How to dress for senior retirees? Age is not a hindrance to style!

If it was possible to write this article in one sentence, then we would write this: “Elderly need to dress the same way as women 30-40 years old, excluding vulgar and tight things". On this one could disagree, but still, let's get more detailed from this moment.

Old age has its own peculiarities: not everyone has retained a good figure, and things that restrain movement cause discomfort. The financial side of the fashion issue is also very important.

How should older people dress?

Are all colors equally useful?

For some reason, elderly ladies in our country gravitate in clothes of black, gray and dark brown colors, which is absolutely impossible to do at this elegant age. On the contrary, you need to choose clothes of light, cream, pastel colors.

The fact is that any clothing “reflects” its color on the face. Literally reflects. The rays of light hit the clothes, then are reflected and hit the face.

If the garment is dark, but the face is tinted with an earthy hue, the shadows in the wrinkles become deeper and darker. And we want the opposite effect. Light-colored clothes will brighten and refresh the face. In addition, you will favorably differ among your peers:)

Give preference:

  • cream,
  • blue,
  • light beige,
  • light salad,
  • light yellow.

Be careful with pure white. It suits very few people. Most often, against the background of all this dazzling whiteness, the face does not look very healthy.

You don't need to know the types of types to determine exactly which shade is right for you. Do a simple test. Try using different colored clothing or fabrics. You will see that in some shades you look fresher, but in others it is the other way round: somehow unhealthy. Choose the first shades and the result will pleasantly surprise you!

What else should you avoid?

Classic “old lady” prints. With prints at an elegant age, you generally need to be extremely careful not to age yourself.

Good option:

  • plain fabric or fabric with a barely noticeable print;
  • small cell (contrasting or non-contrasting);
  • low contrast stripe;
  • Herringbone print.

Definitely bad option:

  • floral print on a dark or black background;
  • dark purple with any print;
  • black with gold or silver;
  • gold or silver print;
  • any shiny fabric (with or without print).

Successful styles

With age, our body undergoes changes and we do not always want to demonstrate these changes to others. To bring the figure closer to the previous forms, choose clothes that will “make the figure”. Hangers, reasonably hard fabrics, jackets, coats, etc. That is, everything that will not tightly fit your figure showing every fold, but on the contrary, will “build a suluet”

Avoid fancy styles. If you see some kind of turn-down collar with flowers on things, intricate folds, frills, ruffles, etc., then it is better to leave it on the store shelf. Firstly, it will go out of fashion very quickly, and secondly, at an elegant age, the simpler a thing in style, the better.

Be careful with knitwear. They are often associated with old ladies rather than elegant older ladies. The exception is plain sweaters and cardigans.

Basic wardrobe

I must say that every woman will have her own basic wardrobe, depending on her activity, lifestyle and climatic region. Here is an approximate minimum list of good basic things. You don't have to have all of these things.

  1. blouse ;
  2. banana trousers, dress trousers or culottes ;
  3. plain sweater;
  4. long skirt;
  5. jacket (or suit);
  6. tracksuit;
  7. coat ;
  8. down jacket ;
  9. autumn boots;
  10. winter boots;
  11. hat (see link how to choose a hat for a down jacket );
  12. shopping bag.

Let's talk about the style of the elderly

Most often, older women fall into two extremes: either turn into inconspicuous black and gray mice, or dress brightly and inappropriately, like parrots. Both have the right to exist. After all, who are we to tell grown ladies how to dress?

But still, if if you want to look appropriate and be positively appreciated by others, then you should not go to these extremes. Clothing should be calm, but light, simple in style, elegant.

See better examples, and make your own image. And do not forget, the most important thing is not fashion, but moderate physical activity, health and good mood!

How to dress for retirees