, definite styles, the main thing is to maintain the character of the image. Basic wardrobe for girls includes:

  • jeans;
  • skirts;
  • sundresses and dresses;
  • a variety of vests.

Jeans are acceptable both tight-fitting and loose. Moderate or severe abrasion, tears, appliqués, embroidery, patches are welcome. The main feature is the flare from the knee. Sometimes additional wedges made of contrasting or printed fabric are inserted into the leg. Jeans can be painted with inscriptions and symbols, ideally a peace cross.

The hippie style skirt resembles a gypsy one. Cut - poluklesh, trapezoid, bell, multi-tiered assembly. The preferred length is to the floor, a good option is midi, but mini hippies are rarely worn, although it is not forbidden. Skirts are often made from colored patches.

The sundress and dress do not have a clear silhouette. They are either semi-fitted flowing, or in the form of a hoodie, gathered under the breast with an elastic band, drawstring, lacing. The length and decorative elements can be chosen without restrictions, fabrics, in most cases, are printed.

There should be several vests - crocheted from large motifs, made using the macrame technique, suede with fringes, worn leather, fur. All this is worn over T-shirts, shirts, dresses, sundresses.

The basic wardrobe for women differs only in a calmer color scheme. You are young at heart, but looks can play a cruel joke, turning an aging hippie into an eccentric freak. This is not a reason to give up your favorite style, especially since you probably have experience.

How to add and how to combine

The auxiliary wardrobe consists of T-shirts without logos, plain, with embroidery, hippie symbols - images of an owl, a dream catcher, a pacific sign; shirts and blouses with psychedelic prints, boiled effect or plain linen; loose tunics with bright patterns and color transitions in the ombre style.

For cool weather, ponchos are suitable - knitted or in Argentine style, oversized coarse-knit sweaters, flying cardigans, fringed jackets. For the heat - a short top, reminiscent of a bodice from a swimsuit, and shorts - torn jeans or those in which you can go to sleep. Loose trousers - colored, monophonic, gaucho will be useful.

Loose clothes can be easily combined with each other and combined with no less colorful styles - boho, ethno, grunge, country, safari, and fits organically into everyday casual. Do not try to seek harmony, just try on, evaluate and choose what corresponds to the inner state.

Male hippie image

It doesn't matter if a teenager is a man or a grandfather, he has the right to be a hippie. The rules are the same, that is, no. The dress code is characterized by the absence of skirts and dresses, otherwise - loose T-shirts, bright shirts, shapeless sweaters, fringed jackets, bell-bottomed jeans.

And also - jewelry that has many similarities to women, and the hairstyle - long or medium tousled hair. A short-haired hippie will resemble a skinhead sent to an enemy camp for reconnaissance.

Shoes and original accessories

Choosing shoes for this look is easy. For summer, sandals with a low run are suitable - with straps, fringes, beads and other bright accents. The heel is not excluded, especially in the hippie chic style. Still, it is better to prefer a high flat sole or wedge heel. Closed version - sneakers, rough lace-up boots, high suede boots.

Accessories are the most important touch. Choose bags that are bulky, soft, or small clutches with a shoulder strap, with embroidery or fringe. Jeans belt - brown leather. It will be successfully replaced by a colorful scarf, which is worn as a headdress, and tied around the neck, on the arm, on the belt, even on the knee. Glasses - with colored lenses in the spirit of John Lennon.

Jewelry is bracelets made of wood, semi-precious stones, silver; braids made of leather, colored threads, beaded baubles, chains, amulets with laces, large beads. Earrings and rings should be with character - massive, carrying a sacred meaning or simply catchy. Previously, it was mandatory, now a hiratnik is welcome - a headband that secures the hair.

Natural Makeup and Hair

The complete absence of cosmetics is a good choice. This is exactly what the true hippies did. But times change, unkempt look is not in trend. And it's unusual to do without a make-up. Will save the ubiquitous fashion, which declared 2021 the year of naturalness.

Apply transparent make-up in sandy tones, set off the cheekbones with blush, do not paint the eyelashes or touch them slightly with mascara - the image is almost ready. You can replace the sand shadows with green or gray, highlight the eyes with shaded arrows, but the lips remain invisible.

Hairstyle is also extremely simple. The best option is straight loose hair with a burnout effect, which will help to create shatush coloring. You can braid a sloppy braid or a thin one, decorate with feathers, and tie a low tail. Tousle the short hair properly or grow it back.

It is better for middle-aged women to make a cascade or graduated bob to the collarbones, light curling and create an artificial mess with styling products. Loose long hair, if you are a little over no matter how much, can visually add several years.

What to do with a manicure is up to you, but walking with broken nails, like children of flowers, is not recommended. It is good to use transparent varnish, nudes, bright to match the clothes. If you love non-standard solutions - get a boho manicure.

The organicness of the image inside oneself and in the surrounding space

Who will go for the exalted hippie style - it is difficult to answer unequivocally... The peculiarity of this clothes is such that you do not choose it, but it you. When you look at things, there should be a feeling - this is it, mine, something that you always want to wear.

But even if this is so, walking constantly in the image will not work. The exceptions are the lucky ones, whose main habitat is bohemian, representatives of creative professions, those who can lead an absolutely free lifestyle.

Style is definitely inappropriate in the office, at an important business meeting, a gala event. It is difficult to imagine a girl in such clothes in the theater, at an anniversary or a wedding in a restaurant, on a first date, if the chosen one does not yet share the views.

But for a friendly party, a walk, a carefree vacation, an eccentric outfit will fit perfectly and will look amazing. However, be guided by the circumstances. Each case is individual, the main thing is the feeling of one's own mental comfort.

Fashionable images for personal ideas

You can read and listen a hundred times, but if you do not apply new things in practice, you will never comprehend its essence. Therefore, look at the photo, get charged with ideas and try on a slightly crazy, bright, reckless style. A cocktail of freedom and creativity requires only one secret ingredient - courage.

Beautiful hippie girl