Military style in clothing - the military secret of female attractiveness

A woman with a twist is constantly changing, never ceases to amaze others, and this is understandable. Different situations dictate their own rules: at work - a business lady, on a date - a romantic person, on vacation or a friendly party - a carefree girl.

There are many ways to express individuality, and military-style clothing is one of them. Try on a new look, and if you love and wear such things, improve the existing one. What will turn out in the end, a girl "tough nut" or a feminine conqueror of men's hearts - depends on personal choice and the ability to create fashionable bows with a military character. How to do it - immerse yourself in a practical style, extract your own and put it into practice.

In this article:

The history of the emergence of military fashion

The brutal military style, derived from the English military - military, originated in the first half of the XX century. At first, it was not at all a fashionable trend, but a necessary measure. After the First World War, there was a shortage of civilian clothing, since all the efforts of light industry were aimed at meeting the needs of the army.

There was a simple way out. The military uniform began to be redrawn and altered. Men, women, children walked about in rude, slightly awkward things. After World War II, the scenario repeated itself, but in a more conscious form. Men wore military uniforms as a sign of their heroism. Women, overwhelmed by the spirit of feminism, tried to imitate them.

A little later, hippies picked up the baton. They wore military equipment in a deliberately casual manner, thus protesting against the arms race and the Vietnam War. The persistent cyclicality attracted the interest of fashion designers. In the 80s, the first collections of clothes with a military-romantic flair from Christian Dior and Louis Vuitton conquered the world catwalks.

Typical styles, materials and colors of military style

So, we are storming a fashionable Olympus in military clothing. It surprisingly combines the simplicity of unisex style and the wild grace of the Amazons. The main silhouettes are straight, with clear cut lines, a raised shoulder line, patch pockets, wide belts, an accentuated waist, a fairly tight fit on the hips.

The materials used are different, but more often dense:

  • wool;
  • leather;
  • tweed;
  • drape;
  • raincoat fabric;
  • denim.

From thin - cotton, knitwear, silk, chiffon. Textured fabrics, pile, bouclé, openwork, as a rule, are not used.

The main colors of the style correspond to the military theme:

  • khaki;
  • olive;
  • ​​
  • dark green;
  • brown;
  • black;
  • shades of gray.

There are bright colors - red, blue, white. Prints are irrelevant, except for camouflage. Allowed nautical stripes, a small floral pattern on additional wardrobe items. Decorative items - epaulettes, shoulder straps, stripes, buckles, metal buttons.

A rather strict, minimalistic image emerges, but only at first glance. Military-style clothing is conventionally divided into three areas. Choose what is more in line with your concept of female beauty.

Youth - suitable for men and women who prefer a sporty lifestyle. Distinctive features - rough military shoes, loose fit of trousers, belts on the hips, muted colors.

Formalistic - an unlimited field of activity for adolescents and extravagant persons. The main thing in this flow is the camouflage print. He appears on clothes, bags, hats, sneakers, sneakers, tights.

High-military is one of the most relevant trends in 2017 in women's clothing. The image of a warrior is far from the army charter. There are one or two elements of the military, which are combined with a romantic, business, everyday, elegant wardrobe.

How to choose a military style set

Comfort and practicality are military in traditional colors. Khaki, brown, gray, camouflage prints allow you to create a casual and free look. If you prefer bright shocking - choose the styles and colors of hussar uniforms - white, red, blue, chains, epaulettes, strict cut.

But in any case, the formation of a harmonious set begins with a basic wardrobe. The style is universal, and for a start you can purchase at least one of these things:

  • coat;
  • jacket;
  • skirt;
  • trousers;
  • shirt;
  • dress.

And now more about how everything looks. The military style in women's clothing is so good, which allows you to choose your own from a variety of styles.


A classic of the genre - an overcoat with an emphasized shoulder line, an accentuated waist, a stand-up collar, patch pockets, double-breasted closure. A looser option is an oversized one, reminiscent of a soldier's pea jacket.

In modern conditions, it is difficult to do without a jacket. In military style, this is a parka jacket, an aviator, a bomber jacket, a trench coat (also borrowed from the military). For romantic girls - cropped jackets and jackets with hussar epaulettes, gold stripes, metal buttons.

Basic wardrobe

Trousers, pants, shorts are the most noticeable part of the style, you definitely cannot do without them. There is a suitable model for almost any figure:

  • classic with arrows;
  • with patch pockets;
  • breeches;
  • narrowed or loose;
  • camouflage or solid colors.

Only bell-bottoms are undesirable, gathered at the bottom of the trousers are welcome. Shorts can have both a classic cut and a loose one with a low rise.

Skirt styles - straight, pencil, trapezoid. As a rule, they fit the thighs quite tightly, reaching the knee or slightly below the length. Mini and maxi are not welcome. Such a skirt goes well with a military shirt - these are patch pockets, small shiny buttons, a strict collar, a long sleeve, a straight silhouette.

Dresses usually have a laconic cut, tight-fitting, length varies around the knee. Round neckline, stand-up collar, decorative shoulder straps or buttons - simple, elegant, with a fair amount of sexuality. The evening option is a flying khaki or camouflage model.

How to add and how to combine

Additional details of the military wardrobe are overalls, T-shirts (white, camouflage, dark solid colors), loose tunics, khaki vests and sweaters, striped and black sweatshirts. Jeans, denim shirts fit well into the image.

Wearing a full military uniform is not only optional, but also undesirable. Military goes well with many styles - safari, casual, sporty, hippie, even romantic and business.

Add one or two military-themed items to your usual look and the fashionable image is ready. Try bold combinations such as a tailored coat and a light dress, camouflage pants and a white blouse, a khaki sweater and dress pants, a military shirt and a fluffy skirt.

Military style in men's clothing

The brutal wardrobe of a modern man is based on the same basic colors and cut lines as and female, but in a more classic version. The introduction of romantic elements is not required here; rather, on the contrary, strong character traits come to the fore. To demonstrate them with the help of clothes will help:

Accessories - white and camouflage T-shirts, sweaters, black or protective pullovers, sweatshirts. Hats - cap, baseball cap, beret. Shoes - ankle boots, high boots, brown or gray boots, sneakers, sneakers. Bags - voluminous, postmen, backpacks.

Haircut - asymmetrical or short. Long hair is desirable to tuck in a laconic ponytail. There is a minimum of jewelry - a leather bracelet, a bullet pendant, an army watch. The military style in men's clothing can be total - this is its main difference from women's.

But girls, in addition to the compatibility of wardrobe items, should carefully consider the image as a whole and not miss a single detail.

Features of footwear and the nature of accessories

Military-style shoes can be both rough and quite elegant. Brutal boots are appropriate both in a man's image and in a feminine-romantic one, for example, with a strict coat, with leggings and a tunic, or with a chiffon dress. For teens - with denim shorts and a camouflage T-shirt, or in the fully paramilitary Jane soldier outfit.

For women of elegant age:

  • ankle boots with heels;
  • high boots;
  • stiletto heels;
  • Ankle strap sandals.

For shocking girls - boots, sneakers, boots or ankle boots in combination with emphatically delicate socks, numerous buckles, spikes, rivets.

Bags are preferable strict, with a minimum of decor, square or rectangular shape. Hats - high fur hats, caps, infantrymen's panama hats, berets, bandanas. Belts - wide leather, reminiscent of the army, or narrow dark color. The glasses are military ESS, aviators, rounded in a laconic frame.

Brooches in the form of award signs, large chains, pendants, leather bracelets, massive watches, rings without stones or with dark inserts are relevant several on one finger. There should not be too many accessories, especially small ones, the style is completely self-sufficient and conceptual.

Military makeup and stylish hairstyle

Finishing touches will help complete your plan. Military hairstyles are simple. The main thing is clean, well-groomed hair and a few minutes of free time. Color matters. Bright colors will not work; it is better to choose calm tones or smooth transitions from dark to light.

And further - according to the circumstances. For long and medium hair - loose straight or soft curls, smooth or slightly sloppy high and low tufts, loose braids. For short ones - asymmetrical haircuts, slightly tousled, voluminous bangs and a shaved back of the head.

There are two makeup options: either that creates the illusion of its complete absence, or accented eyes and almost invisible lips. It is better to choose shadows in muted green, brown, gray tones. You can use eyeliner and apply a generous amount of mascara, and apply a transparent gloss or matte lipstick to flesh tones on your lips.

Khaki nail polish is a great choice. Camouflage manicure is overkill. It is only suitable for special occasions like holiday party. In general, any dark or light shade will do, except for gentle romantic and childish playful ones.

Where military style is appropriate and for whom it suits

The main thing in a military image is clothing that is matched in size and fits well on the figure. In this case, the question of who will go this style disappears by itself - almost everyone. Otherwise, you will look like a marauder or a deserter soldier.

Age and complexion are absolutely not a hindrance, although, more often such clothes are preferred by young girls and slender women. Undoubtedly, the military looks just great on them. Others may lack courage. Try it and you will succeed.

Next, the second question arises - where in this form you can go. The style is all-season and multifaceted, therefore it is applicable in any situation. The dress code does not apply to outerwear. You can choose elegant or comfortable shoes for it.

Stylish military dress looks quite adequately in a working, formal and even solemn atmosphere. Urban casual will accept any of these things with ease. The only thing is to feel and not cross the line. A camouflage outfit is absolutely inappropriate for a social event, as is a dandy hussar uniform on vacation.

Fashionable images with a military character

Military-style clothes are worn by stars and the most ordinary girls. They look adorable and you are ready to try on a new fashionable look, but you don't know where to start. See photos, learn, try, shine and feel like a free Amazon. Military style is cool, comfortable and cool!