Inverted Triangle Body Type: Runway Silhouette

The external feminine appearance determines not the physique, but the style. Imperfections are good because they give us our individuality. The shape type triangle by its name declares some angularity. In fact, it is a sporty silhouette, the proportions of which are very easy to adjust by placing accents in the right places.

Imagine a fashion show from a famous couturier. Most designers prefer fashion models with this type of appearance. They are sometimes called hangers, but not because of excessive thinness, but because the clothes on these girls fit perfectly. So, we forget about the complexes, consider ourselves a goddess or just a beauty and learn to create images for the triangle figure.

In this article:

Inverted triangle shape in pure and mixed form

Sometimes it is quite difficult to determine the type of shape. Nature abhors monotony, and even twins are somewhat different from each other. But it is better not to blame genetics, but to find your strengths or weaknesses and correctly dispose of this information.

Features that make you doubtless that you are a true inverted triangle:

  • straight shoulders, much wider than the hips;
  • sufficiently strong torso, medium or large chest;
  • poorly defined waist;
  • narrow pelvis, flat buttocks;
  • long legs.

If you look like a slender youth, a champion swimmer, or a police commissioner from Hollywood movies, there is no doubt that this is an inverted triangle figure.

Sometimes the characteristic features of the type are somewhat blurred. Not too broad shoulders give the appearance of a rectangle, a noticeable belly - with apple, narrow waist - with hourglass. The triangular-type figure cannot be confused with only a pear, because the main distinguishing feature is the shoulder girdle wider than the hips. Moreover, a woman can be both thin and fat.

A lot of pluses and one minus

Short or long torso and legs, small or large breasts are found in all types of appearance. Do not consider this a personal tragedy, but focus on what is inherent only in your appearance.

The main advantage of a triangular figure is external tightness. The main thing is not to slouch and remember to keep your back straight. Other important pluses:

  • neat hips;
  • slender legs;
  • the presence of the waist or the effect of its presence;
  • sporty, not sluggish anorexic or shapeless.

You should be proud of this and feel free to demonstrate. Someone considers broad shoulders a disadvantage, someone is quite happy with them. In any case, you should not add volume to this part of the body, but you can emphasize the beautiful shape.

The only minus of the inverted triangle is the imbalance between the upper massive and lower small parts of the body. It gives a light touch of masculinity. If you strive for femininity, you just need to choose clothes that will make your appearance harmonious.

How to dress beautifully, stylishly and correctly?

Having any figure, you cannot look like a man in a skirt, and even more so in trousers. Dress recommendations will be simple. The choice in any part of the wardrobe is quite extensive. What to wear is determined by you, we only advise.


Girls with triangle body type often prefer sportswear. But you cannot completely abandon dresses and skirts. Moreover, they need to be worn often and with pleasure. It is this wardrobe item that is considered the most feminine and gives graceful roundness to the forms.

Dress styles suitable for you:

  • shirt cut;
  • safari style;
  • models with a smell;
  • A-silhouette;
  • with a flared skirt;
  • sheath dresses with peplum;
  • with colored inserts that simulate the X-silhouette;
  • straight lines are not too voluminous.

For solemn and special occasions, an evening dress in the Greek style is suitable. Just do not confuse it with the Empire style. These models, just need to be wary of. Lavish draping from your chest can turn you into a square. Any asymmetry looks good - one sleeve, an open shoulder, a smell, a pattern, a large bow or an off-center decoration.

Tops, shirts, blouses, sweaters

Figure the triangle requires changing the classic combination "white top - black bottom" exactly the opposite. Choose tops in dark tones with an American armhole or wide straps. Narrow, like a light color, focus on unwanted volumes. Avoid prints, especially all-over small, shiny fabrics, bright decor.

Laconic blouses with draperies, slouchy, V-neck, long bow at the neck will do. Blousons and tunics are also your option. A good choice would be a shirt in a man's cut, plain or with longitudinal stripes. A not fully buttoned and slightly raised collar will create vertical dynamics and divide the line of the shoulders.

Sweaters and sweaters are preferable from thin, but dense knitwear, with a zipper or a through fastener. Desirable length - to mid-thigh. Too short will divide the figure into two unequal parts. Cardigans with raglan sleeves or dropped shoulders are best worn open. Don't get carried away with oversized collars, hoods are fine.

Jeans, trousers, shorts

As soon as the inverted triangle is not called - wine glass, carrot, strawberry. But, perhaps, the most capacious definition is the trouser type. That is, in this part of the wardrobe, almost everything will suit you:

  • jeans - boyfriends, pipes, ripped, classic;
  • trousers - cropped, tapered, flared from the hip and knee, palazzo, chinos, breeches;
  • shorts - mini, bermuda, gaucho;
  • pants - Afghani, cargo, harem pants.

Only leggings and skinny are not quite appropriate, especially for full inverted triangles. If you prefer these models, let them be with bright prints, decor, scuffs. It is advisable to choose trousers in light colors, but classic dark ones are not forbidden either.


Show off beautiful legs - indulge in innocent pleasure. All kinds of skirts will help with this.

Your styles:

  • pleats and pleats;
  • half and full flares;
  • trapezoid;
  • tulip;
  • straight and oblique in the cage;
  • with a basque;
  • pencil.

The length can be any. A floor-length skirt with a high slit looks spectacular. Prints, flounces, frills are welcome. It is advisable to choose a classic waist fit.


Jackets require special care in choosing. They should not be too tight, short, with a pronounced shoulder line. Chanel-style models are suitable, semi-adjacent, with a one-button closure, with a peplum, belt or belt. Avoid overly masculine jackets.

This open-necked coat will be the highlight of your look. You can also consider options:

  • semi-fitted single-breasted with a jacket collar;
  • straight cut with and without a belt;
  • flared from the waist;
  • oversized with raglan sleeves, tapered from top to bottom;
  • cocoon.

Shoulder straps, epaulettes, other decor on the shoulders - not yours element. Like the classic trench coat. If cloak, then flared under the belt. But jackets are suitable for a classic cut, for dynamic looks - a leather jacket, a bomber jacket.

How to dress in a harsh winter? - of course in fur coats. Choose from autolady models, cocoons, straight, flared, with a hood, a stand-up collar and a jacket. But ditch the intricate piles of fur around the neck and sleeves. The length depends on the height. Tall - any, petite - short and medium.


Want to be the queen on the beach - choose swimwear with a strap or strapless at all. Pay attention to the interesting model of the hipster bodice, shaped like a top with an American armhole.

Swim trunks are best worn with a wide side part, with ties, draperies or side decor. Overweight with caution, and slender girls can and should wear sports swimwear. Sometimes it is difficult to find a size due to the difference in chest and hip measurements. Look for stores that allow unpacking swimwear.

What to say “no”

You can choose the perfect style of clothes if you clearly remember what should not be in the wardrobe of the inverted triangle. Strictly prohibited:

  • any shoulder pads;
  • yoke collars;
  • Large lapels;
  • ruffles, flounces, prints in the upper part of clothing;
  • narrow straps;
  • boat neckline;
  • puff sleeves;
  • loose robes.

It's in the closet - sell it, donate it, dispose of it in any way and make room for new outfits.


  • short tops;
  • clothing that is too tight;
  • oversized style;
  • tight dark trousers;
  • square cutouts;
  • transverse strip at the top;
  • frank mini.

Whether such things are appropriate or not depends on personal characteristics. Use common sense and a sense of style.

Shoes and accessories

You should always have a bright accent in the lower body, distracting attention from the voluminous top. Therefore, it is permissible and even preferable to choose shoes of non-standard colors or with a catchy decor. Too high hairpin is undesirable. A stable heel and wedge heel are much more relevant.

Flat sole - yes:

  • original ballet flats;
  • sandals with rhinestones, fringes, straps;
  • high boots with buckles;
  • boots with spikes.

Stylish classics are also honored. The main thing is that the shoes do not go unnoticed.

The bag should be large enough, but not shapeless. The best choice is a geometric model with rounded edges, a non-aggressive design, embossed leather or printed. For lovers of small handbags - a rectangular clutch.

Wear loose-fitting thin scarves, long beads and chains, stud or elongated earrings, large jewelry on the hands. Wide belts with eye-catching buckles at the hips are a good addition. It is better to emphasize the waist with a narrow belt.

Fabrics: texture, pattern, color

For the top, soft, flowing fabrics are preferable, for the bottom - dense, textured, with a printed pattern. Place the color accents correctly. Everything is light below, dark above. This does not mean that bright colors should be avoided. Just follow a simple rule: blouses, tops, jackets should be darker than skirts and trousers.

Leave small prints alone. Large drawings are relevant for you, but they are located below the waist. Bright skirts, trousers with embroidery, jeans with scuffs and rhinestones, combined dresses, spectacular trim on the hem - this is beautiful and makes your figure harmonious. Don't be afraid to express your personality.

Physical activity and nutrition

Women with a triangular figure usually get fat from above. Fat is deposited on the shoulders, back, arms, and later on the waist. The thighs and legs remain slender for a long time. Therefore, strength training and swimming are undesirable. Anything aimed at strengthening the lower body is welcome - walking, dancing, step aerobics. Yoga, Pilates, breathing practices give good results.

It is required to exclude fatty foods, carbonated drinks, simple carbohydrates from the diet in the afternoon. It is better to steam and eat in small portions. A nice feature - late dinner is not prohibited.

The figure of a triangle on the star Olympus

Celebrities do not always have excellent taste. But they have an important advantage. What the stars wear is most often determined by their personal stylists. Therefore, you can safely trust the experience of professionals and copy the image you like.

Inverted triangles pose for you:

  • Renee Zellweger;
  • Claudia Schiffer;
  • Charlize Theron;
  • Cindy Crawford;
  • Demi Moore;
  • Sigourney Weaver;
  • Sienna Miller;
  • Keith Middleton.
Charlize Theron
Renee Zellweger
Sigourney Weaver
Demi Moore
Claudia Schiffer
Cindy Crawford
Keith Middleton
Sienna Miller

Mathematicians antiquity considered the triangle to be the most perfect figure. Perceive your body in this context and be stylish.