Knitted manicure: 100 stunning winter photo ideas 2021/2022!

"Knitted" manicure design has not only gained momentum in nail art. He has firmly strengthened his position. Became a seasonal leader and won't go out of style anytime soon. In general, there is a feeling that the "sweaters" will be eternal. But that's not bad. "Vyazanka" creates a special atmosphere of comfort, conveys the warmth of winter evenings, is perfect for photo sessions and fits perfectly into any life situation. Well, what kind of knitted manicure to choose to puzzle your master, you can spy on the photo in this article.

What is knitted manicure

Knitted manicure is one of the trends in nail art. The main line is the transfer of the knitting pattern. The second name is "Sweater". The knitted manicure looks very nice. It is perfect for any occasion and look. Recently, knitted manicure has moved to the "classics" section along with a jacket, monochromatic and monograms. A distinctive feature of the "Sweater" is its versatility. This manicure does not bother its owner at all. He has no pretensions or special requirements either for life circumstances or for the style of the hostess. It goes well with both a mink coat and felt boots, and is also perfect as New Year's manicure.

Technique of execution

Technique of execution can be any: acrylic powder (classic), stamping, sticker, drawing, flock. It all depends on the level of the master or the client's wishes.

Basic design

Basic design is the main direction: color scheme, idea of ​​drawing, combination with other decorative elements, parallel to the image. As a base for a "sweater", which will be combined with any image and suitable for any occasion, it is customary to consider monochromatic and nude. Knitted manicure in this case is done in the same color as the base coat. All fingers or one or two are covered with a pattern.

Festive design

Glitter, rhinestones, manicure tapes, broths are used to create a festive atmosphere. As a supplement, you can use thematic drawings: New Year, cartoon characters, winter landscapes.

Combination with other decor elements

Knitted manicure goes well:

  • French, made in any style. It can be either classic or colored;
  • Hole. As well as a jacket, it is performed in different styles;
  • "Cat's Eye". Covering, which can be both independent and in perfect harmony with the "sweater";
  • Thematic design. Knitted manicure allows not only an independent presence, but also a combination with various patterns.