Leopard Print Dresses: 50 Stylish Models 2022

Dresses with leopard print always look very seductive. However, do not rush to acquire such an outfit if it does not match your character. Leopard dresses can only be afforded by confident girls who know exactly what they want from life, real predators and hunters. What models are relevant in 2022? Let's get a look!

What to wear with leopard print dresses?

This pattern itself is very rich, so the rest of the details of your outfit should be monochromatic and not “dazzling”.

Leopard dress will look gorgeous floor-length or even with a small train. In this outfit, you are guaranteed to become a real queen of the "beasts".

Leopard print dress attracts there is a lot of attention to your person, so your image will produce the desired effect, even if you do not want to complement it with jewelry.

Leopard print goes well with almost any color - dresses in this style in combination with a bodice in a different color (white, black, red) will look no less original.

If you want to create the image of a super extravagant beauty, then the leopard dress can be decorated with some spectacular detail, such as a belt or shoulder strap... Add to this bright makeup and original catchy jewelry and start your "hunt"!

Leopard print in clothes is popular not only in the classic yellow-brown version, but also in any other, sometimes the most unexpected color variations.

If you think that completely donning a leopard print is not for you, then you can choose a regular evening solid color outfit and decorate it with a bright detail, for example original bow. Remember that this print goes well with different colors.

Such outfits do not have to be kept just for going out. Leopard dresses are also suitable for everyday life. Wearing a predatory sundress, complement your look with a fashionable hat, a bracelet made of natural materials, natural make-up - and go for a walk in the park or go shopping.

Animal print may well become your assistant for creating a romantic image. To do this, choose a leopard-print dress made of light, airy fabric, creating a "flying" silhouette.

Do you like dresses with this print?

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