How to choose a hat for a coat in color and style? Photo ideas 2021/2022!

How to choose a hat to a coat? A perennial question for many girls and women. And at the same time, there is nothing complicated in it. Pour some tea, girls, now we'll tell you everything!:)

So, usually, in this case there are two difficulties:

  • A) with a style;
  • B) with color.

Let's figure it out from the beginning with the first.

How to choose a hat style?

Gone are the days when attention was paid to the compatibility of things for the season: sandals could not be worn with a woolen dress, and a warm fur hat with an autumn coat. Now you won't surprise anyone with slippers with a down jacket, the main thing is that you feel comfortable! Therefore, everything is possible: a warm hat with an autumn coat or a thin hat with a fur coat.

But still hats, berets, caps and baseball caps are an option for autumn. And for warmer weather, it is wiser to choose a warm knitted hat or a fur hat.

Speaking of fur options. You will look extravagant in them. Such a hat is quite noticeable, therefore, inevitably, it becomes the heart of the image. In this case, you need to pay special attention to the fact that the style of the coat is relevant. Otherwise, you risk turning from an extravagant fashionista into an aunt from the USSR. And there is nothing wrong with that either, especially if you like retro style:) The main thing is that you do it consciously.

So, for winter and autumn coats are suitable:

  • Knitted hats;
  • Baseball caps;
  • Kepi;
  • Berets;
  • Fur models (for example, a playful hat with earflaps).

As for knitted hats, in cold regions it is best to buy a hat made of natural fibers: viscose (conditionally natural), wool, angora, etc.

If you want to protect yourself from the wind, look for models with the so-called “Windstopper”. This is a protective insert inside the product, which has wind-blowing properties. Usually these beanies are sold in sports stores.

Models of knitted hats are various:

  • Dwarfs with large knitting,
  • Cockerels
  • Beanie,
  • With a lapel,
  • With a bright and perky pompom,
  • Other fashionable hats...

Choose according to your taste and color! Speaking of color.

How to choose the color of the cap to the coat?

It all depends on what effect you want to achieve in your image.

  • If calm, confident and stable, choose neutral headwear colors: beige, white, cream, gray, or the same color as your coat, but slightly darker or slightly lighter.

By the way, crystal white or black colors of hats are very rare.

The fact is that the hats are close to the face, which means they reflect their color on it. So a black hat is able to lay shadows in wrinkles, and a pure white one - to highlight skin imperfections and redness. Therefore, instead of white, it is better to pay attention to cream, and instead of black - to light gray shades.

  • Want a more cheerful combination? Take the color that is next to the color of your coat on the color wheel. For example, for a yellow coat, this would be a green or orange hat.
  • If you want to be visible from afar, choose a hat, the color of which is on the opposite side of the color wheel. For yellow, it will be purple (see image below, top left circle). Other color schemes can be used.

For more details about the combination of colors, we talked in the article how to choose a hat for a down jacket, so we won't repeat here. The main thing to remember is that absolutely all colors are combined with each other. Don't believe me? Follow the link above, the evidence is there. And we go further and admire interesting and unusual combinations of colored hats with red, green, blue, beige, gray, black, yellow and purple coats!

Get ideas and don't forget to save a couple of images to Pinterest! We wish you a stylish and comfortable winter!

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