Outerwear 2021-2022: main trends and novelties of the season!

With the onset of cold days, even at home you want to wrap yourself in a cozy blanket or blanket and, of course, you also want to feel warm and comfortable outside. Such convenience can be provided by fashionable outerwear 2021-2022, here are stylish jackets, fashionable coats, cozy down jackets, warm sheepskin coats and magnificent fur coats.

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Jackets for young and energetic

The jacket is a basic, comfortable and a stylish winter garment that helps both to keep warm in the cold and to create elegant everyday looks.

In the fall-winter 2021-2022 season, these jackets will be presented in two main styles:

  • cropped down jackets;
  • warm parks.

Short down jackets captivate with their weightlessness. Thanks to the use of modern materials, such a thing is practically not felt on the body, while perfectly protecting its owner from bad weather. The length of the product can reach the waistline or mid-thigh. The first option will be especially liked by autolady, since nothing will hinder their movement while driving.

The features that will distinguish fashionable jackets this winter include oversized cut, bright saturated colors and an interesting cut. Most girls are used to the fact that a winter jacket can be black, blue or any other dark color. For a long time, white or beige outerwear was considered a special chic. Well, it's time to paint the winter in brighter fashionable colors: lemon, emerald, salmon, turquoise, coral and others.

Oversized clothes are a simple laconic cut without unnecessary complications. The main emphasis in them is placed on volume and some baggy, but not in this fashion season. Oversized jackets have peplum, interesting belts, stand collars or trimmed with fur and other interesting details.

Comfortable parkas have long won the hearts of fashionistas who have learned to create stylish outfits with them, combining these jackets with any options for the bottom ( pants, skirts and dresses). In winter-autumn 2021-2022, this trendy outerwear must have a decor made of artificial or natural fur. It can repeat the color of the parka or match the color of the skin of a particular animal.

There are no bright acid colors or dark winter colors among the fashionable parkas. There is rather a golden mean here, when the colors are not dark, but slightly muted. Another important nuance is the presence of a beautiful decor (straps, patch pockets, belt loops, laces and onlays).

Fashionable coats

For women, there is no more elegant outerwear than coats, so women of fashion tend to get such a thing, if not for everyday bows, then for publication. In this case, the coat should be well cut to the figure and made of quality materials.

In order for a thing to please more than one season with its respectable look, stylists advise to pay attention to a coat made of camel wool, tweed, cashmere, velvet, drape, wool with the addition of mohair and velveteen.

As for the cut, the most trendy thing will be a coat-jacket oversized straight cut. For all its brevity and resemblance to a man's suit, it, like no other outerwear, emphasizes the fragility and femininity of the owner.

Coats of restrained and bright colors, as well as with a fashionable tartan print, were present at the fashion shows. Any version of such an outfit looks bright and youthful, allowing a woman to visually throw off a couple of years.

An important point:for such an image you need to be able to choose the right accessories. Stylists advise not to overload the neckline, so as not to hide the cut of the collar, but a bright bag and shoes can become the highlight of the outfit.

In addition to accessories, the accent of the image can be the material used for sewing outerwear, for example, a terracotta-colored jacket made from short-cropped faux fur looks completely different when compared with a similar thing made of cashmere.

In the off-season, designers and stylists recommend taking a closer look at the cozy thin quilted coat models. These fashionable clothes have become a harmonious mix of practicality and elegance. Such a thing can be without a fastener ( coat-robe ), with a hidden fastener, with buttons or zippers, with or without a hood.

If in jackets and down jackets there is a tendency towards a larger stitch, then small and medium rhombuses or squares are mainly found here, since the stitch is also an element of decoration. It can be combined with non-quilted materials or different sizes of stitching.

Cozy and stylish down jackets

The main trends in the fashion world lately are such that a thing should be not only beautiful, but also as comfortable as possible. No one will create an ultra-fashionable novelty that is not practical or uncomfortable to its owner. Following this pattern, outerwear 2021-2022 was created in the form of comfortable and stylish down jackets.

The number of models of current down jackets amazes the imagination of even the most sophisticated fashionistas, let's try to highlight the main trends that will help navigate the sea of ​​new products:

  1. Color palette. Down jackets of more familiar winter colors (black, blue, brown and beige) will still remain in fashion, but there are less and less of them on the catwalks. On the contrary, designers propose to paint a dull winter in bright colors: emerald, purple, cherry, pink, indigo, steel, gold, pale orange, gray, blue.
  2. Actual silhouettes.The main task of outerwear is to keep warm in cold weather, therefore, down jackets are predominantly midi (below the knee) or maxi length. At the same time, the silhouette is usually straight, trapezoidal or with a slight hint of fit. The waistline can be accentuated or indicated by a colorful belt with a buckle.
  3. Modern materials.The trends of the coming season are such that not only down jackets from the usual raincoat fabric or nylon, but also tweed, drape, canvas fabric, with various fur and leather elements will be relevant. As a filler, both natural fluff and its artificial counterparts (holofiber or thinsulate) are used.
  4. Features of finishing.This season, fashion gurus are increasingly abandoning the usual snake fastener; instead, one can increasingly find laconic rivets or original buttons. Also, in the role of decoration, various stripes are used, trimming with fur and even lace with rhinestones, etc.

Fashionable sheepskin coats

Ladies choose such outerwear for two reasons: the ability to protect from the cold even in the most extreme cold and easy care, for example, in comparison with cashmere coat.

Among the current models of the fall-winter 2021-2022 season, you can find a wide variety of models. Among them it is difficult, but nevertheless, the main trends can be distinguished:

  1. Sheepskin coat-aviator.It is difficult to imagine that this cropped model, having celebrated its centenary, is still the most current model of a sheepskin coat for everyday wear. It looks harmoniously and stylishly both with trousers and with a dress or skirt. Not only brown-beige options from natural sheepskin will be in fashion, but also colored sheepskin coats of various colors.
  2. Long sheepskin coats with an accent collar.Sheepskin coat, maxi length, provides maximum protection from the cold. All of these models this season have one thing in common - the absence of a hood. The designers decided to make the collar the main accent. It can be of any shape (turn-down, English, shawl), but necessarily much larger than many are used to seeing.
  3. Sheepskin coats with bright trim.To put on such a thing requires a certain courage and impeccable taste, which will help to put together a stylish outfit with other wardrobe items. In addition, it is important to realize that this wardrobe item can lose its relevance faster than classic models. If these moments do not bother you, then you can take a closer look at sheepskin coats with leather patch pockets, leather trim in bright contrasting colors, embroidery or stripes.

sheepskin coats. Recently, they are gaining more and more popularity. This is due not only to the animal welfare movement. It is quite easy to give artificial materials any color and texture (for example, glossy shine). Such outerwear is much cheaper than genuine leather and fur, and its style and decor are limited only by the designer's imagination.

Luxurious fur coats

If you can put an equal sign between the words “down jacket” and “convenience”, then the same sign can be put between the words “fur coat” and “luxury”... In this cold season, this outerwear can simply plunge into a pleasant aesthetic shock with its colors and finishes, vivid examples of which are shown in the photo in our selection. This applies not only to faux fur models.

So, the main and most controversial trend of the season is colored fur. If the attitude towards color in outerwear made of faux fur is calmer, then not everyone will decide to purchase a natural fur coat of variegated colors. Nevertheless, models with color-block colors, monochromatic bright saturated colors or real masterpieces with complex patterns created from fur of different colors are in fashion.

The second feature of fashionable fur coats is a long pile. In many collections, designers have presented models of outerwear for their fur with long pile. Sometimes it was natural in color, but more often it was brightly colored. Such models look not only original, but also quite extravagant, especially fur coats with gradient coloring.

As for the artificial “Cheburashk” fur coats, this outerwear, having migrated from the last fashionable season, will remain popular in this. The only thing that has changed is the wider and more varied color palette. The usual classic brown and beige colors were replaced by bright and saturated colors: green, pink, yellow, purple, cherry and others.

These are the main fashion trends for outerwear 2021-2022. They once again break the stereotype that it is impossible to look stylish and fashionable in winter, because beautiful, warm and comfortable things will easily become the basis of images that emphasize individuality and style.