Marine style in clothes: the positive is always with you

We are going on vacation to the warm sea for one or two weeks. And the rest of the time - work, home, a heap of daily duties and problems. Even rare forays into nature with family or friends do not return the state of serene calm, which brings the rustle of waves, a breath of salty wind, the eternal union of the bright sun and endless blue. Do you want a light breeze of vacation euphoria to appear at the first call? It's time to find out what nautical-style clothes are, where you can go in this form, who suits them, how to assemble several sets, things from which will be combined with the rest of the wardrobe.

This wonderful trend has been relevant for several seasons and is not going to give up fashionable positions. Read, study photos and try on the image of a charming sailor.

In this article:

How did the nautical style come about?

A sailor's uniform, a children's suit, a spectacular female outfit - what is common in this seemingly unconnected chain? It was in this sequence that the nautical style of clothing was born.

Queen Victoria of England became the legislator. She was the first, out of a sense of patriotism and in tribute to the merits of the British Navy, to dress her little son in a sailor's suit. The example was followed by the nobility, and then by the common people.

Fashion queen Coco Chanel continued the business. At the beginning of the 20th century, she shocked the French Riviera by appearing on its luxurious beaches in a striped blouse and loose trousers. Soon, these things began to be sold in her boutique. So a new style appeared in women's clothing - marine.

Fashion designers enthusiastically picked up the idea, developed new styles, expanded the color range. Modern, simple and sophisticated at the same time, nautical style is not only about leisure wear. A bright, slightly flirtatious image looks harmoniously on city streets and even as an option for office wear.

Recognition and character of the nautical style

The main difference between the spectacular, playful style is color. Basic tones - white, blue, red; additional - gold, brown, black. This is a classic combination, but some color liberties are permissible for romantic girls:

  • blue;
  • turquoise;
  • pink;
  • beige;
  • ecru.

After all, the sea is different, and sails are more often made from unbleached canvas than from scarlet silk.

The second important touch is the striped print. It can be:

  • transverse;
  • ​​
  • longitudinal;
  • diagonal;
  • narrow;
  • wide.

No floral and abstract prints, rhinestones, sequins, sequins.

Marine style clothing is, first of all, comfort, a feeling of lightness and freedom. She is not too tight, but baggy is not welcome. The styles are very different, which allows all girls and women to wear sailor outfits, regardless of body size.

Fabrics to choose from - jersey, cotton, linen, viscose, jeans, noble silk, flying chiffon. Not required, but desirable finishing with a gold cord and buttons, patches in the form of emblems of yacht clubs, images of a marine theme - anchors, steering wheels, shells.

How to make a set of clothes in a nautical style

Like any style, nautical consists of basic things and additional ones. If you haven't worn this type of clothing before, start with a T-shirt, T-shirt, tunic, top, or oversized pullover with blue and white stripes.

Such a thing is a visiting card of the marine wardrobe. Plus, it can be easily paired with light blue and dark jeans that a rare modern woman can do without. And then start picking up your base. These are:

  • classic of the genre - sailor bell;
  • loose or tapered trousers;
  • for women of complex - Bermuda;
  • for slender girls - shorts;
  • skirts are flared, straight, pleated, of any length;
  • fitted jackets, jackets, oversized sweaters.

For cooler weather, get a jacket, a cropped or long coat with a double-breasted closure, reminiscent of a naval officer's tunic.

As you can see, things are very ordinary. They will gradually fit into a sporty style, casual, a lax classic. It doesn't hurt to add a few austere lines to a romantic look either.

And now we collect a set of clothes in a nautical style. It's pretty simple, just don't overdo it. Remember the basic rules:

  • striped thing - one in the set;
  • others are monochrome;
  • no more than three colors are combined;
  • Layering is encouraged.

The principle is clear and it's time to recall the zest of the modern sailor - dress. Firstly, it is feminine, elegant, beautiful, and secondly, the most irreplaceable thing for the summer.

Dresses in a nautical style

A striped dress is a basic item of a nautical wardrobe. Moreover, it is so versatile that you can wear it anywhere and all year round. It all depends on the style.

Knitted sundresses are good for hot summer. For the beach, a knitted version in a coarse mesh, like a fishing net, is relevant. Urban casual - these are straight dresses of a simple cut, which can be complemented by a blue or light blue denim jacket. Cocktail models with a fluffy or asymmetrical skirt are suitable for friendly parties and more formal occasions.

Dresses in a nautical style can be combined - a solid top and striped bottom, or vice versa. Denim inserts, different direction and texture of the pattern in one product, sailor collars will look original. In addition to blue and white, red, black, gray, blue stripes and their combinations are popular.

To create a fashionable and harmonious look in a vest dress, you need to remember a simple rule. Narrow transverse and longitudinal stripes are slimmer, wide ones can visually add a few centimeters.

The important role of shoes and accessories

Shoes make the image complete. For a nautical style, fabric options are best:

  • slippers;
  • sandals;
  • espadrilles;
  • ballet flats;
  • sneakers.

But this is not necessary. Shoes can be leather, suede, lacquered, the main thing is a marine color palette. For leisure and everyday use, low speed models are ideal. Pay attention to boatmen, yachtsmen's shoes. Can't imagine life without a heel? For you sandals and wedges and high stiletto heels. Classic pumps can be worn in the office and for celebrations.

Clothes in this color combination without accessories looks quite strict, and sometimes a little simple. You will definitely need:

  • a bright cloth bag or an elegant clutch;
  • wide-brimmed hat or small - boater;
  • original headdress - white cap;
  • colorful scarves that can be tied around the neck and head;
  • wide and narrow belts or belt-rope;
  • bracelets, beads, earrings, rings with elements of a marine theme;
  • sunglasses with spectacular or relaxed frames.

The main materials of the accessories are plastic, leather, natural shells, pearls. Wearing silver and gold is also not forbidden. Just do not put on "all the best at once", be guided by a sense of proportion.

Natural makeup and casual hairstyle

Makeup in marine tones is a tanned or perfectly white skin tone, blue, blue, gray shadows. A spectacular accent on the lips looks great - a bright red lipstick. If it doesn't suit you, use a colorless sheen and make your eyes more expressive. Don't go for a flashy makeup with clear lines, just keep it slightly washed out.

Hairstyles are the simplest, slight negligence is encouraged. Hair, loose or braided, should look like it has just been tousled by the Mediterranean breeze. No complicated designs and perfect smoothness. Can be styled lightly with a wet look.

Harmony with appearance and environment

This image is good because it transforms and makes any appearance irresistible. Fluffy skirts create a flirtatious image, knitted sundresses emphasize slimness, loose tunics, straight and flared dresses, diagonal stripes, solid side panels - mask figure flaws. Just remember about the proportions, do not combine too loose things with tight ones.

Where is a sailor's outfit appropriate? Yes, anywhere, except for exceptionally social events and work with a strict dress code. For relaxation - the most comfortable models, for everyday wear - simple, cocktail - funny, carefree, with a share of grace. You can choose an outfit for the office - a suit or a formal dress in the appropriate color scheme.

Fashionable bows for inspiration

And now the most interesting part is the ready-made kit builder. See photos of bows from fashionable couturiers, get charged with ideas, adapt them to your appearance and be stylish.