New Year's French 2022 - top photo novelties of beautiful manicure!

It seems that New Year 2022 is still a long way off. But this feeling is deceiving, time is playing a cruel joke, and the holiday falls like snow on your head. It is almost impossible to find a free nail art master in December, so you need to sign up in advance. And it is also necessary to decide in advance on the design, so as not to rack your brains while sitting at the table with the master.

Choice of design

Oh, the pain of choosing a design! Eyes run wide. But in reality, everything is much simpler. The design should be consistent with the general style. If the party is fancy-dress, then the abundance of rhinestones on the nails and the image of a cowgirl somehow don't stick together well. As well as lollipops, deer faces and other drawings on the nails at social events. If it is not known for certain which holiday is to be visited, or if you have to attend different events, then there is a real salvation: a New Year's jacket.

Moreover, such a manicure, like knitted, will be appropriate at the end of the New Year holidays, when you have to go to work... In addition, the jacket is ideal for any nail shape.

The shape of the nail and sawdust of the free edge

Not everyone knows that the shape of the nail and sawdust oblige their owner. You can often meet a lady with a beautiful manicure, but it looks ugly. The problem is not in the master, the problem is in the owner of the manicure, who insisted on her own, wrong choice. So how to choose the right nail shape?

Sawdust directly depends on the nail plate, or rather on the cuticle. The cuticle is:

  • Oval,
  • Square,
  • Triangular.

Accordingly, the sawdust of the free edge should follow the bend of the cuticle. This is the ideal.

The appearance of the hand, the shape and length of the fingers have no less influence. For example, a square will look disgusting on short, plump fingers. If the nail plate is still short, then the absurdity of the manicure will go off scale. It is better to lengthen such fingers, giving the nails an oval shape. Any shape will do for long, thin fingers.

The width of the nail plate also plays a role: a wide plate and a square are incompatible things. A narrow plate and stiletto will look rather vulgar, which may be inappropriate.

In any case, you need to listen to the advice of the master, because he sees well the successful options for the correct manicure.

The design of the New Year's jacket

The New Year's jacket can be anything. You need to build on the general image. The times of a nude background and a white strip along the edge of the nail have sunk into oblivion. They stayed to rule in wedding designs. But now we are talking about New Year's holidays, so the palette can be absolutely any. Photos, novelties, fresh ideas - the Internet is replete with a riot of imagination of masters and trendsetters of nail fashion.

  • Blue jacket.It goes well with pink, pearl, light blue. It can be complemented with a pattern on one nail in the form of snowflakes. Glitter and sparkles will be quite appropriate.
  • Green French.Looks good against a bright background of "related" colors: yellow, lime, turquoise. Rhinestones work well with a green jacket. But the metal stripes will be lost. Better to decorate with geometric patterns or themed Christmas trees.
  • Silver.Looks great on dark blue or pink backgrounds. By itself, a silver jacket decorates, so it does not need any additions in the form of rhinestones or glitter. Otherwise, there is a risk of turning into a magpie. A couple of snowflakes on one or two nails or a completely silver nail on one finger is more than enough.
  • Gold.Gold likes red and black. Yes, black nails can also be in New Year's designs. Especially if it is supplemented with metal, rubbing, foil or rhinestones. The golden jacket looks very interesting on a matte, black nail.
  • Red. It is rather difficult to match the main background to it. But nude is fine. To give New Year's fun to such marigolds, they can be decorated with drawings of New Year's balls, bells, bows and even deer muzzles.
  • Color. The colored jacket is suitable for young girls who do not need to worry about ending the holidays and going to work. There is full scope for imagination here. French can be performed with all the colors of the rainbow on each finger. And you can choose a funny design.

New Year's jacket is a good solution for a holiday and subsequent, already working days. It is absolutely versatile, very stylish and beautiful in any design.

By the way! If you do not know how to celebrate the New Year 2022, then you are here! A sea of ​​beautiful and stylish ideas awaits you!