Pajama style of clothing - casual or trendy look?

For several fashionable seasons, fashion designers have been offering dresses that look more like peignoirs - made of flowing light fabrics, with thin spaghetti straps, trimmed with lace. Fashion shows in 2021 confirmed this trend - most designers showed pajama style in fashion.

On the catwalks there were light nightie dresses, suits resembling pajamas, coats, robes, overalls. Some of them are presented separately, some are complete with non-pajamas clothes. It is worth understanding what pajamas and style are and how not to confuse sleep pajamas and a pajama suit for going out.

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A bit of style history

She was the first to try on pajamas Coco Chanel, who has borrowed from the men's wardrobe many of the elements that have become successful in women's fashion. Coco changed the cut of the pajamas, adding an elegant jacket-style collar, but she did not set the task of bringing the woman in such pajamas to the public. The fashion of the early twentieth century was revolutionary for its time and clothes resembling pajamas were worn for beach walks and relaxation. The Second World War interrupted this cute trend and in the second half of the twentieth century, pajamas returned to the bedroom. However, the second decade of the 21st century is reviving what was started by Chanel. Perhaps the fashion designers have finally decided to dress their models in simple, comfortable and soft clothes, while maintaining the elegant lines of the cut.

Style characteristics

Distinctive features of pajama style are soft and flowing fabrics (cotton, satin, silk, poplin) - they are designed to create a feeling of comfort and luxury at the same time. The fabrics used are fundamentally not transparent - the body is guessed under the clothes, but does not shine through.

Characteristic prints:

  • peas,
  • stripes,
  • cells,
  • oriental ornaments and drawings,
  • an abundance of flowers in large and small versions.

Small and repetitive images of birds and animals are also possible in pajama fashion. The cut of clothes in pajama style is free, not hindering movement. The selection of such clothes is especially responsible than the selection of clothes in any other style, the slightest inaccuracy can lead to sad results. One of the characteristic features of the style is a dress that resembles a nightgown. In 2021, designers presented a range of different dresses made from light fabrics and trimmed with exquisite lace to match the dress or contrasting. Most of the presented models have open shoulders, a deep V-neckline on the chest, length below the knee. The Calvin Clein collection featured wedding dresses reminiscent of negligee.

Features of the combination of clothes and accessories

Pajama style requires special attention to all garments, shoes and accessories that complement a pajama suit or dress, otherwise the whole image will be devoid of charm and gloss. So, fashion designers at the shows of the spring-summer 2021 collections demonstrated satin and poplin robes, dressed over clothes (for example, wide trousers with a blouse, a dressing gown half-open on top, slightly tied at the waist). In such combinations, it is important to take into account the harmony of the top and bottom - textile, color or pattern. The choice of shoes for a pajama suit, dress or jumpsuit stops on sandals with intricate weaving, high-heeled shoes and closed toes. Bright colors and the complexity of the execution of shoes are appropriate here, an emphasis on their outdoor use. Accessories will also add an energetic note to pajama style - small and laconic handbags (reticule, clutch), a beautiful fedora hat or an original turban as a head headdress, chains of various lengths and long earrings. Fashion shows focus on the size of earrings - they are either absent in pajama-style sets, or there are hanging and voluminous rings and pendants. Complement the pajamas look with light natural makeup that creates a feeling of freshness, loose or pulled hair in a ponytail.

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