Jacket coat - a stylish solution for the off-season 2021-2022!

Life today does not allow marking time either in everyday life or in idleness. In the cycle of events, it is important to provide comfort in everything, and first of all, in clothes. You can't go far in a long coat, neither in your own car, nor in public transport is the best option - not a coat-jacket, stylish, attractive, not restricting movement.


How did the jacket-style coat come about?

It would seem, what could be more modern than a stylish elongated warm tweed jacket with two rows of noticeable buttons! In fact, this style is about to turn 400 years old, it was invented by the then tailors to make it easier for ladies to ride a horse. Coats-jackets acquired a more or less modern look about a hundred years ago, when horseback riding replaced cars, and since then they have changed mainly under the influence of fashion.

The current coat-jacket is a shortened version of demi-season outerwear made of thick coat fabric. Its most various options are possible, up to a small jacket that barely reaches the waist.

It all depends on the designer's imagination, fashion trends and the purpose of the thing. In early spring, on a warm autumn day, it is good to put on a short light coat-jacket, and with the arrival of cold weather the floors lengthen, the jacket is more like a coat, better protects from wind and dampness.

Features of a jacket-coat and its advantages

Like any other clothes, a short coat-jacket can look different. The original goal - to create conditions for free movement, is ensured in any case. It is obligatory that it is always sewn from fabric. This is not a rain jacket, not a windbreaker, not a quilted garment, this is an elegant, high-quality garment that can be easily combined with many additions and accessories.

In seasonal collections, the classic style is necessarily represented with its strict adherence to the rules of sewing. Neat cut, fitted silhouette, small collar, cuffs, single or double-breasted closure. The range of colors is very diverse, accessories are restrained, to match. The ideal image of a business woman or just a busy woman - even in the office, even for negotiations.

A modern jacket, a redingot in its classic design, is the most striking representative of the style - reminiscent of an old camisole, frock coat, long-length double-breasted jacket. Its characteristic feature is thoroughness of execution, restraint of decoration, color. The youth model can be supplemented with interesting details - unusual buttons, cuffs, original collar. Redingot gives the hostess, not inclined to stand out due to appearance, rigor, decisiveness, self-confidence.

This type of clothing can be worn by almost all ladies - from small to large, of course, given their own fullness and design of the bottom of the coat. A tall, slender girl focuses exclusively on her own desire, fashion trends and weather conditions. Overweight ladies look good in medium-length blazers without getting carried away with short options. It is advisable for donuts to choose straight models below the hips, it is very good if there are vertical embossed lines, a clear print.

In real life, it is impossible to be in strict official boundaries all the time, and a coat-jacket makes it possible to soften this strictness. Comfort and versatility, noticeable features of the casual style, make this interesting model even more popular and independent of age. Casual, that is, a casual, informal style allows you to additionally insulate a coat or vice versa, lighten it as much as possible, decorate with details - cuffs, patches, slots, choose a bright color, combine it with sneakers, platform shoes, backpacks, beanie caps.

Creating an individual image or with what to wear it all?

The universal version of outerwear is designed primarily for urban wear. In such an elegant fashionable coat you are unlikely to go out of town for skiing or cycling, for this there are jackets of all types. The coat retains its basic functions, despite the length. The overall impression of the image depends on what, with what suits, blouses, shoes, accessories we wear outerwear. Some important details that complement this demi-season jacket allow you to look stylish, elegant, strict or a little reckless, relaxed. A slightly loose fit of a casual coat-jacket, a light scarf that is knocked out from behind a strict collar, tight trousers or a pencil skirt, neat shoes - and you have a successful young lady in front of you.

The classic jacket-coat has recognizable characteristics:

  • is made of high-quality rather dense coat fabric;
  • not too short, below the hips, often reaching to the knee;
  • straight or fitted, but not flared to the bottom;
  • Simple fit suggests various accessories as an addition.

On the basis of the traditional classic cut, interesting models of various styles are created, shown in the photo - a spacious oversized jacket that reaches the middle of the thigh, a robe coat with its obligatory wide belt, a kimono coat that hides the shoulder line, topical in spring, early autumn.

The color scheme of a women's coat-jacket is regulated exclusively by the fashion and the desire of the owner. Juicy, clean tones, their combination and shades, both dark and light, are always relevant. Fabrics are selected according to the season - as a rule, blended, warm, with a predominance of natural fibers for cold autumn or winter winter, and lightweight, breathable bright materials - for spring.

The versatility of these models lies in the fact that you can wear any usual clothes under them - a business suit or frivolous trousers, a fluffy tutu skirt or a midi skirt, for example, in a polychrome plaid.

Shoes and accessories

Shoes - the finishing touch of the image. The short demi-season model is in harmony with both low-speed shoes and a stable, neat heel of a comfortable height. Both ankle boots and graceful boots with a bootleg to the knee will be good. In combination with jeans, a win-win option for sports shoes that opens a freedom-loving soul.

Wide and narrow scarves, bright and provocative, shawls thrown over the shoulders, hats of all possible styles, berets and caps are remarkably combined with this type of outerwear...

Jacket coat is a versatile versatile model that will adorn any woman's wardrobe.

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