Men's fashion 2022: main trends and trends

Men's fashion 2022 will help every self-respecting man look stylish and presentable, because there are more and more representatives of the stronger sex who are actively interested in fashion every year. This helps not only to establish social contacts, but also to emphasize their individuality.

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Eternal classics: suits

Modern fashion is such that it is impossible to imagine a basic men's wardrobe without a suit. At the same time, fashion trends in photo reports from fashion shows demonstrate that the style of this men's clothing can be completely different, be it classic, casual or sport chic.

Among the top options for a men's suit that will be relevant in 2022, it should be noted:

  • models in a cage;
  • striped models;
  • with double-breasted jackets;
  • classic;
  • fitted.

Among the trendy colors of men's suits, the cage will be the most relevant. So, a small and discreet cage will be appropriate in an office or at a business meeting, and a suit in a large and contrasting cage will fit into street style.

A trendy striped suit can diversify your everyday look, adding style and glamor to your look. A suit with such a print will be appropriate at any time of the year: in autumn-winter in combination with a sweater with a high neckline or in spring-summer with a white shirt.

A suit with a double-breasted jacket, which has two rows of buttons, until some time was considered strict and formal, appropriate only at events of special importance. Now such a suit can have a bold bright print and be the basis of even an everyday casual look.

Restrained and laconic classic suits will not go out of fashion in 2022. They will be the same restrained both in cut and in colors, but in some models there will be an emphasis on the waist. Fit will help emphasize the athletic physique.

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Rolled up sleeves

Initially, men rolled up their sleeves on their shirts solely for the sake of convenience, because it is not always convenient to do something with your hands when your hands are fixed by the cuffs of a shirt. Later, rolling up the sleeves became a symbol of the fact that a man is ready to move from words to deeds, and in men's fashion 2022 it will be a style solution for how to fit a classic shirt into a casual style. This spectacular sleeved trick will showcase the comfort and ease that are the hallmarks of a relaxed casual.

Stylists offer many different ways for men on how to stylishly tuck the sleeves, without collecting them as before with an accordion, but introducing rolled up sleeves into your image is important to remember a few stylish rules:

  • the minimum distance from the wrist to the lapel should be at least 10-15 cm in order to achieve the impression for which this technique is designed;
  • Do not roll up the sleeves of your outer garment and jacket, even if the sleeves have buttons to do so.


Most men and women are accustomed to the fact that the clothes of the stronger sex are sewn in muted calm tones, but the main trends of the previous several years eloquently (more precisely, colorfully) indicate that bright colors have a place in the men's wardrobe.

And if the bright green, yellow, blue and even pink color in the summer image of men practically does not bother anyone, then in the cold season, most prefer to return in a non-marking dark range. Stylists and eminent couturiers, on the other hand, demonstrate on the catwalks that bright colors can harmoniously fit into a fashionable bow in any style.

Pastel colors

surprisingly, because the male perception is very different from the female. Where a guy says that the dress is red, the girl can name several dozen shades.

Basically, pastel-colored clothing is represented by classic shirts, which are worn along with formal suits. However, men's fashion 2022 is focused on the use of pastels in all wardrobe items. In order not to look faded in a muted color outfit, you should dilute the image with bright accents. It can be either sunglasses or dark contrasting buttons.

Terracotta palette

For conservative men, all shades of brown colors are already a challenge and rebellion, which, nevertheless, will be harmonious and appropriate in any image and in any situation.

It is only important to keep in mind that, unlike black, different shades of brown are combined only with certain other colors:

  • light tan and beige work well with other light colors such as white, cream, light blue;
  • dark shades of brown are also compatible with lighter colors, as well as rich deep colors - dark blue, dark green, burgundy and, of course, black.


Multilayer As a fashionable technique, women have skillfully used for a long time, and in 2022 it is time for men to master it, because this will help create not only a stylish, but also a very practical bow, especially in changeable weather conditions.

The following simple rules will make it easier to create fashion layered looks:

  1. Two things (for example, shirt and vest) cannot create a layered outfit, the minimum number of layers is three.
  2. All layers must be visible at the same time. This can be achieved by varying the length of items or unbuttoned buttons.
  3. The most advantageous looks are images that combine things in restrained colors, but from materials with different textures.

Stylish checkered looks

The current print "cage" will help to emphasize masculine equanimity and aristocracy. It will be present not only in costume fabrics. It can be found on classic coats, comfortable bomber jackets, raincoats and shirts. Perhaps this print has already set the teeth on edge for someone, but the designers argue that it is not necessary to completely dress in a London dandy suit, but at least a checkered scarf should be in a fashionable men's wardrobe 2022.


Short coat

The main message of all men's fashion 2022 - convenience and activity. Any outfit or image should not interfere with an active lifestyle. In this regard, a short coat must be in the wardrobe of a stylish man. Cropped outerwear will keep you warm while walking around the city and will not hinder your movements while driving.

The optimal length for this garment is from mid-thigh to knee. The short coat can be combined with any trousers, except sports ones. This length will help to visually throw off a few years for aged men, and for young guys it will add seriousness and efficiency.

The main materials from which a fashionable men's short coat can be sewn:

  • wear-resistant tweed, on which pills will not form;
  • good warmth and not very easily soiled tweed;
  • excellent shape and warmth drape.


2022 will not be the year in which the tie finally dies and the suspenders retire. These prophetic ones will remain relevant as before. So suspenders will be a great stylish addition to fashionable men's chinos in a casual look. To create a suspender bow, you can simply undo a couple of buttons on your shirt. Fans of retro style can complement the outfit with a bow tie, and for more formal occasions, a tie will make the perfect pair of suspenders.

Photos of stylish looks

Men's fashion 2022 is more daring than ten years ago. In terms of diversity and versatility, she is less and less inferior to women. To keep up with the latest trends and catch the patterns by which things are combined in fashionable looks, the following selection of fashionable looks for inspiration will help below.