Knitted cashmere suits 2021-2022 - femininity and comfort in one piece!

How sometimes you want to take off tight stiletto heels, a narrow pencil skirt, a strict, buttoned blouse and put on something soft, cozy and comfortable, for example, in a cashmere suit. There is no need to deny yourself the pleasure, especially since this year knitted items are at the peak of their popularity! In contrast to the order of the boring, "plush" suits, cashmere ones not only look stylish and expensive, but also perfectly complement with things in sports, and in everyday, and in classic style.

Let's take a closer look at the wonder costumes!

What will be discussed in the article:

Properties of cashmere

Cashmere yarn is one of the rarest and expensive. It is made from wool, or rather from the undercoat of Kashmir goats, which are bred in the Himalayas, in the northwest of the Indian subcontinent. The down is combed out by hand only once a year - in the spring, and after its processing, no more than 120 g is collected from one goat (and for the manufacture of, for example, one scarf, 300-400 g are required). But the value lies not only in the fact that wool is so rare, but also in its properties:

  • Cashmere products are practically weightless, the yarn is very thin and light in weight.
  • Things are pleasant to the touch, not prickly and do not irritate even the most sensitive skin.
  • The material controls the heat exchange of the body, so in winter it is very warm in cashmere, and at other times of the year it is not at all hot.


Knitted cashmere yarn suit is not only a thing warm and pleasant to the body, but also very stylish. The variety of styles and finishes allows you to choose a suit for every taste and occasion. A jumper with trousers can be worn for a walk in the park, to the skating rink, for shopping or for a meeting in a trendy cafe. This is exactly the case when comfort gets along well with style and beauty.

As shoes for such suits, sneakers, slip-ons or rough grunge boots are suitable. Do not neglect decorations, they are quite appropriate. For a run through the shops, simple, discreet jewelry is enough, and for a meeting with friends in a cafe, you can safely wear active earrings, rings or bracelets, so the suit goes from the category " casual" to "chic"!

Accents and details

The beauty of cashmere suits lies in the modern design and femininity. To design current models, designers use:

  • Open shoulders. It can be cutouts both on two shoulders, and on one, as well as jumpers with lowered, fully open shoulders. Very spicy and feminine.
  • Deep V-neck. This design of the neck opens and emphasizes the collarbones, as well as visually stretches and slims.
  • Buttons on the back. In 2021-2022, a fastener on the back is relevant, as, for example, in the case of jeans and skirts, in which the zipper is located at the back.
  • Lacing, ties. Very trendy decorative elements.
  • Knitted patterns from braids. They can decorate only a jumper or the entire suit. It looks very cozy and stylish, but keep in mind that trousers with braids can give your hips a couple of extra centimeters.
  • Stripes on the trousers. But stripes, on the contrary, visually make the legs longer and slimmer, especially if they are dark in color.

But such suits as above (with braids on their legs) should be chosen by young ladies with very slender legs. Otherwise, these braids make the legs two sizes thicker. Write about this too.

Suits with a skirt

Another option for a knitted cashmere suit is a set with a skirt. This is an amazing find for any occasion of life, well, unless you don’t wear it for a theatrical premiere. Firstly, it is warm, which is important in our climatic zone, and secondly, feminine and beautiful. You can wear it on a date, to the movies, for a walk, and even to work if the dress code is not too strict.

Skirts in such sets are most often of elegant knee-length or palm-lower length. Ankle boots with heels are perfect for them, as well as boots, fashionable this year, both with stiletto heels and with a flat ride. The waist, if necessary, can be emphasized with a thin strap.

How and with what to wear?

"Top" and "bottom" of the suit are well complemented separately with other things. A jumper, for example, can be worn with jeans or a leather kandash skirt, cashmere trousers can be combined with any sweatshirt or sweater, and a knitted skirt can be worn with a shirt or turtleneck.

Do not be afraid wear cashmere suits with outerwear. They are excellent "friends" with things in any style. Over the suit, you can wear not only a sports down jacket or parka, but also a classic woolen coat. A leather biker jacket, a sheepskin coat or a fur coat made of natural fur look very impressive in combination with a knitted suit.

Don't forget the accessories. A miniature cross-body, a voluminous shopper or stylish backpack will be the perfect complement to your look.

The time of uncomfortable, restrictive clothing is a thing of the past. So why don't we take advantage of this?!