How to celebrate the New Year 2022: in what colors, styles and outfits

New Year's mood is already in the air: shop windows and shopping centers are dressed up, and festive garlands are already lit in houses. We, as girls, are, of course, worried about the question: how to celebrate the New Year 2022?

Since all people are divided into two categories: who believe in horoscopes and who do not believe in them, we will divide this article into two parts. First, a little for astrology fans, and then just for fashionistas.

In this New Year's article:

What to meet to please the symbol of the New Year?

According to the Chinese horoscope, the Tiger is a symbol of the New Year 2022. The tiger is not simple, but the Blue Water. Therefore, it is worth celebrating the holiday in the following colors:

  • blue and blue,

  • black,

  • 50 shades of gray,
  • all possible shades of brown,

  • beige, pale peach,
  • all shades of white (cream, ecru, champagne),
  • silver metallic,
  • gold metallic.

  • tiger print (where can we go without it this year?!!). However, be careful, add it to the image in a very dosage, so as not to look vulgar.

Some of the colors are dictated by the “material” of the totem (white metallic). And part of it is borrowed from the real Tiger: the fur of the animal is so variegated.

Astrologers claim that the symbol of the next year does not like red New Year's outfits, as well as aggressive animal prints (leopard, snake, etc.).

But if you do not believe in horoscopes, meet in whatever your heart desires. The main thing is to choose the right style.

Fashionable dresses for the New Year 2022

But last New Year we saw the dominance of double-sided sequins. Now they have given way to the usual one-sided, but metallic is present in almost any outfit. And this is not the pretentiousness of the 90s, but the restrained coldness of the new season. The styles of shiny dresses are very simple and laconic:

  • wrap dresses (short and long);
  • sheath dress.

Not shiny New Year's dresses presented in styles with frills and ruffles, flying silhouettes, as well as two-layer models, in which one layer is transparent, and the other is not. In general, look at the photo and choose what you will wear!

And what to wear if there is no dress?

Dress is not the most demanded item in the wardrobe. Taking into account that it is put on only for the new year (and maybe even in a restaurant or theater), the rationality of buying it for many is a big question. If you are a supporter of practicality, then you can do without it altogether, but at the same time look no less impressive. There are a lot of alternative options today.

Evening jumpsuits

If you choose a non-shiny, elegant model, it will be quite useful for you both for work and office, and for visiting the exhibition.


In the year before last, women's costumes became a necessity, then there was a costume boom, which still does not decline. And what? Nice, stylish, comfortable. Current models are straight cut, not fitted. You can choose both the glitter version and the usual basic version, and put on an elegant top under it.

Shiny skirt and top

The beauty of this combination is that both items can then be worn separately. This means that the number of sets in your wardrobe will only increase.

Shiny top and regular skirt or pants

Same thing, just the opposite:)

Other smart options:

In general, you can even celebrate the New Year in jeans. The main thing is that the mood is cool, and all the bad things fall off by themselves and remain in the last year:) Happy holiday!

Photo ideas

It is best to celebrate the New Year with a glass of champagne. And what is not so important:)