New Year's nail designs 2022: the best photo ideas for the New Year!

The happiest and kindest holiday is approaching. A holiday filled with magic, bringing joy and love, fulfillment of desires, special family unity. It is a New Year. And, of course, everything must be carefully thought out and prepared. But you need to pay special attention to your appearance. They say that as you meet the year, you will spend it, which means that in order to defeat everyone with your beauty all year, you must celebrate the New Year with an incredible beauty. One of the important points of appearance is manicure. And in this case, the emphasis is on the New Year's nail design.


How does a manicure begin

Any manicure begins with the form of sawdust nails. Someone likes a square, someone almonds. Over time, every fashionista herself comes to her favorite form. Any master will say that the choice of sawdust depends on many factors. And the main one is the shape and size of the nail bed. Everyone's hands are different, and no matter how much you want to make a square on a short and wide nail plate, your fingers will turn into sapper's shoulder blades. A competent master will always tell you the best option for nail filing.

It is equally important to keep an eye on trends in nail art. For example, “stiletto” sawdust and long nail length are bad manners in the fashion world. They have long evoked only one association: "a chicken's foot", "claws of an eagle" or "an old witch", and hopelessly give off "a collective farm not asphalted." Of course, if the New Year's image is just that, then it's okay, but such nails are no longer suitable for everyday wear. Short and medium length is in trend now. Sawdust: square, oval, squaw-oval, almonds.

There are no special restrictions on colors, and in relation to design too. The only thing that stylists recommend is moderation in the use of stones, rhinestones and sculpting.

New Year's design for long nails

There are such anatomical features of the hand when a large nail length is not a whim, but a necessity... For example, short toes that need to be visually lengthened. Or a wide nail bed, which can easily turn into a "seed" if you make an almond shape. Then, of course, a longer length is recommended. But what a scope for imagination! Everything is possible: New Year's landscape, cute "cartoons", beautiful monograms or chic stone inlay.

Long nail length allows you to combine different design techniques. For example:

  • Foil + "gossamer" + rhinestones;
  • Gradient of several colors + rubbing + art painting;
  • Artistic painting + inlay with stones or rhinestones;
  • Geometry + stripes + glitter + stones, rhinestones or broths;
  • French + stamping,
  • Airbrushing;
  • Printer-design.

There are countless options! A definite plus is the absence of overloading the design with decoration elements.

New Year's design for short and medium nails

Despite the versatility of short and medium nails, which are ideal for everyday wear, they are "capricious" in the choice of design and color coating... Whatever one may say, but short black nails evoke an association either with a "monkey's paw" or with seeds. The red color looks very ugly and repulsive, unless you paint your nails in berries or a ladybug. And it's New Year's! And there can be no talk of any summer motives.

A drawing at this length should be concise. The geometry is not overloaded with sectors. Sequins and inlay are very discreet, in small quantities. Modeling is only allowed on medium length.

Decorating techniques

New Year 2022 is the year of the Blue Water Tiger. So, you should add a tiger print, shades of blue or metallic shine to your manicure. Therefore, all that we wanted to do, but did not work out, we boldly put it into practice! After all, dreams and desires must come true!

Want to attract the symbol of the year and good luck? Then look, how to celebrate the New Year 2022!

So, what kind of beauty can you create?


Painting is a classic of New Year's nail design. And, of course, it must correspond to the holiday.

  • Snowflakes and stars;
  • Christmas decorations;
  • Fir-trees and spruce branches;
  • Frosty patterns;
  • Cartoon characters;
  • Sweets, bows, New Year's socks, mittens, watches;
  • Winter landscapes.

The painting is "friendly" with all decorative elements: rhinestones, kamifibuki, stripes, glitter, sand. And, of course, stamping and sliders are real salvation.

Knitted sweater

Knitted things will always be relevant. It doesn't matter if it's a scarf, sweater or marigolds. A universal, unobtrusive design is appropriate absolutely everywhere: both in the office and at a corporate evening.

New Year's "cartoons"

Returning to the thematic painting, it is to mention that stickers, sliders, stencils, airbrushing, stamping will come to the rescue. All New Year's characters are used as heroes, including the owners of the outgoing and New Years:

  • Santa Claus and his reindeer team;
  • Rats and Gobies;
  • Fir-trees and spruce branches;
  • Bows, Christmas tree decorations, Christmas wreaths;
  • Phrases with wishes;
  • Sweets;
  • Boots and mittens;
  • Snowmen and penguins.


More metal, more hi-tech! Gold, silver, platinum, steel, bronze, metal gel polishes, rub-in - everything is in trend, everything is in fashion. Coverage is possible on all marigolds or only on one or two toes.


Glitter will make any design festive. Flickering in the light of Christmas lights is associated with magic and sparklers. Sequins can be combined with any color of gel polish. Beautifully complemented by drawings. Can be used to create French or gradient.


Decor elements that perfectly enliven any design, making it brighter and more interesting. If the artistic composition consists entirely of stones, the main thing is not to overdo it, so as not to get a "pirate chest" on the nails.


For those who do not like rhinestones, kamifibuki are perfect. They are available in different forms: hearts, rhombuses, hexagons, circles... Most often they are an independent decorative element, but they can complement a jacket or a drawing.


Broths were once used as an auxiliary element, closing voids between stones or rhinestones or complementing designs. But in 2022, eggs will become an independent decoration. They can cover the entire nail and make a gradient. This is possible by using broths of different colors.


Gossamer has become a part of nail art arsenal. It allows you to create thin lines without spending a lot of time drawing. The "gossamer" looks great with foil, "broken glass", rhinestones, holography, rubbing, inscriptions.


This design appeared relatively recently. Absolutely independent, requiring no additional elements, it quickly won the hearts of masters and fashionistas. It is performed very quickly, and the result is consistently gorgeous. Any color substrate.


Incredibly warm and cozy velvet design. It is carried out with the help of "suede" powder. Glitter is often added to the flock. Then the coating, especially in white, turns out to be even more interesting: like fresh snow sparkles on the nails.


Classic design is the base. Those who choose the classics for the new year do not think at all that vacations and holidays will end and they have to go to work. They calmly use their wardrobe, not caring at all about the combinations of clothes and manicure. In general, lovers of the classics feel at ease and free in any situation.

Matte manicure

Matte nails will always be in fashion... Such a coating is beautifully decorated with whatever your heart desires. The matte finish creates a warm and cozy mood. On New Year's holidays, you should pay attention to dark, deep colors: wine, night sky, deep blue or green, black.

Happy New Year

New Year's designs on the nails should complement the overall look. Its task is to create a festive atmosphere. Photos will help you choose a suitable beautiful design. And professionals in their field will be able to create beauty on their hands.