How to wear a women's leather biker jacket?

A leather jacket always looks modern, it attracts attention, helps to look young and stylish. If earlier this element of clothing said that its owner has a strong character and she loves the game of adrenaline in the blood, now it can be used to create many diverse and feminine images.

For a business lady

It would seem that leather jackets are incompatible with a business style, but this is not so. If you do not talk about catchy options with stripes in the form of skulls, but choose a model in a calm color scheme: beige or, for example, gray, you can create an impeccable image of a business lady. And while looking stern and feminine.

Models made of leather in the style of minimalism are in good harmony with the following elements of clothing:

  • skirts;
  • classic costumes;
  • tailored trousers and culottes ;
  • blouses;
  • dresses;
  • women's shirts.

Beautiful stiletto heels will be an effective addition to the look.

Non-boring everyday life and Boho style

An interesting composition is obtained when combined with shorts, for example, denim, when the color of a jacket-jacket in texture and color will be combined with a belt. The combination with jeans looks perfect. To emphasize femininity, choose shoes with high heels under these outerwear.

Many people like the "boho" direction - a mix of hippie style and bohemians. You need to be confident in your choice and be ready to attract attention.

Leather jackets can be combined with blouses decorated with ethnic prints and fluffy long skirts. As a complement, choose ethnic-style jewelry.

Military style leather jackets

This style is hard to imagine without leather jackets. "Biker jacket" is combined with jeans or khaki skirts. Choose from Camouflage Sweatshirts and Boots to complete the look.

But not everyone likes such an aggressive image, it can be softened by combining this outerwear in an army style with a white shirt and dark trousers. This composition is perfectly complemented by high-heeled shoes. In this outfit, girls feel confident and attractive.

Romance and youth style

If you like feminine images, pick up a skirt or dress in pastel colors under the jacket. Things with floral, animalistic or geometric patterns look spectacular. The combination of things that seem to be little compatible with each other, for example, a leather jacket and a chiffon floor-length dress, creates amazing looks, ideal for romantic dates.

Combinations with T-shirts and T-shirts, with jumpers for jeans look stylish. Sports shoes or, on the contrary, with high heels. Bright scarves and hats will add uniqueness and originality to your look.

Color Harmonization

Designers offer models in a variety of color variations and it is not always easy to combine them. The most versatile black, it is organically combined with a wide variety of wardrobe items and accessories.

Brown models are the second most popular. Such a jacket may well become a basic detail in a wardrobe; it goes well with beige, yellow and red things.

A beige jacket will go well with many things, it looks feminine and elegant.

Glamor lovers often focus on pink models, they go well with light jeans and look smart. This color is more suitable for young ladies, but an older lady, having picked up a noble shade, will look good in a pink leather jacket. White models also look interesting, they, along with black ones, are combined with almost all elements of clothing, they look expensive and feminine.

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Shoes and accessories that match the leather jacket

When creating an ensemble with a leather jacket, it is not necessary to limit the selection to only leather boots, models and styles of shoes can be very diverse, but it is important that they are combined with other elements of clothing. Now you can combine a leather jacket with open shoes, earlier this combination was considered bad form:)

When choosing accessories, consider the overall style of the ensemble. As a rule, a leather jacket fits the waist tightly, thereby predetermining the choice of a laconic combination. A good addition would be a scarf, earrings, watches, sun glasses - if you go for a walk in sunny weather.

To emphasize grace and play in contrasts, choose short, thin dresses and high-heeled shoes under the jacket. Pair this outerwear with Skinny Jeans if you're planning a walk with your friends (for a stylish ensemble with models embellished with a variety of scuffs).

Let the new leather jacket fit perfectly into your wardrobe and be another proof of your impeccable taste.

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