Photos of the best prom dresses 2022

Choosing an outfit for a prom is a very serious matter. It is generally accepted that only evening dresses are suitable for such an important celebration.

Let's disagree with this approach together. Why? Here are the arguments:

  • An exclusive dress costs a lot of money, and is bought only for the evening. Where to use it later? To a friend's wedding (1 time). You won't go with a second one in the same dress, you need another one. You can also wear it to a party - also 1 time. And a considerable amount was spent on it!
  • In a year or two, the fashion will change. We'll have to put this outfit in "naphthalene" and forget about it.

How do you determine what is right for you?

The best advice is to stick with the options that have already been tried. That is, if short, elegant outfits suit you, then there is no need to experiment with fluffy skirts and deep necklines. Choose within “your niche”. So you will only benefit, and extravagance can be demonstrated at other times.

Remember that videos and photos from graduation will remain with classmates forever, will end up on social networks. You need to look your best. And you have already worked out these very hundred in advance, having tried out various styles in everyday life.

This does not mean that everyone should be guided by the classics. The strict form of a prom dress can be fully expressed with the help of original fabrics and draperies. But, the set must be complete: you need to choose suitable shoes and accessories for the dress.

But if your choice is a ball gown, then there is no need to be modest. A holiday, so a holiday! You can easily reveal those parts of the body that you think are the most attractive! Just don't overdo it with "frankness."

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Trouser suit or overalls, as a variant of prom dress

And now let's answer the questions posed at the beginning of the article. The most promising in terms of further use may be a trouser suit. It can be worn in everyday life by varying the top and bottom.

Fashion designers advise not to focus on light.

The severity of the prom dress does not mean that you are boring or “boring”. On the contrary, it emphasizes the ideal taste and seriousness of intentions.