Military style dresses - for self-confident!

From season to season, the military style either conquers fashion catwalks, then gives up its positions somewhat. However, if this style matches your attitude, then you can safely wear it at any time.

Even the simplest style of a khaki robe can be decorated with an original bow-tied belt...

For a dress in military style, select the appropriate accessories - several different leather bracelets decorated with metal rivets...

The original cut of a short dress with an elastic ruffled top and a wrap skirt can be used for a spectacular appearance.

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A military-style dress is perfectly complemented by a jacket or shirt of a lighter or darker khaki shade, trousers "Under the skin", as well as all kinds of metal accessories - pins, riveted jewelry, leather belts in the army style. Shoes that echo the general "military" style - ankle boots decorated with rivets, heavy boots, or boots will perfect your look.

wide-brimmed hats, and with ordinary caps. A distinctive feature of this style of clothing is the presence of belts and all kinds of patch pockets.

Even in a military dress, you can look romantic and seductive if the style of the outfit suggests a deep neckline and an open back. An excellent choice for a romantic meeting can be supplemented with original jewelry made - a large, eye-catching ring and, of course, leather sandals with high stilettos, decorated with rivets.

It is not at all necessary to maintain the style chosen for the dress in other accessories. It will be very effective to dilute the "military" theme of your image with radically opposite jewelry in style - a floral necklace made of textiles, a cute hat, thin straps that favorably emphasize the waist. And the styles of military dresses, decorated with all kinds of ruffles, will undoubtedly attract the attention of the entire male environment to you.

What shoes to wear military style dresses with?

The criteria for choosing footwear for a military-themed dress depends entirely on your preferences, habits and fashion trends of the season. These outfits will look equally stylish with coarse Grinders or ankle boots, as well as with feminine wedge or stiletto ankle boots. In this case, the texture of the material for shoes can also be any - leather, suede or textiles.