How to dress stylishly for full girls and women?

Attractiveness for a woman is one of the main themes. From the romper to the shroud, the elegance of the outfit and the impression that is made on those around them is at the forefront for the beautiful daughters of Eve. Neither nationality nor complexion matters. All women have a zest, only it needs to be properly formalized. Let's figure out how to dress properly overweight girls with significant advantages?

How to choose the right clothes full?

It's no secret that our emotions are directly perceived by others. If the blouse is too tight or squeezes the belt of the skirt, then the woman loses her self-confidence. So is it worth tightening a chic body in tight, like a glove things? Will this create a feeling of comfort for the beauty? Of course not. It is advisable to choose an outfit so that you feel confident.

The size must be waist to tail. Small will not reduce the volumes, but only emphasize them. Large - will hang like a rag. Both options do not look neat.

Colors for curvy ladies

If a girl cannot demonstrate thin legs or a flat stomach, then you should just play with other moments. Any beauty has a lot of them, you just need to look at yourself in the mirror. Choose colors that are in harmony with the skin of your face (according to your color type). This always makes the image complete and sophisticated. You can just go to the store and try on several versions of the same model. You will see how important color is!

It is better for overweight women to wear clothes that do not create a clear framework. It is worth achieving such an impression that the one who is looking at you does not perceive you as a clear figure. Pastel, dull colors blur the image somewhat, making it more delicate and weightless. This produces the effect of reducing the shapes.

Do not forget about knitwear

If knitted items often visually add kilograms, then thin jersey that flows freely over the body on the contrary, it creates the effect of a waterfall. The gaze freely glides over your figure, lingering only on “interesting” places. You can also add a large detail in the form of a bright decoration, then the fullness will elude the view of the observer.

If you like knitted things, then make it a rule to use elements made with crochet or knitting needles in the decor of outfits. For example, a patterned coquette will sharpen the viewer's attention "exactly where it is needed."

Can bulky things be worn full?

Who forbids? If the clothes are made of soft fabrics of "light" airy color, then fat girls will not be burdened. On the contrary, look, the figure becomes light, flying. Volumetric things, selected correctly, create the effect of a "slender" figure. This is especially helpful for women of above average height. Little beauties should be more careful when choosing bulky items.

Plus size dresses

Naturally, this is the most feminine outfit! Chubby people try to avoid it in vain. So that harmony does not cause doubts, you just need to correctly place accents. So, for example, accentuate the waist with a dress cut or additional detail.

The same "distraction" can be a voluminous collar or a colorful set.

Features of the choice of outerwear

A well-composed ensemble, based on the correct combination of colors, will make your image so cute that no one will care about your imaginary flaws will not pay attention. Choose a short jacket to match the dress. If you want contrast, then you need elongated models of outerwear. You should not visually "cut" the body. All details should flow into one another.

And in no case should you deny yourself fashionable styles and light colors! Lovely girls, dress beautifully and stylishly, because you are beautiful!

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