Mink fur coat: how to choose and wear it correctly

A fur coat is the object of desire of many women. Moreover, the first or the next - does not matter. A new fur coat invariably evokes quivering feelings and is acquired not so much for warmth as in order to amuse one's own pride and shine in front of the environment. The replies of those who disagree belong to those who carefully hide their thoughts and secret desires, even from themselves. There is no need to plunge into bigotry, it is better to spend a little time and energy on a trip to the fur paradise, learn something new or get answers to your questions. Meet - a fur coat made of mink and not only. A spectacular soul warmer will be considered in detail, including in the photo, so that when choosing and buying you do not get a pig in a poke or a Mexican jerboa from the Ogre Ellochka.

In this article:

The history of the appearance and features of the cut

The times of artificially created shortages are over. Fur coats from a luxury item began to turn into an almost indispensable element of a woman's wardrobe. The demand for similar models fell, which spurred the design idea.

A wide variety of coats began to appear in fur boutiques and markets:

  • classic straight;
  • flared;
  • long to the floor;
  • shortened;
  • combined;
  • with decor and oversized elements.

But fashion designers continued to search for a zest. Once, it dawned on someone to arrange the fur plates not vertically, but horizontally. This is how a cross-section fur coat appeared. The fashionistas liked the new style, and the efforts of the designers switched to creating models based on it.

The cross cut of the fur coat gives the product originality and allows you to demonstrate the beauty of fur in the most favorable angle. It is in this position that fluffy gold plays, sparkles, enchants with soft overflows and smooth texture transitions.

Stripes can be wide, narrow, butt-fastened, interspersed with leather or fur inserts with a different pile length. The sewing method is the author's technique, but you have to pay for the idea. If you are offered a cross-section cheaper than a similar traditional option, be careful. Perhaps it was sewn with violations of technology or from poor quality fur.

Styles for every taste

Cross-cut fur coats amaze with a variety of styles and textures. Lovers of fluffy volume can choose a model from a polar fox or a silver fox. Out of competition, a sable coat, but the price of it bites. The most democratic is a muton fur coat, the most popular is mink. This fur is not so warm, but it is wearable and serves as the standard of grace.

Choose yours from the current styles of the mink cross:

  • short fur coat;
  • elegant coat;
  • flying butterfly;
  • romantic year;
  • the extravagant Cleopatra.
  • ​​

They all deserve attention. A light sheepskin coat will suit dynamic ladies and auto ladies, a strict coat - adherents of the classics. The bow tie is wide sleeves and flared from the armhole. The style is more for beauty than for warmth. What can not be said about the year in which the flare starts from the waist. Cleopatra's shape is absolutely non-standard, complemented by inserts on the sleeves and at the bottom.

The cross coat is good in itself. There are usually few decorative elements in it, although some models are decorated with rhinestones, lace, frills. The neck can be open, with a stand-up collar, with a hood (small or voluminous). Many coats come with a fur or leather belt.

Who is suitable for a cross-section fur coat?

It is generally accepted that the transverse stripes are full. This can be applied to fur coats with some caveat. It all depends on the features of the cut and the length of the pile. Fluffy fox and silver fox coats will definitely fit only with a triple coat. They will turn a full person into a bomb.

Mink coats, on the other hand, can stretch the silhouette, for example, a black straight coat. A loose butterfly or Cleopatra will hide excess volume in the hips, a short sheepskin coat will mask the protruding belly.

It is undesirable for large ladies to experiment with the model of the year, voluminous collars and hoods, emphasize the waist with a belt. For the rest, you just need to measure, giving preference to sheared or plucked fur of dark tones.

The cross may not look the best on petite girls with small stature. Tall, thin and moderately well-fed, this fur coat only adds grace, charm, confidence in its irresistibility.

Ideal transverse fur coat in all respects

The price of a fur coat depends on the quantity and quality of spent on her mink skins, brand and place of sale. Crossing in a specialized boutique and in the market are completely different things. In the first case, you will be provided with the necessary certificates, guarantees, they will tell you about the manufacturer and the features of the fur. Information on the market is a seller's flight of imagination.

It is clear that a short cross-section coat should be cheaper than a long one, but sometimes everything happens exactly the opposite. There is no mistake, just each type of fur has its own properties and price. The most prestigious is North American fur, followed by Scandinavian, then Russian. A fur coat made in Italy will also cost more, for example, a Chinese one.

Choosing a mink coat, and especially a cross, does not tolerate fuss. And it doesn't matter that their cost differs quite significantly. Someone can afford a democratic model, someone chic. But in any case, you shouldn't waste your money. Decide on the amount you can spend, and then look for a compromise.

For example, buying online can help you save a lot. Its disadvantage is the impossibility of a full fitting. You need to walk in a fur coat for a while, feel it on yourself. It should envelop in a soft cocoon, not press anywhere, not pull, not twist. It is advisable to try 2 sizes and choose the one that is most comfortable.

Self inspection

Carefully inspect the fur coat for quality and hidden defects. Start on the wrong side. A neat lining is good. If it is not hemmed to the bottom of the product, it is even better. This means that the manufacturer has nothing to hide. If it is hemmed, feel free to ask for a rip-off. Lift up the lining and study what's underneath.

All seams must be straight, with no protruding threads or knots. Do not even consider the plates planted on an adhesive base. Such a cross will creep in the first season. The correct flesh is white or milky, soft to the touch. The presence of a brand on each skin is a good sign, dark spots, streaks, obvious yellowness is bad.

Go to the outside. Run your hand over the fur coat in different directions, squeeze it, shake it. If the quality is normal, everything will quickly return to its original form, creases have formed - it leaves much to be desired. Pull the villi, they should not come off. Listen for tactile sensations. The mink fur is slightly harsh and elastic.

Do not really trust the words of sellers about the natural color. It is very difficult to find even several skins of exactly the same shade. Almost all minks are dyed or tinted. Run it over the fur coat with a slightly damp white handkerchief or napkin. It must remain completely clean. Otherwise, the fur coat will not endure even a light snowfall, not to mention dry cleaning.

Color is

Color affects the cost. The most economical options are walnut and dark brown. Black and rather exotic graphite is much more expensive. The term "blackglam" does not refer to color, but to the quality of the fur, which doesn't really need to be dyed. White, pearl and blue are all black. Bright shades and beige will please the price. Minks with small defects are painted in such tones.

Color is important in terms of practicality and compatibility with appearance. Blue mink looks sophisticated, but it can give the face a gray tint. White color quickly turns yellow in the sun, and the process is irreversible. With intensive wear, the coat will be in good condition for two seasons at most. You can extend her life by storing it in a special refrigerator. Black and brown classics are always in fashion. If you want to wear a fur coat regularly, choose these colors.

With what to wear a new fur coat?

The mink crosspiece, selected according to all the rules, hangs in the closet and awaits its solemn appearance. With what to wear this fur miracle, so as not to destroy its charm - the question is quite relevant. The original style requires careful selection of accessories and does not tolerate negligence. This is a feature of transverse fur coats, and you will have to put up with it.

In terms of clothing, it's not that difficult. Any model can be worn under long cross-sections, short ones - they go well with tight skirts, trousers and jeans. The headdress is a hood or hat made of a similar mink.

Shoes are more difficult. Ankle boots and boots - no, high boots with low heels - yes. Hairpin - with care, it can bring disharmony to the image. As well as the large, shapeless shoulder bag.

The ideal choice is a small, even miniature handbag with a strict shape and decent quality. It should match your cross section in style and color. Gloves are an important accent. It is better if they are leather, matched to the tone and, as a final touch, add luxury to the image.

Along or across?

If you are in the process of buying and cannot solve the dilemma - longitudinal fur coat or cross-section, appreciate the merits of the one on the other.

Common variant:

  • stable classic;
  • looks like a solid canvas;
  • visually slims;
  • sewn into dissolution - flows beautifully;
  • from solid plates - can be altered.


  • original cut;
  • gives the look a stylish look;
  • hides some of the flaws in the figure;
  • makes its owner several years younger;
  • demonstrates the best qualities of fur;
  • at the same price looks much more luxurious longitudinal.

The choice is yours. To make him happy with the result, do not buy a fur coat in a hurry and tune in for a long fitting. Sometimes plans can change dramatically right in the store. But don't give in to the spontaneous urge. There is a good rule of thumb - sleep wisely. The courage is not lost - it means that it is yours. Enjoy the shopping!