How to dress for women after 50 years?

Why do women ask this question? Why is the number 50 so remarkable? Model Cindy Joseph proves nothing. You can look amazing at any age! Here is a photo of this amazing woman and her outfits, as well as a video interview with her.

Cindy insists on dressing modestly, rigorously and elegantly. The figure is no longer the same as in his youth, but behind him is a great life experience, developed taste and wisdom. The most important thing is not to lose your self-esteem. As Mademoiselle Coco Chanel once said: "You don't have to be beautiful and young to look great."

Immediately it is necessary to say "no" to shapeless trousers and jackets of indistinct color.

Fabrics should be of better quality and more expensive. Cotton, linen, wool, silk, dyed in noble, classic colors. It is necessary to exclude catchy finishes such as sequins, beads, rhinestones. A small pattern on the fabric is undesirable, as well as huge rhombuses, squares, circles.

Clothes should be comfortable, not restrict movement, then you will feel free and natural. Anything can be worn, but adjusted for age. The safest option is a dress. Length - to the middle of the knee or just behind the knee. The volume of the figure will hide behind the soft folds of the dress.

The classic version is blouse and skirt. Small ruffles, chill molds, frills are suitable for decoration. A straight skirt or loose-fitting trousers go well with such a blouse.

Do not forget about jeans, straight or flared. You will have to give up leggings and capri pants.

It is advisable for full ladies to adhere to the classic direction in choosing an outfit. But in no case should you buy clothes 2 sizes larger. The bag hasn't painted anyone yet. A great option is a vest. It is able to mask the shapes that you intend to hide and gives proportionality to the figure. Light colors will suit everyone. It is advisable to avoid depressed colors - purple, brown.

Special attention to the handbag. Austere lines, minimal finishing - that's what women after 50 require.

Make-up is an important part of the image. It is advisable to apply cosmetics in moderation. It is important to pay close attention to caring cosmetics - creams, tonics, masks, lotions.

But the most important thing in the look of a fifty-year-old lady is her hairstyle. When choosing a hair dye, remember that its color should differ from natural by no more than 2 tones. It is advisable to select the shape of the haircut in accordance with the type of face.

If you follow the principles of moderation in the choice of clothes, focus on elegance, you can always look great.

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