How to wear ankle boots in the fashion season 2021/2022?

Ankle boots were worn by European aristocrats and graduates of Smolny, they were in fashion until the end of the 19th century. In England they were called "ankle shoes" which literally translates as "ankle shoes". These shoes are very stylish and capable of giving elegance and grace to even a modest suit with ordinary jeans.

Today, these shoes are again at the height of fashion. They are even more popular than boots, as they are easier to combine with different clothes, pants and skirts. Ankle boots can be shoes for every day and will successfully replace evening shoes. You can pick up models for any season, they come with fur, for winter, or completely open, for summer, but they are best suited for the off-season.

Fashionable ankle boots 2021/2022

Fashionable ankle boots in 2021/2022 are very diverse: there are almost masculine and very feminine models as low as shoes and high as ankle boots. Mostly high heels, it can be a stiletto heel (for evening models), a straight and “thick” stable heel or a heel that tapers to the bottom, heels of an original shape and a very popular wedge heel.

They can be executed from different materials, but the most fashionable are: patent leather (such models can be in bright colors or with "predatory" prints), suede, leather "python", for the evening version - fabric or lace. They can be with or without lacing, with all kinds of trimmings, buckles and even bows. A very fashionable style today - with an open toe.

With what clothes should these models be combined?

Ankle boots (especially with high heels) are very suitable for short girls with beautiful legs. Tall and leggy ones can afford a fashionable option - with socks or leggings. If your feet are not quite ideal, then wear ankle boots with maxi skirts or trousers. With a mini length, tall models look best.

Models with open toes go well with tight tights. If you are not afraid to be extravagant, then you can wear bright tights with them. For the evening, you should choose thin tights with different effects and embellishments.

Ankle boots with fur trim are best worn with trousers. In general, all models of these shoes go well with narrow trousers at the bottom (for example, breeches trousers) and jeans. Skirts are especially suitable; tulip, pencil length midi and mini, long godet model and pleated skirts, fluffy and skirts of any length. It is good to wear these shoes with a long skirt with a high slit.

These shoes are best suited for things with a complex cut, for example; various draperies and skirts with frills and ruffles, asymmetric and uneven edges of clothing, jackets and sheepskin coats with draped floors, vintage clothing.

What do you usually wear these shoes with?


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For autumn walks around the city in an elegant English style, wear ankle boots with a cashmere coat or jacket, pleated skirt.

For a more relaxed ensemble, choose a patterned, jacquard knit jacket or pullover and jeans. From additions: a tote bag made of genuine leather or linen.

Ankle boots (especially with lacing) are perfect for romantic dresses with frills, “doll” dresses with fluffy skirts, ideally complementing the image of a gentle princess. The best length for such a skirt is knee-length.

For dancing or cocktails, you can wear bright, lacquered models, with them we will wear a silk dress or a fur vest of the same color. Trendy, shiny dresses pair well with neutral black shoes.

What to wear with ankle boots - it's up to you! Such shoes are undoubtedly a worthy purchase for any wardrobe!