How to wear palazzo pants to look chic?

Over the past few years, Palazzo trousers have been on the runways and are considered the hit of the season. The fabric flowing to the floor gives the image a sophistication, but at the same time emphasizes the freedom and relaxedness of the wearer. Trousers are able to conquer the most demanding women's hearts. This is a kind of revenge for several decades of oblivion. Let's see what the secret of success is and how to wear such beautiful things in order to look amazing in them.

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What are Palazzo pants and their features

The Palazzo got its unusual name thanks to Italian fashion designer Emilio Pucci. It was he who put on his models in the middle of the last century long wide-leg trousers with a high waist and demonstrated their unique beauty. The event took place in an Italian palazzo called Pitti, which served as the basis for the name of the pants.

The unusual combination of a narrow waist with wide legs was picked up and embodied in the wardrobes of many famous women. Marlene Dietrich is considered one of the fans of this style; in her honor, the pants are sometimes called Marlene. Her models necessarily had pockets in which hands could fit freely while posing in front of the cameras.

Modern Palazzo is characterized by the following features:

  • high waist,
  • wide leg,
  • long, almost half-length.

In the office version, the trousers can be narrower and fit the hips. But their main feature is their length. It should reach the floor, or cover at least half the heel. Pants that are not long enough in combination with wide trousers will rise when walking, open part of the leg and destroy all the charm of an impeccable image. This feature must be foreseen when constructing a pattern.

Selection rules

Stylish palazzo should be of sufficient length. Due to their elongated silhouette, they are considered ideal clothing for tall women, they are able to emphasize their slimness, and the loose wide cut of the lower part gives the figure a lightness.

For thin and short women

Palazzo make the hips visually wider, which allows thin women to visually increase their volume and at the same time hide the legs, especially if their shape is far from ideal. You can visually add a few centimeters of height due to the high heel and the selection of shoes to match the color of wide trousers. It is better to give preference to monochromatic models.

For obese women

For obese women, there is no need to emphasize the hips and make them visually more bulky. In this case, it is best to wear trousers with a flare from the middle of the thigh. These models are widely used among office workers.

Correct selection of fabric will help to make the figure lighter. The flowing matter will smoothly fit the figure, emphasize its curves. The dense fabric that holds its shape looks rough and adds volume.


In order for the figure not to turn out to be transversely "cut" and wider, you should not make the upper and lower parts of the wardrobe contrasting. It is more reasonable to use a stripe, but always vertical, as a drawing on the Palazzo.

Age and style

These pants are more suitable for young romantic ladies, but the pants have no age restrictions. Rather, wide trousers are worn by those who are young at heart. In its style of performance, the Palazzo is close to the classical one. But due to the pattern or the fabric used in the design of the models, it is permissible to manufacture in a less strict style, for example, ethnic.

What can you wear the Palazzo with to look stylish?

The palazzo itself is a wide, eye-catching wardrobe item. They will look organic with a more modest top without aggravating elements.

Top selection

The outer garment must be short or tucked into the pants, it is imperative that it does not interfere with the Palazzo to emphasize the waistline. This can be a short jacket, a waist-length blouse, or a knotted shirt. It goes well with fashionable pants a T-shirt or T-shirt, a tight-fitting blouse, a turtleneck, a thin jumper.

Does not fit wide pants decorations for the upper part of the wardrobe in the form of flounces, prints. In terms of color, discreet calm tones are preferred, especially if they are combined with a bright bottom.

Choice of shoes

For trousers as large as the Palazzo, stiletto heels will feel too light to wear. This look is harmoniously complemented by shoes with more stable heels or wedges. Tall girls can also afford ballet flats, only they must be completely covered with Palazzo trousers. In this case, you need to be prepared that the bottom of the stylish pants will constantly touch the ground.

Accessories and makeup

Palazzo gained their great popularity precisely for their ability to emphasize and make feminine and sophisticated originally masculine thing. Additions to the image should be feminine, so as not to destroy the created image. For this, preference is given to small accessories and details of the image: small bags and clutches, thin belts, light jewelry, all kinds of chains and long earrings.

Make-up does not belong to the wardrobe, but when applying it, it is worth considering several features. The trousers themselves, due to their style, attract a lot of attention, makeup should not be flashy, preference is given to natural restrained colors.

Fashion trends 2021-2022

2021 is declared a year of calmness and harmony in fashion, probably to balance everything else. Preference for Palazzo trousers is given to plain, smooth colors, only the most confident girls can experiment and add ethnic motifs or small patterns from flowers. In order not to clutter up the image, in this case, preference is given to a monochromatic top.

Fashionable photo-images

Palazzo is a safe option for creating a modern look. They can be worn on dates, meeting friends, attending youth hangouts and strict offices.

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