New Year's makeup 2022: the best photo ideas for a sparkling look

In the New Year, any girl, girl, woman should look enchanting! It is necessary to think over everything to the smallest detail: from the clasp of the earring to the heel heel. This holiday obliges, but at the same time inspires to find new New Year's images, to experience other sensations. Make-up is one of the main components of a New Year's look. Even the most beautiful New Year's dress will not save the situation if there is no high-quality, correct make-up. Makeup for the New Year is a topic that worries absolutely all representatives of the beautiful half of the planet.

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Pleasing the Tiger

New Year 2022 is the year of the Blue Water Tiger. This means that make-up should be chosen with elements of cold shades or metal. At the same time, both nude and art are in trend. The main trend in New Year's makeup: bronze, brown, peach and sand. But bright colors are also welcome: the whole spectrum of green, blue, purple, pink. Also, rather rough arrows with a colored design remain in vogue. In the New Year, you can play pranks: sequins, rhinestones, drawing. The tiger will approve of such creativity, and the holiday will be a success.

Tone is the basis of makeup

The key point of any make-up is tone. It is necessary to select the base carefully, because the main task of this stage is to make the face not only structural, but also to hide all the flaws, from complexion to defects. The tone is intended to change the relief, to give more expressive features. And most importantly: create a complete feeling of naturalness. To create the correct tone, you will need:

  • Base or primer

Base or primer are one and the same. This stage cannot be dispensed with in any way. The base creates the basis for a perfectly even tone. It not only hides small defects, closes pores, smoothes wrinkles and creates a relief. Each type has its own instrument. For oily skin, choose a base with a matting effect that will hide the shine and greasiness. For dry - a moisturizing base to exclude the appearance of creamy "scratches" and flakes. For a combined base, a universal base is suitable. In addition, the primer enhances the durability of the make-up, increasing the wearing time, even in not the most favorable conditions.

  • Highlighter, Concealer, Concealer

No woman of fashion can do without them. Highlighter adds shine. Concealer and corrector mask defects: minor redness, dark circles under the eyes. Foundation will not cope with such troubles, but these funds will successfully hide all skin problems.

Concealer and corrector act pointwise. For example, you will need a green concealer to eliminate redness, and a reddish pink concealer to correct bruising under the eyes. These products have another plus: they moisturize the areas of application.

  • Foundation

The foundation is chosen very carefully. The main condition: absolute match with the natural skin tone. Neither darker nor lighter. Otherwise, the face will resemble a mask from a Japanese theater. The quality of the cream is also important: it should be applied easily, evenly distributed, have a uniform texture, and have good durability.

  • Contouring

Necessary to contour the face. He highlights and masks certain areas, creates accents, models. Of course, you can do without it, but then the face will be insipid. A contouring template is suitable for each type of face, which will help to highlight the advantages and hide the flaws.

  • Powder

As a rule, powder is used at the end of makeup. Its task is to consolidate the result and remove excess shine. But powder can also be used as an independent tool. In this case, you need to choose a dense texture of the material.

Eye Makeup

Making a fashionable eye make-up is not an easy task. You need skill, a sense of proportion, and basic knowledge. However, there is a great variety of techniques for applying shadows, drawing eyeliners and arrows, creating "smokey ice", and they can be easily found on the Internet. And if everything is very clear with this moment, then what range to choose in order to get a beautiful New Year's makeup is not an easy task. Once upon a time, several decades ago, it was believed that the color of the eyes and the color of the shadows should be the same. Sadly, war paint in the style of "Aunt Zina - a shop assistant" can be found to this day. Modern stylists teach completely different combinations.

Eyeshadow palette for brown eyes

Brown-eyed beauties can afford a large selection of eyeshadows. Here are all shades of brown, gray, turquoise, lilac. Makeup for the New Year for brown eyes will be especially bright in black, gold and silver. For brown eyes, mother-of-pearl is allowed, made in any fashionable shades. Shadows can be combined to create classic smoky ice and iridescent shades. In general, for brown eyes, choosing a palette is not difficult. The important thing is the combination with the shade of the hair, the outfit and the image in general. Complement the New Year's make-up with arrows. It is necessary to correctly shape the eyebrows, and it is better to entrust such a painstaking procedure to professionals.

Eyeshadow Palette

Green-eyed girls should pay attention to the lilac spectrum, coupled with the green scale. Ideally, use a smoky, purple palette, bronze, chocolate with gold. In a New Year's look for green eyes, the use of deep, rich shimmering shades will be especially interesting. But here the taste and color: someone prefers a matte finish, someone loves shine.

Eyeshadow Palette for Blue Eyes

For blue eyes, as well as grays and blues, deep, saturated shades are suitable: gray, lilac, the entire spectrum of brown. You can experiment with black. The arrows will complement the New Year's eye makeup, making them more expressive and mysterious. It is important to observe in all measure, because the eyes of this color can be either emphasized, making their shade deeper and brighter, or turned into a "fish", absolutely colorless.

Photo ideas for beautiful eyes

New Year's lip makeup

For everyday wear, it is enough to focus on one thing: eyes or lips. But this option is unacceptable for an evening, festive, New Year's make-up. The choice of lipstick is based on the entire makeup. And not only! It is important to correctly combine skin tone and hair color:

  • For brunettes, the entire spectrum of red will be ideal: from deep wine to delicate berry shades.
  • For redheadsgirls, coral, peach, apricot and bright red lipstick will be an excellent choice.
  • For blondesit is better to choose gentle calm tones of lipstick, complementing them with an unobtrusive shine or mother-of-pearl.

Best photo ideas for New Year's look 2022

Makeup for the New Year is a very crucial moment for a girl. After all, you really want to be not just a beauty on New Year's Eve: from outfit to nail design. I would like to shine, bring in an atmosphere of miracles, mysteries and mystery. Well, a selection of photos from the best masters will help you create your own unique image to become the queen of the New Year's ball!