Pear shape type: sweet fruit in the right packaging

Someone dreams of a "Brazilian" priest, and someone is already tortured to push an outstanding in every sense part of the body into your favorite jeans, to fit skirts around the waist and with an enviable frequency listen to ambiguous compliments.

If the second option is close and understandable - you have a pear body type. And what is characteristic, this delicacy of nature is almost impossible to fix with diets and exercises! Lovely pears, relax and stop torturing yourself. Firstly, not traditional methods of losing weight are suitable for you, but a completely different scheme (about it at the end of the article). Secondly, women with this type of figure are the majority on the planet. Don't believe me? This means that you are more likely to meet those who, with the help of clothing, learned to turn a disadvantage into a virtue. Having comprehended the basics of this art, all that remains is to love yourself and enjoy the charmingly feminine forms.

In this article:

Pear figure: how to understand that it is really you

This type of figure is difficult to confuse with another, it is also called a triangle and A-silhouette... The characteristic features can be slightly blurred and approximate to an hourglass or rectangle. But, upon closer examination, the following picture emerges:

  • narrow shoulders;
  • graceful arms and neck;
  • neat bust;
  • thin waist;
  • massive thighs;
  • athletic or slightly short legs.

By all canons, this is the ideal of female beauty. The boyish look, without clearly expressed gender characteristics, became popular thanks to the efforts of fashion designers. On such models, everything sits like on a hanger, and, again, a small consumption of fabric. Note that these are their problems, not yours.

The pear-shaped figure comes in three subtypes. Look for which description you fit as accurately as possible.

Pure pear:

  • small breasts;
  • long waist;
  • flat stomach;
  • dense along the entire length of the leg.


  • small or medium chest;
  • the shoulders are significantly narrower than the hips;
  • short waist;
  • large buttocks;
  • full legs.


  • medium or large breasts;
  • narrow waist;
  • rounded belly;
  • full thighs but thin calves and ankles.

The type has been found, it remains to determine the strengths of the weaknesses.

Be proud of pluses, turn minuses into advantages

A woman with a pear body type has much more attractive features than those to be worked on. Let's go in order, from top to bottom.

The neck, as a rule, is rather long, and if it is a little short, it is still endowed with an important feature - wrinkles rarely appear on it.

Slim, beautifully shaped arms give the figure grace. Sometimes there is a disproportion between a narrow wrist and a large hand, which is easily masked by grooming and accessories.

Waist is the main subject of female pride. Pears are very lucky with this. You can maintain the coveted volume of 60 cm or so from early adolescence to old age without much effort.

Now about the disadvantages. Fat deposits in the lower body and a tendency to form cellulite. This feature came from nature. We'll have to take it for granted and fight slowly. You will learn how to do this a little later.

But wide hips, massive buttocks and the notorious "ears" can be masked with clothing. So, it's time to revise your wardrobe and stop complexing.

How to dress with a pear-shaped figure

Women of this type are usually endowed with natural grace. Your task is not to seem fuller than you really are. Clothing recommendations boil down to accentuating the top and veiling the bottom of the figure.

What to wear without compromising your appearance? Almost everything is possible! The main thing is to choose the right style of clothes. Now let's put the details on the shelves, trying not to miss a single important moment and learn how to dress stylishly, effectively, elegantly.


Women with this type of figure are simply required to wear dresses. Even if you prefer a sporty style of clothing, go to the store and spend a couple of hours trying it on. You will be surprised how harmonious the image will turn out. Pay attention to the following styles of dresses:

  • Empire style;

  • semi-fitted;

  • A-shaped;

  • with a flared skirt;

  • with bias cut elements;

  • with smell.

Lantern sleeves and wings, ruffles and ruffles at the top, wide belts and waistbands, deep cutouts are welcome.

Evening dresses can fully open the shoulders and neckline. The length depends on the shape of the legs, and it is advisable to stand on the heel.


We continue to reduce the volume of the hips.

The right skirt can hide anything. Optimal styles for this:

  • year;

Go around straight models, "tatyanka" in abundant gathering, folds, in extreme cases - stitched up to the hip line. A high-waisted pencil skirt is suitable for slender girls.

Trousers, shorts, trousers

These are insidious clothes for representatives of the feminine type. It is better to choose trousers with a medium waist. Too low and classic high will make the hips even larger. The exception is high-waisted palazzo pants. This model is preferable for slender girls. But in any case, the trousers should not be too tight at the bottom of the legs.

Flare fit from the hip, from the knee, straight models. The same goes for jeans. Boyfriends and Skinny fit with a big caveat. Too narrow legs are better tucked into boots or compensate for the lack of volume at the ankles with rough boots.

The pear figure is firmly on its feet. They tend to be slightly plump, especially at the top. Shorts should cover the most problematic area completely. Pants, casual wear and sportswear are great too. Loose straight or with elastic at the bottom, they are much more advantageous than tight leggings.

From tops to cardigans

Choose tops, blouses, shirts and sweaters like this:

  • length just below the waist;
  • good fit;
  • an abundance of decorative details in the upper part;
  • voluminous sleeves, collars;
  • open shoulders or deep necklines;
  • with American armhole;
  • with a smell and draperies.

Large buttons, embroidery, flounces, ruffles, frill, pockets - anything that attracts attention and visually increases the volume will do. Avoid simple, overly tight cuts that are mid-thigh length. Otherwise, you risk justifying the name of the type and turn into a natural pear or, even worse, into a square. The rule also applies to the cardigan. It should be either short or much longer than your widest part.


The pear type is incompatible with baggy and shapelessness. Your choice is fitted coats, jackets, jackets with a clear shoulder line, epaulettes, voluminous collars, lapels. Wear Chanel style jackets, leather biker jackets, models with an asymmetrical hemline. The length of the jacket or jacket should slightly cover the thigh or go much lower. The coat can be double-breasted, with spectacular buttons, a wide belt at the waist. Avoid direct models.


The bottom of the optimal swimsuit for the pear figure is as simple as possible, the top is bright and eye-catching. Swimming trunks - high or low with a narrow side part, shorts - undesirable, except for the most slender ones. Bodice - push-up, strapless, with fringe, drapery, rhinestones, wide strings at the neck. Choose monokini from one-piece swimsuits. This model is simply made for a narrow waist.

Things and details to avoid

Women with body type should not have a pear in their wardrobe:

  • skirts with pleats, voluminous pleats, gathers;
  • straight and baggy dresses;
  • trousers with large pockets and other accents on the hips;
  • low-waist garments;
  • wide cross-stripes and bright prints on the bottom of the suit;
  • faceless modest blouses, blouses.

If possible, give up turtlenecks, T-shirts, too tight tops or wear them with a vest, bolero, jacket. Do not break the classic rule of elegant clothes - light top, dark bottom. Do not overuse tights with patterns and bright colors.

Length to mid-thigh is taboo. The emphasis on the widest part of the body kills the charm of the feminine pear and turns it into an aunt.

Carefully wear the belt around your hips. It must be balanced with a voluminous top or high-heeled shoes, and it is better to move it much higher, to its legal bottleneck.

Stylish shoes and harmonious accessories

The main task of shoes for a pear woman is to visually stretch the silhouette. The heel will help with this. Choose the type depending on the shape of the ankles. For thin legs - a hairpin, a glass, for overweight - a massive, rounded version. Do not get carried away by the voluminous platform and wedge heel. If you prefer a flat sole, keep it slightly thinner. Wear open-toed sandals and shoes, and your legs will look a few centimeters longer.

All accessories are above the waist, including the bag. Wear it over your shoulder with handles or a strap that are reasonably short. Avoid a trapezoid shape (shaped like a pear), clear lines, right angles. A soft handbag or medium-sized clutch is what you need.

Nature has endowed you with attractive curves and a graceful silhouette. Repeat this style in your decorations. They can be quite voluminous, spectacular, but always round or oval. Buckles for belts and waistbands are selected in the same way.

The element of pear - neckerchiefs, flowing and voluminous scarves, fur boas and collars. Learn to tie them beautifully, drape them, wear them with pleasure. For cold weather - knitted hats and snoods from thick yarn.

Texture of fabrics, colors, prints

Clothes made of soft, well draped clothes are suitable for feminine pears, plastic fabrics:

  • knitwear;
  • viscose;
  • fine cotton and linen;
  • wool and cashmere;
  • chiffon;
  • lace;
  • silk;
  • crepe;
  • suede.

Bottom is better pick up materials that are sufficiently dense, but not coarse. The complex texture makes the silhouette heavier, makes it down-to-earth, like large prints, for example, a cage.

All pictures, bright and light colors are located in the upper part of the figure, below - dark, matte, discreet. A good option is a combined dress with a colorful bodice and a plain skirt. Another trick is trousers that match the color of your shoes. If you are wearing a skirt, it is advisable that the shoes are in harmony with the tone of the skin or tights.

Tips for those who want to be in shape

Pear has two troubles - a tendency to set weight and cellulite, the manifestations of which will be reduced only by special massages and procedures. But the first problem is pretty easy to deal with. A pleasant fact - you can eat after six o'clock in the evening and even much later. The metabolism of this type is arranged in such a way that the fat is "tied up" in the morning.

So, in the first half of the day it is better to starve and do not get carried away by rigid diets. It is enough to limit carbohydrates, salt and, unfortunately, coffee. You can replace your favorite drink with strong tea with milk (both invigorates and discourages your appetite), and instead of a plate for lunch and dinner, take a saucer. A small portion will allow you to eat absolutely everything and lose weight.

Exhausting running, long sessions in the gym, daily exercise complexes are not for you either.

Pears are suitable for training with alternating cycles: a short load until exhaustion and subsequent rest.

You can't lose weight too quickly. Tune in to a long process, and if you are not ready, it is better to leave everything as it is and learn to choose clothes.

Stars with a pear shape

Photos of stars will help you understand the principles of creating charming images for a pear shape... Watch and learn to love yourself. You may not have suspected, but they are all pears:

  • Christina Aguilera;
  • Julia Roberts;
  • Jennifer Love Hewitt;
  • Shakira;
  • Beyoncé;
  • Jennifer Lopez;
  • Meryl Streep.

These women are truly gorgeous and proud of their shape. And what prevents you from doing this?