Kimono coat - a novelty of fashion or atavism?

The appearance of the kimono coat made a splash in the world of fashion and style, it became especially popular in the past season. The best women of fashion in a hurry ran to the shops to be the first to acquire the most beautiful specimens. What's good about this coat: uniqueness and unusual cut. In this article, we will consider the most beneficial combinations and current models.

Who invented the fashionable coat?

It was the stylist Paul Poiret who came up with this outfit and brought it into fashion. Back in the twentieth century, an outstanding Frenchman made a tempting offer to Russian women: to abandon uncomfortable, already fed up corsets that do not give freedom to a delicate female body, and heavy, obese outfits. This idea shocked them, because it was impossible for a respectable lady or young girl to come out without a corset! But the offer was very tempting, because the clothes promised to be free, but at the same time, emphasizing the attractive features of the female body. This experiment was more than successful, it simply blew up all the ideas about the fashion of that century. Coat models were distinguished by lightness and airiness, and their hems, which floated above the ground, attracted with their elegance and complexity of patterns. And Paul Poiret knew Russian women better than they did themselves, and was able to find something that they wear with great pleasure in the current 2021-2022 season.

Why did the kimono coat become so famous?

Even historians noticed the sharp popularity of this clothing. They explain this by the fact that in the twentieth century, only royal wives and daughters, families of dignitaries and wealthy nobles could afford such luxury in the autumn. And fashion experts cannot find an answer to this question. They say that they know only one thing for sure: such an elegant, attention-grabbing thing cannot be noticed without admiration.

Styles and materials

It is already clear that all types of this coat are somewhat reminiscent of the kimono worn by the inhabitants of Japan. His photo shows that the length of the clothes can be different, namely:

  • just below the waist and to the middle of the thigh (the most modern);

  • from mid-thigh to knee (most common);

  • from the knees and below (classic style).

The length of the sleeves can also be of several types:

  1. short sleeves or almost no sleeves;
  2. sleeve to the elbows or at their level;
  3. below the elbow or to the hands.

The thing is made exclusively from high-quality material, so the price of such a product is decent. It can be made of wool, cashmere, or vice versa, fine silk fabric. Manufacturers of coats keep an eye on the quality, because it is the convenience and comfort of wearing (graceful appearance takes the second place) that make it unique. Among these models there are those that are made of thick threads. This makes them even more effective and stylish. Another interesting type of kimono coat: leather cuffs and pockets are sewn on dark fabric. And there are those made of leather altogether, however, not everyone believes that this is a kimono coat. These clothes are characterized by wide sleeves. They are designed to make hand movements comfortable and free. There is no need to be afraid that the seam will break from a sudden movement. In this way, she resembles a "bat", and some of her long models are similar to a robe.

Option for going out or for every day?

And those and those options are! Otherwise, this piece of clothing would not be universal. It perfectly protects against cold, windy, rainy and even snowy weather in winter. These qualities are very suitable for Russian girls, because in our country the endurance of clothes has to be often checked for "climatic resistance".

Another big plus: walking in it is more comfortable than in a down jacket. In a kimono coat with a belt, the girl feels stylish, confident and beautiful, not a “stuffed sausage”. On an extremely cold day, women can wear a hooded kimono coat.

What can I wear with a kimono coat?

This model will really appeal to girls who love originality and uniqueness of the outfit, because among the types of wrap-around coats, everyone can find an unusual one that suits her. Thanks to these clothes, any woman will seem to have a beautiful and slender figure, but you need to know how to wear it. Thin girls should choose short models, and for full ones, more authentic options have been made. Almost all sizes and shapes are suitable for tall. Of course, every fashionista has her own style, which tells her which cut of the coat and clothes for it will best suit her shape. But below will be listed win-win options for the outfit:

  1. short shorts (not reaching the knees);
  2. pencil-shaped skirts;
  3. leggings to the knee or slightly lower;
  4. “cigarette” trousers;
  5. skinny jeans;
  6. Body-hugging dresses.

For people, creative kimono coats give millions of ideas, because there is an opportunity to experiment, combine with something new. How nice to look at pictures of women in such beautiful clothes! Shoes, ballet flats, boots will perfectly blow with such an outfit, but with over-the-knee boots it is better to be more careful - not all of their models are combined with a sophisticated kimono.

How to choose a kimono coat for your style?

If you are one of those lucky women who are very fond of glamorous and luxurious things (and they do not suit everyone, some are more “cute”), then you need to choose a model with fur or velvet.

If you are a girl who resembles a “delicate petal of an apricot tree”, you will be very pleased with the “oversized” model, which widens the shoulder line. She will make your fragility and feminine charm even more evident. Pay special attention to a coat with a stand-up collar, carefully consider it before buying. If you are attracted by the image of a strict, business-like, but stylish woman, you need to choose a style with a leather belt. It will be even better if there are bright patterns on the belt, riveting attention to the waist. Haven't got your kimono coat yet? It is high time, because it does not put on weight, suits a girl of any length and weight, is comfortable to wear, makes a woman spectacular, attracting surprised eyes to her.