Prom makeup for brown eyes: how to create a bright look

The eyes are the reflection of the soul. It is they who attract the most attention on the face of every girl who dreams of being a beauty in the center of everyone's attention at the prom, eclipsing everyone else. Therefore, prom makeup is vital to highlight the natural beauty and sparkles in the depths of the pupils. Problems for girls with amber eyes do not exist, contrary to the opinion of many people, because the Internet has long been replete with articles, the pearl of which are articles on the topic - makeup for brown eyes.

Contents of the article:

The main points of the image preparation

Preparation takes the lead position on the to-do list. The face has very delicate and fragile skin. It should be cleaned and moistened so as not to cause significant damage. Do not forget that permanent makeup contributes to the rapid depletion of the skin. In most cases, using massage movements, a moisturizer is applied to protect the pores from clogging. Too much application is not recommended due to the fact that the paint spreads easily with a large amount of moisture.

If it is the eyes that should attract attention, it is worth approaching the choice of colors especially carefully, taking into account the color of the dress, accessories and the shade of the iris of the young lady. You can even out your skin tone before applying paints. Powder or foundation is suitable as the main weapon. The latter is selected during the day, checking with the skin tone. It is important to choose the color as close to natural as possible. Agree, a different color of the face and neck (or hands) does not accompany each other. A light coating of powder is applied over the foundation for uniformity. It will eliminate unnecessary oily sheen.

Disadvantages of adolescence - acne. Problematic skin will not be a hindrance, because it is quickly masked with light shades of powder, and bright lipstick will take silver in the battle for the guests' views, emphasizing the sensuality of a tender age.

Graduation make-up 2022

In 2022, pastel colors and matte cosmetics, which are gaining popularity, are relevant to the prom. She emphasizes the depth of the gaze and artificially enlarges the shape of the eyes, due to which the young lady looks like an antique goddess, rather than a former student. Makeup artists distinguish brown eye makeup in a separate category due to the fact that in most cases they do not require bright colors, standing out for their natural beauty.

Brown-eyed temptresses

Brown eyes are unique, causing many girls to question how to do makeup for yourself. This is not a significant issue on which to emphasize feelings of anxiety and anxiety. Of course, you will have to deny yourself bright shadows, because the appearance allows you to shine, dispensing with motley peacock jumps. At the prom, it will be enough to use cream shades. Lighter colors will suit the inner corner of the eye, passing over the eyelid in a beige arc to the outer corners with practical black shades. Take the liberty of showing correctly drawn arrows, as shown in the step-by-step photo.

In case you hate standard tones, dark blue and purple colors will help to emphasize the shape of the eyes. For brown eyes, they can emphasize the depth and clarity of the look.

The same goes for light brown eyes. Makeup for women with brown eyes ranges from milk chocolate to amber. A luxurious effect here can be achieved with courage and flight of creative thought, using not only horizontal options, but also vertical ones to create large-scale splendor, as shown in the photo.

Color gradient will help you choose a table to emphasize the iris of the eyes.

Mysterious eyes, like smoky topaz - smoky ice

If a girl wants makeup at the prom, which would give the eyes a seductive and languid look, then smokey ice is the best fit for this purpose. Translated from English, the phrase means "smoky eyes", which speaks of the technique for itself: good shading of shadows, similar to leaves from smoke. Therefore, it is a mistake to think that makeup is done using only black.

Makeup implies a transition from dark to light, which is a selection of shadows in accordance with your type of appearance. For example, if a girl with dark hair, eyes and skin applies white shadows, then they will at least look like a foreign object. Also, lipstick should not be distracting. Bright and saturated, it will not match black and white tones.

What to do with the dress?

Having previously selected the outfit, the graduate comes from it when choosing both accessories and makeup. Under a black dress, for example, you don't need to apply a lot of shadows. Enough passionate scarlet lipstick and black eyeliner.

Gold and soft pink go with a green dress. The main thing here is not to make a common mistake: green does not like its fellows. The face takes on a single shade of spring foliage. At the graduation, only the faces of the girlfriends should "turn green" with envy. Brown eyeshadow is ideal.

When choosing a make-up for a beige outfit that looks aesthetically pleasing and feminine, you should emphasize the airiness of the image, limiting yourself to more natural means. It is recommended to use dark brown mascara and eyeliner to visually enlarge the eyes.

Celestial-colored dress is considered a common outfit. The combination of dark and azure has immortalized itself thanks to its widespread fame. Successfully in this regard, the option with smokey ice is suitable. The purple and silver color under the turquoise dress has a spectacular impact. The innocent and meek prefer to lean towards pink shades that accentuate their modesty and purity.

If a girl decided to wear a red outfit at the prom in 2022, then she should understand that any scarlet-colored clothing looks at least provocative and passionate. Therefore, make-up, especially for brown eyes, should be chosen accordingly. Bright lipstick and eye-catching eyeliner in half with a glittering shadow under a red dress will give a stunning effect.

dress make-up artists advise to choose light and graceful shadows that will not compete with clothes. The method of a mirror-inversion also works: the paler the shade, the stronger the makeup with shadows should manifest itself.

Under the blue dress, recommendations follow in favor of golden and cream sand shades. Prom makeup is diluted with light blush and lipstick, excluding cold tones. For example, lilac.

Hair is the pride of a woman's soul

Perfectionists take everything into account when making up for prom, including hair. Especially noting them with a disheveled hairstyle. Carefully choose cosmetics exactly for your hair color, experimenting with various options.

For the simple reason that dark hair can be bluish black, brown, dark blond. Combinations of dark hair and brown eyes are not uncommon. The latter are emphasized with eyeliner or a high-quality pencil with a thin line along the border with the eyelashes. Such manipulations are able to visually enlarge the natural shape of the eyes. A plus will be neat arrows, into which shadows of warm peach and light brown tones go. The combination of light skin and dark hair will emphasize not only the eyes, but also the lips.

Alluring coffee colors will suit brown hair. Even in terms of taste, the combination of milk chocolate and coffee draws the attention of those with a sweet tooth. Visually enlarges the eyes in this case, many layers of mascara without lumps, which can be easily removed with a brush.

Formal evening make-up for light hair is combined with bright lipstick of the color of human blood and smoky ice against a general background that does not have a bright gamut. Delicate light skin gives an undoubted advantage over other shades. A matte finish is achieved with a beige foundation, chilled powder and blush.

Almost everything is suitable for natural blondes: coffee, purple, dark blue, pink shades. Blond hair for the evening can be curled into a high hairstyle or dyed with feathers. Light blond is closer to blue, and platinum requires warm shades of golden color. The latter are applied in fan-shaped extensions to the outer end of the eyebrow. By the way, the eyebrows are emphasized with a brown pencil, with light movements. Too many layers must not be applied. One touch is enough. They will emphasize the elegance of the look.

Instructions for the Meek

Makeup artists claim that bright makeup will be the most popular at the 2022 prom. The image of the femme fatale intrigues and attracts a larger percentage of curious faces with veiled riddles. However, it requires patience and careful attention, since dark shades are difficult to rub off if applied incorrectly. Also, bright components, applied inaccurately, are highlighted with curved lines. To implement a standard bright makeup, you will need a cosmetic pencil of black saturated color, pearlescent shine, a pair of light and dark shadows.

Step by step:

  1. Draw a bold arrow with a pencil and shade over the entire surface the upper eyelid to hide the original lines;
  2. Next, the resulting line is fixed with a small flat brush with cream shadows. Walnut color is also suitable;
  3. Pearlescent gamma adds shine when applied to the eyelid surface directly under the brow;
  4. However, there are now clear border outlines between the light and dark lines. The transition is carried out thanks to gray or silver tones, which are shaded into the eye;
  5. Soft eyeliner with a black pencil extending to the outer corner of the eye with a line will help to emphasize the eyes. Expressiveness is also given by the painted mucous membrane of the lower eyelid;
  6. The end is crowned with a crown made of multi-layered ink, which is freed from lumps.

The participation of bright colors implies substitution of other colors for gray shadows.