New Year's manicure 2022: 100 photos of drawings on the nails

Guess the riddle: what is always with you and pleases regardless of the weather or the dollar rate? Of course, a beautiful manicure! Having sat on self-isolation, we now know the value of beautiful nails. This makes you want a holiday and beautiful beauties even more:) We have collected a photo collection of manicure for the New Year 2022, which will help you get inspired and choose the pattern on your nails that will delight these holidays! Go?


What does the symbol of the New Year recommend?

The Blue Water Tiger will become the symbol of the New Year 2022. They say that in order to enlist the support of a strong Tiger, one must celebrate the New Year in something blue and metallic. The entire outfit does not have to be blue or silver. It is enough to put on beautiful earrings or pick up a clutch bag, or…. paint your nails with metallic. Astrologers also say that red is undesirable to use on New Year's Day. However, if you do not believe in horoscopes, you can safely choose any New Year's manicure.

Novelties and trends of New Year's nail art

Rhinestones, bulky flowers and giant towers on nails for a long time turned into an anti-trend, but on New Years you can:) When to wear sparkles, if not on this holiday? However, fashion has nevertheless shifted towards conciseness. All kinds of french jackets in nude color, and the so-called "naked manicure" are relevant. This is when a part of the nail is covered with a completely transparent varnish. Different colored nails remain in trend - when on one hand there are from one to five nails with different shades and patterns.

Manicure in red

Whatever astrologers tell us, scaring red for 2022, he was and remains the most New Year's color. New Year's sweets, deer, Santas and Santa Clauses will take a worthy and bright place on your manicure.

New Year's nails in blue

Unusual, beautiful, winter-like and “not like all ”. The main theme of such drawings is snow, Christmas trees and snowflakes, as well as sparkles that imitate them.

New Year 2022 - a reason for green manicure

Probably no one will argue that the Christmas tree is the main New Year's symbol, and this opens up an inexhaustible set of ideas for nail art.

Gold and Silver Glitter

Want to shine on New Year's Eve? Opt for a golden manicure! It's really very beautiful. See for yourself! Aren't you inspired by these photos?!!

Beige New Years Manicure

If you are a fan of discreet style, a beige New Year's jacket is just for you. There are plenty to choose from!

New Year's nail art

And now we got to the most mischievous drawings on the nails. After all, even grown-up girls can be naughty for the New Year: snowmen, sweets, Christmas trees, snowflakes and Norwegian patterns - choose any!

White New Year

The winter-winter itself seems to hint: if there is no snow outside, add it to your nails!

Knitted manicure

The most beautiful New Year's trend is manicure in the form of knitted things. Gentle, unusual and very feminine!

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