Hourglass Body Type: How to Emphasize Natural Grace

The standard of female beauty has remained unchanged for several centuries. Lush breasts, rounded hips, wasp waist inspire artists and poets, arouse interest in the opposite sex and envy, deeply hidden or obvious, among many, less harmoniously built, representatives of the fair half of humanity.

Even the slimness imposed by fashion designers and the famous parameters 90-60-90, there is nothing more than an hourglass figure type. Happy owners of ideal forms have something to be proud of. But mistakes in choosing a wardrobe can negate all the efforts of nature. Let's figure out how Lady X can present herself in a winning light with the help of clothes, accessories, and color.

In this article:

What an hourglass figure looks like

Consider a harmonious type appearance in detail. The width of the shoulders and hips are approximately equal, the waist is narrow, the arms are of normal fullness, the slender legs. The girth of the chest can coincide with the volume of the hips or be slightly larger, but in general, the hourglass has a smaller upper body than the lower one. It is invisible due to the narrow midsection and the silhouette seems completely balanced.

Nature has perfectly calculated all the proportions. The X-silhouette figure is not even subdivided into subtypes. Women with this type of figure are slender and plump, with small and lush breasts, with long legs and a short waist, and vice versa. But all of them are united by special features:

  • the volume in the belt is 25-30% less than the coverage of the hips;
  • with weight gain, the volumes increase evenly;
  • the waist remains narrow in relation to the body in any case;
  • the legs and arms are always in proportion to the body.

By all accounts, the hourglass is an ideal figure. But it may gravitate towards a pear or an inverted triangle. Some girls would gladly trade femininity for boyish sportiness, because sometimes it is quite difficult to choose clothes for such forms. There are pros and cons, something needs to be emphasized, and some must be hidden.

Do not argue with nature, but give a little help

A slender hourglass does not need any advice or warnings. They can wear whatever they want, except for oversized clothes and baggy styles. In principle, even such liberties are not prohibited, but admiring glances will diminish, or even not at all.

The beauty of an average build should be packed harmoniously. Necessarily: emphasize the waist with a narrow or medium belt, a soft belt, chain, corset. It is better to choose clothes with darts, from flowing fabrics, graceful silhouettes, repeating the smooth curves of the body and clearly in size.

Bulky clothing will turn the X-siult into a square, tight jeans at the hips will create an unattractive cushion at the flawless waist. Do not get carried away with too wide and coarse belts, straight and masculine styles, excessive decor, which can upset the natural balance.


A full figure with a well-defined relief causes two perceptions. On the one hand, the silhouette seems fit and graceful, on the other hand, it is the narrow waist that attracts many unwanted looks to the curvaceous forms. In this case, the best choice would be semi-fitted clothing, oblique cut, blouses outside under the strap.

Choosing a wardrobe for women of type X is complicated by the fact that modern clothes are sewn mainly on rather flat figures. That is, the size fits the narrow parts of the body, and the wide ones hopelessly get stuck in it and vice versa. But if you know what to look for, you can always find a suitable option.

How to dress in the style of an hourglass

A beautiful figure should be draped so that there is nothing for an envious glance to find fault, and kind - received aesthetic pleasure. The main task is not to hide, but to demonstrate in every possible way the advantages of the type. Dressing guidelines will help you do this in the best possible way, as well as successfully spot a few feminine tricks.


This outfit claims to be the leader in the hourglass wardrobe. Elegant dresses and feminine shapes match perfectly. Models are classic, romantic, but not with a low waist. Good choice:

  • sheath dress;
  • cut-off at the waist with a flared bottom;
  • A-line with fitted bodice;
  • narrow with a pencil skirt;
  • wrap and drape;
  • safari style.

For special occasions, you can choose a bold image - an evening dress with a rigid corset.

Moderately deep neckline, open shoulders, asymmetrical draperies - yes; straight cuts - no. Shirt dress only under the belt.

Tops, blouses, sweaters

Excessive decor in the chest area for girls with a body type hourglass absolutely not required, and sometimes even contraindicated, as it makes the top heavier and introduces disharmony. Opt for simple tops with narrow straps, ties at the neck, and asymmetrical on one shoulder.

It is also recommended to wear:

  • tight knitted bodysuits;
  • blouses and men's shirts with a belt outside;
  • short sweaters and small knitted sweaters;
  • cardigans under the belt, coat-robes ;
  • Rounded and V-shaped necklines.

Oversized models - for slim fit only. It is advisable that the length of tops, cardigans and other top clothes for overweight ladies ends above or below the widest part of the hips.

Skirts for the X-silhouette

Straight classic styles look absolutely not interesting on an hourglass, and they do not suit them due to the peculiarities of the figure. A pencil skirt is a completely different matter. It perfectly accentuates the flowing curves of a graceful silhouette.

Almost any skirt cut along the bias, as well as models:

  • with a smell will be a good choice;
  • tulip;
  • year;
  • flared;
  • into an easy assembly.

The length can be absolutely any. Her choice depends only on the dress code and the beauty of the legs. The belt should tightly cover the waist; it is undesirable to wear skirts on the hips.

Trousers, jeans, shorts

Of course, trousers and overalls are suitable for the hourglass.

Body size determines which model you choose. There are no restrictions for skinny ones, but it is better not to wear shapeless sweatpants even at home, but replace them with bright or monochromatic leggings.

For girls who are moderately plump and overweight with long legs, fit tight, classic jeans and trousers that are flared from the knee, models with arrows, free from the thighs made of light fabrics, short and elongated shorts.

That is, almost any cut, provided the average fit. If your legs are short, it is better to refuse trousers or choose a length to the middle of the heel.

Jackets, jackets, coats

The optimal shape of the jacket is fitted, under the belt, mid-thigh length or shortened like a bolero. Men's cut jackets and sports blazers will not work. Models in the style of Chanel are preferable or with cut lines repeating the outlines of the silhouette.

Jackets, coats, down jackets, fur coats are selected according to the same principle. Dressing like Santa Claus is undesirable, but the hourglass figure accepts short sheepskin coats without much enthusiasm. The interests of warmth and elegance coincide in this case. An hourglass is best to choose knee-length or midi clothing for winter and cold autumn.

Beach season

There are no strict restrictions on the choice of the style of the swimsuit. There are just a few helpful tips and tricks. For small breasts, combined models with a colored top and a solid bottom are preferable. A large bust and wide hips are balanced well by monochrome colors without flashy prints.

The hourglass body type and the monokini swimsuit are made for each other. Models with triangular cups are also suitable. Long-legged ones can opt for bikinis and shorts, for others - a traditional option and a high cut on the thigh.

Anti-wardrobe or what is better to refuse

What to wear is already approximately clear, the last visual clue lies ahead. It remains to figure out without which the wardrobe will not only not suffer, but will also reach a new level.

It is not recommended to wear:

  • men's elements - denim shirts, overalls, sweatshirts;
  • clothes are not in size, both in the large and in the smaller side;
  • ruffles, flounces, frills, bows, frill in the bust area;
  • patch pockets, excess decor, other accents in the hip area;
  • collars such as a yoke, boat, high under the throat;
  • blouses, tunics, loose and baggy dresses;
  • trousers - breeches, with a low rise, with full legs - narrow.

It is undesirable for the hourglass to make the lower part of the body heavier, thereby violating the proportions of the figure. The shape of the bust and shoulders, as a rule, does not need correction, but a natural soft background. Too tight, wide, matching in tone with the clothes, belts at the waist can visually expand it. Avoid these mistakes and try to complete the image.

Ideal footwear and harmonious accessories

Suitable footwear that does not weigh down your legs is suitable for an elegant body type:

  • no sharp corners;
  • massive heels;
  • voluminous platforms and wedges;
  • unnecessary hardware.

Choice of hourglass - almond or rounded toes, open toes, dainty stilettos or stable medium heels, ballet flats, simple sandals.

The purse must correspond to its name - ladies'. Clear geometric shapes, voluminous backpacks and sacks - no, everything else - yes, without excessive enthusiasm for decor.

Jewelry is a purely personal choice. Both jewelry and bijouterie are suitable for a harmonious appearance, you just need to use the general rule. Slender - graceful, light, fancy accessories, tending to be overweight - massive, classic, abstract, blondes - light, transparent, brunettes - bright, spectacular.

The hourglass should have a lot of belts. Holders of a long waist are suitable for wide belts and bulky buckles. For ladies in the body, it is better to choose the golden mean of a contrasting color. On a short waist and miniature shapes, narrow straps and small buckles look advantageous.

Preferred fabrics: texture, color, pattern

Flowing fabrics that softly envelop the figure are what you need... Rough materials do not harmonize with a feminine silhouette, do not emphasize curves, smooth curves make them stand out, so it's better to forget about them. The actual classic combination is a light top, a dark bottom. Rounded collars, cuffs and other cut lines are preferred.

Any fabrics with a soft texture, with the addition of elastic fibers, plain or with a small floral, fantasy, abstract print will do. Peas, a narrow strip, a diagonal cell - this is all permissible geometry. Large ornaments and patterns are undesirable.

Secrets of Slimness

Hourglass women tend to gain weight, especially in the lower body, and do not like to deny themselves anything. Therefore, one cannot relax from the very beginning. As soon as your favorite skirt or trousers began to button up with difficulty, it is time to declare a boycott of carbohydrates and fats. Not immediately, but gradually and within reasonable limits.

The hourglass does not notice changes for a long time, and then excess weight appears almost suddenly. This is a feature of the organism. To cope with this will help complexes of exercises aimed at all muscle groups, walking, swimming, dancing. Sitting on a monotonous diet and staying without dinner is impossible. Eating should be enjoyable.

Hourglass stars or celebrities with the ideal body type

Don't you believe that your figure is flawless? Look at these beauties:

  • Marilyn Monroe;
  • Brigitte Bardot;
  • Gina Lollobrigida;
  • Elizabeth Taylor;
  • Catherine Deneuve;
  • Monica Bellucci;
  • Kim Kardashian;
  • Naomi Campbell;
  • Scarlett Johansson;
  • Melanie Griffiths.
  • ​​

They are all completely different, someone became a symbol of beauty in the last century, some are successful and in demand now.

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Yes, they are famous, but in fact they are ordinary women who know how to be grateful to nature for a generous gift - a beautiful figure. Learn to appreciate yourself in any way.