Llama fur coat - a stylish choice of glamorous girls

Wonderfully warm, luxurious llama fur coat - what could be better for our unpredictable winter! Exotic fur is not afraid of snow or rain, warm and looks elegant.


Attractive foreign woman - lama

Products from the fur of a high-mountain llama appeared in our country recently, the yarn from its wool, soft alpaca is more familiar. A cute animal from the camel family, domesticated by the Andes Indians, it has a warm, very fluffy pile that has some medicinal properties. Experts say that it has a beneficial effect on the wearer's nervous system, soothes, even stabilizes the pressure. At the same time, the hypoallergenicity of fur allows the most sensitive ladies to wear it.

The weather in the Andes is capricious, snowy winters with a piercing wind. In such conditions, clothing made from the skins of local lamas is ideal. Like the sheep we are accustomed to, these large mammals provide their hosts with milk, meat, wool, and warm skins.

Warmth and elegance, not subject to weather

Fur coats, llama coats are not just winter women's clothing - this is a dream come true about luxury that is available and real. Is it warm or not, the second question. You can wear such beauty from the beginning of cold weather to the first truly warm spring days. Long fur llama will shelter from frost, especially good for the current unstable winters. Designers enhance the frost resistance of exotic long-haired skins with a thin quilted lining - and frosts below 20 degrees are not a hindrance. The absence of a short dense undercoat does not reduce the thermal qualities, however, it is unlikely to be a reliable protection in very cold winters, when frosts steadily reach 300C.

Combined models of llama fur coats look attractive and interesting - combination with leather, fur of other animals, dense fabric. A chic collar, cuffs, bodice details make an ordinary winter coat or a smooth, unremarkable sheepskin coat elegant and exclusive.

Models for every taste

The beauty and originality of the skin of a llama, the length of the pile turned out to be a real test for designers... However, several interesting models still appeared on the catwalks. The bulk of the fur suggested a kind of relationship between the length of the product and the age of the owner. Luxurious, voluminous, straight-cut, floor-length fur coats are created for respectable ladies, not the youngest. However, it should be borne in mind that long models made of such fur look somewhat cumbersome, so they are not recommended for large, full ladies.

Short llama fur coats, rather sheepskin coats, are beautiful on the shoulders of young girls, students. Business women, creative intelligentsia, office workers, young mothers and other young women choose the length of the midi. Regardless of age, a llama fur coat creates a romantic, a bit mysterious image, while it fulfills its intended purpose - it warms you in the cold season.

Photos of short models, sewn entirely from the skin of a llama, allow you to choose a suitable option for the wardrobe of a young fashionista and a middle-aged lady. Designers offer fur coats for any figure that can highlight its advantages and disadvantages. Not long products of a straight or fitted cut, such as a jacket, a jacket, will be worn with pleasure by a slender graceful girl.

Models of llama fur coats are made of various types:

  • Classic.Straight fit, knee length, volume at the shoulder and chest, no long sleeves. Suitable for late autumn, winter, early spring.

  • Vest.Straight or fitted cut, length above the knee, very short or no sleeves. Good for fall, early spring, warm winter.

  • Combined model.Given the unusually large volume of llama pile, it is interesting to combine with other types of fur, leather, fabric. It is popular to use unusual long fur as a decoration for sheepskin coats, jackets, coats.

  • Occasionally long-haired fur coats are complemented by a hood.This option is convenient for the reason that a waterproof fur hood will protect the woman's head from wind, rain and snow in any weather.

Winter colors

the most unusual color. The natural color of the hide ranges from white through all shades of brown to deep blacks. Designers can choose any shade within the natural color. In this case, the color is not always uniform, stains, shades of beige, golden are possible. Fur coats made from unpainted llama hide are usually somewhat more expensive, since natural materials are valued more, plus the work of an artist-designer to select matching shades.

Capricious current fashion requires variety, so a wonderful long pile is dyed, cut, creating absolutely incredible, amazingly beautiful clothes. With proper coloring, the quality of the skin is not lost, and the orange, red, blue color and all their possible shades are preserved forever. Various colors of one model are in trend - a hood, cuffs of one color, collar, shelves of another. Much depends on the talent of the designer, his sense of proportion and harmony.

Required addition

The image will not be complete without the appropriate shoes, gloves, headgear, handbags, so the question "what to wear with?" relevant. A llama fur coat is a warm thing, so there is no need to wear a thick sweater under it, ordinary office or smart clothes are enough. Considering the bulkiness, the lower part should be graceful - tight trousers, jeans, a straight tight skirt.

Shoes are also important - a short fur coat and a skirt require high-toed boots, cowboy-style shoes, and high fashionable boots. An open female leg should have a decent design. If the boots are trimmed with fur, it is highly desirable that it matches the fur coat in color and texture.

Wearing an extravagant brightly colored llama fur coat, you can choose black shoes or, in continuation of the image, to match the outerwear. In all cases, black and white shoes are a win-win.

If the fur coat does not have a hood, it is good to cover your head with a soft, loosely tied kerchief; knitted leather berets and hats are great. You should avoid hats made from the recognizable fur of other animals: mink, arctic fox, silver fox. As an option, a female Kubanka made of sheepskin to match may be suitable.

Bags, handbags, clutches should also be chosen taking into account the large amount of long pile, sometimes twisted into spirals. Do not get carried away with large shopping bags, a handbag is a small pleasant addition and does not attract exceptional attention.

What to do with a fur coat in summer

Fur, which is becoming more and more popular, has a wonderful tendency to curl in a humid environment. Long interesting curls-spirals turn familiar clothes into original, attractive ones, and you can return the previous fluffiness by ordinary combing. Moisture is not an obstacle for a beautiful cover, just like snowfall, piercing wind - extreme conditions in which high-mountain camel sisters live.

Short fur coats, vests and fur coats from a llama do not need to be placed in special refrigerators for summer storage, or taken to dry cleaning. If dirt is found, it is enough to walk over the stain with a damp brush.

Products made from unusual but very pretty South American fur are highly durable - for six, seven seasons the fur coat looks like new.