How to wear women's moccasins? Photos of new products 2022

Moccasins are very comfortable and versatile shoes made entirely of genuine leather. Having put them on once, it is very difficult for women to refuse it in the future. These shoes can be worn every day, combined with different clothes depending on the occasion.

Moccasins originated from the North American Indians. They were distributed throughout North America, with the exception of some Northwest Coast tribes and Californians. Then the fashion for these shoes came to Europe and has survived to this day. It was made from the skin of a bison. Depending on the characteristics of the terrain in which the moccasins were worn, the soles were made of different rigidity. The inhabitants of the forest area preferred shoes with softer soles, the inhabitants of the plains preferred the soles of thicker, since they had to protect their feet from cacti and stones.

How did this shoe come about?

A white man first tried moccasins in America in the 1930s. Since that time, almost all factories have started producing these shoes. She instantly gained popularity! Moccasins are soft and lightweight, they can be quickly put on and off, there is no need to untie and tie your shoelaces. Moreover, the feet felt cozier and cooler in them than in shoes and sneakers. The production technology has remained practically unchanged.

Nowadays, moccasins are made by pulling a leather upper onto the last from the bottom and stitching it with a seam at the top. Manual operations are allowed, the sole is often made of rubber or leather, sometimes rubber. The presence of an open seam is obligatory around the instep, the "tongue" is often decorated with fringes, tassels or a crossbar. The most common material for making moccasins is calfskin. They also use the skin of a python, alligator, pony, antelope, deer, wild boar.

What clothes will moccasins wear in 2022?

Before you go shopping for 2022 models, decide what purpose you need them for. Of course, all moccasins are comfortable and beautiful, but some models are more suitable for the beach, others for evening dress, and still others will be indispensable for a morning run. Depending on the color, finish and style of moccasins, these shoes can be worn for a shopping trip, a business meeting, a reception, a city tour or the beach. These are not formal shoes, but at the same time they are not sports shoes.

They should be paired with any casual summer clothing: jeans (tight or loose), shorts, shirts, shirts and light blazers. With a suit, they are appropriate only if you have the opportunity to get out of the car and change into shoes of a more business style. It is very convenient to keep them in the car and change shoes before the trip. Suede models are simply irreplaceable on vacation! They are often performed in soothing colors and decorated with fringes.

Recently, moccasins with brown fringes are very popular. Moccasins are an integral part of a wardrobe in the boho style (this is a style that combines a mixture of hippies, folklore, ethnic and gypsy clothing, military ). They are not inferior to them only ugg boots, which have become the most familiar footwear in this style. Combine this shoe with shorts and a tops, or in cool weather you can put on a jacket or knit cardigan.

A bag and a pendant are suitable accessories. The shoes are perfect to go with any casual wear. Jeans, T-shirts (short or long sleeves), shorts, dresses, tunics in chiffon and lightweight fabrics can all be worn with moccasins. Slightly rolled jeans and a light shirt look great with such shoes. It is better not to combine suede moccasins with a business style; for this case, leather shoes in dark colors are more suitable.

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